The 21st century has brought us new forms of cultural expression , although some of them are not entirely clear or are not understood by previous generations. So that you are not so lost, we explain what hipsters are like, what they wear and what music they listen to. You will understand once and for all the characteristics of this contemporary subculture that is on everyone’s lips.

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How are hipsters?
In very general terms, a hipster frontally rejects the conventions and fashions in the predominant commercial culture , also known as the mainstream. In a way, being a hipster is belonging to a countercultural movement, although the term has often been associated with following vintage fashion. We will also address this topic. The word hipster has its origin in the 1940s , which is quite surprising. In those years, jazz musicians used the term “hip” to define people who knew African-American musical culture and mainly jazz. With the arrival of the new millennium, the word evolved to “hipster” and currently serves to define the follower of the alternative.
Despite the fact that a hipster builds his own identity following his own cultural criteria, this urban tribe has come to combine a series of common characteristics. Therefore, the following contradiction occurs: being a hipster has become a fashion and implies belonging to the mainstream culture.
Many point out that this subculture derives from previous urban tribes such as the emos or the indies. The only sure thing is that it reached its peak in 2010 and since then it has been progressively diluted.

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What clothing do they wear
In general, we can distinguish a hipster according to their clothing, although these traits are still a cliche of a subculture that has progressively degenerated. 1. Beard
Indeed. The beard is one of the most characteristic features of hipster fashion. The ideal is to wear a long and well-groomed beard , as opposed to the masculine beauty model that defends that men should be shaved and neat. Paradoxically, the big fashion brands have ended up looking for models with a hipster aesthetic. 2. vintage fashion
As for their clothing, they define themselves by wearing vintage fashion, with garments in muted and autumnal tones, narrow pleated pants (or skinny jeans if not) and Oxford-type shoes. Sometimes without leaning towards plaid shirts buttoned up to the neck or sweaters in shades of brown or green. The question is to adopt the appearance of someone from the sixties . 3. Paste glasses
This has become another of the topics of hipster fashion, although it is usually fulfilled in most cases. Glasses are no longer a necessity to become a accessory and many wear them out of fashion, even if they are not graduated or do not protect from the sun. They are usually double pasta, the more double, the better. 4. Scarf
No matter what time of year it is, a hipster is characterized by wearing a Palestinian scarf or a double scarf in autumn colors. What music do they listen to?
In general terms, they listen to groups that do not belong to the mainstream culture and that few people know. 1. Indie Indie
music can be understood as independent music, that does not belong to a multinational record label or that is self-produced. This fact fits perfectly with the hipster philosophy.
Indie music can be divided into many genres, be it indie pop, indie folk, and even electronic music.. The point is that she is little known by the general public or is a revelation artist at festivals like Primavera Sound. Bands like TV on the Radio, Arcade Fire or Tame Impala stand out. 2. Alternative Rock
The word “alternative” is another key term in hipster culture. Alternative rock belongs to underground culture and does not represent a specific style of rock, but rather the search for its own formula that differentiates you from the rest. Some groups that we can mention are Sonic Youth or The Black Keys, although the latter has gained great popularity. 3. Non-commercial music
Any type of music that has not yet been exploited by the general publicis welcome. Hipsters often seek out new bands to highlight their spontaneity and authentic spirit. They also idolize other genres little exploited in the mainstream such as noise or surf rock. A clear example of a hipster in its purest form is Bon Iver . This singer-songwriter retired to the forest so as not to be disturbed and not receive external influences. There I built his recording studio and created melodies like this one. Other characteristics of the hipster culture
This urban subculture can also be identified by the following characteristics.

  • They favor the use of public transport and bicycles , making clear their concern for the state of the environment.
  • They prefer reading to movies. In the case of cinema, they are interested in independent productions (mainly European).
  • Regarding the use of technology , there are two streams. Some choose to lead a simple way of life and reject new technologies, while others are always on the cutting edge.
  • Interest in craftsmanship in any field. For example, they like to drink craft beer or prefer to decorate with handmade furniture.
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