There are many women who are very afraid of advancing age but for these stars it seems that time is a real ally of beauty .

Over 40, 50 and even 70 years old, they are all still beautiful women, or rather, more beautiful and classy now, compared to when they were young.

Thanks to the awareness of their charm, the continuous physical exercises, the strict diets and a little luck, these 10 international stars have not lost their beauty. Indeed, if it is possible, the extra years have made them even more enchanting.

Do you remember what Angelina Jolie was like in the beginning, Julia Roberts with short hair and Jennifer Aniston with her soap and water face? They were very young and already beautiful women but now they are more!

Let’s find out together the 10 stars who have become even more beautiful as they get older:

1) Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie , born in 1975, seems to have really made a deal with the devil. After 2 marriages, a divorce currently on hiatus, numerous children, adopted and natural, and over 40 years old for a while, and more beautiful than ever. Although, for a long time in the past, Jolie appeared rather thin, she now shows a breathtaking physique and has acquired more sweetness in her features than her. With the pounds at the right point and a dazzling smile, Angelina confirms herself as one of the women that she has acquired even more charm as she gets older .

2) Julia Roberts

What about the fantastic and radiant Julia Roberts ? To date, she has changed a lot compared to her beginnings, and she always shows herself cured and perfect in every detail. Her long , fluffy hair coupled with her perfect smile , her trademark, have made the actress an example for countless women. Julia, who is about to celebrate her 50th birthday , has nothing to envy to young Hollywood stars. Because she, although she is no longer very young, she is more beautiful than before.

3) Naomi Campbell

The beautiful ex supermodel Naomi Campbell , who we saw as a guest at Che tempo che fa, is certainly one of the most fascinating women in the world. In fact, even now, the black Venus shows an unparalleled sensuality and it seems that time, even for her, has not passed. Strictly long and straight hair and a magnetic look: Naomi is always on top!

4) Jennifer Lopez

Surely one of the Hollywood divas who with age has gained beauty and class and Jennifer Lopez . The image of yesterday compared with that of today shows how much the singer, dancer and actress has improved considerably over the years. A more refined look, bright make -up and well -groomed hair have made Lopez the beautiful woman we all know.

5) Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston ‘s beauty has always been soap and water and over the years it just got better. Like her former colleague on Friends Courtney Cox, Jennifer, close to 50, proves to be in great shape. Her hair is slightly longer and always blond . As in the early days of her, the sweet and clean face of the actress has not changed.

6) Charlize Theron

South African actress Charlize Theron is also splendid forty . Milky white complexion and blonde hair have always been her hallmark from the start but, compared to before her, Charlize has acquired more charm . Despite her turbulent past, also made up of experiences with drugs, the actress appears more radiant than ever and away from her problems.

7) Cindy Crawford

Beautiful and always very refined . To keep fit only healthy food and hard training. In fact, Cindy Crawford would train 3 times a week for 75 minutes. Long sweats and a lot of help from nature, make the former top look perfect even though she has already reached the threshold of 50 years of age.

8) Kate Beckinsale

Even for the British actress, time seems not to be a problem at all. In fact, Kate Beckinsale is a gorgeous 40-year-old with a wrinkle- free face and fluffy hair . Over the years, Kate has certainly earned some points and has nothing to envy to her younger colleagues.

9) Halle Berry

The actress also awarded an Oscar along her career , and a splendid fifty -year-old in super shape. In the comparison photographs it can be seen that Halle Berry, apart from her shorter hair, has not changed at all and that she still shows a breathtaking face and body of a true catwoman .

10) Diane Keaton

What to say about the gorgeous Diane Keaton ? At seventy and after years of fighting bulimia, he is in better shape than ever! Dazzling smile and beret hair, Diane is still to be envied!