Television and the big screen have accustomed us to seeing and believing that we know VIPs well . We are all used to recognizing them as actors, singers and models and we could never imagine them out of the spotlight.

Thanks to their talent they managed to become popular but, too, they started from the “mess”. The first auditions, the first extras, a long way before landing on the path to success.

But what if something didn’t go like this? If they hadn’t become famous, what would they have done or rather, what profession would they have wanted to pursue? A plan B is a good reserve for everyone, not just celebrities.

There are those among the VIPs who would have been a policeman, a hairdresser and even some who would have sacrificed their entire lives for the harsh discipline of classical dance. Dreams of completely different but, of course, exciting lives.

8) The hairdresser

Danny De Vito, who played the Penguin in the famous 1991 film Batman – Returns , would have gladly embarked on a career as a hairdresser . A real passion for hair style , that of the famous American actor. Just him, he said that, after high school, he spent a lot of time in his sister’s beauty salon. In his hairdressing career he has also become one of the most popular and requested employees of the ladies. In addition, he collaborated with the funeral home by arranging the hair of the deceased to make them presentable during the funeral.

7) The policeman

Green Lantern super hero , handsome Ryan Reynolds is a real-life defender of justice. In fact, his two brothers are cops and he would have wanted to follow in their footsteps if it weren’t for an acting career, especially in fantasy roles. Now Ryan, husband of the equally beautiful and charming Blake Lively, is enjoying the success of the advertising campaign of the fragrance signed by Hugo Boss of which he is the image man .

6) The opera singer

One of the most famous and beloved actresses in Hollywood also counts singing among her great skills. She cultivated a passion for opera from an early age and she studied singing for four years. Over the years, the actress has managed to combine acting with her first passion by interpreting great musicals.

5) The dancer

The slender and very elegant Audrey Hepburn began with ballet, a practice that has certainly given her that posture and refinement that we all remember. According to a statement from her son, she Audrey was a fan of Raffaella Carra , of whom she greatly appreciated her commitment to dance practice.

4) The rabbi

Who would have thought that the co-founder of KISS, as a young man, had studied to become a rabbi! Geme Simmons , who has the nickname “ The Demon ”, was in fact born and raised in Israel and then moved to the United States.

3) The professor

The singer Sting , before becoming famous with the Police group, had studied to become a teacher . Unfortunately or fortunately, he had to leave the professorship and devoted himself completely to his greatest passion: music.

2) The fireman

The plan B of Steve Buscemi , an actor with an amazing career since the early 1980s, was to be a firefighter. In fact, after the September 11 attacks, Buscemi volunteered anonymously at his former fire station .

1) The tattoo artist

One of the most popular professions in recent times is the tattoo artist. The charming actress Margot Robbie has also recently discovered this passion. For now she just tattoos her friends but it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t open a studio of her own . About her!