Did you think you knew all about the British royal family ? Wrong! The rumors never end. After the latest revelations about Lady D’s tragic death, new secrets emerge.

Each family has its own secrets and habits. Were it not for their noble title they certainly would not end up on the covers of newspapers and among the main news of the news but the fact remains that, being noble, the spotlight will always be on their every move.

From the indiscretions it seems that Queen Elizabeth is very caring towards her nephew William and that Carlo absolutely cannot stand the media curiosity on the events of the palace and beyond.

There are still many questions. Will William be the future heir to the throne? Does the Queen really have a preference for her older nephew or is she just a voice? And is Kate really as good as she is described?

13) Elizabeth: affectionate grandmother

Sara because it is said that she is her favorite grandson, it will be because despite being a queen and still a grandmother, the fact remains that Elizabeth behaved in a really loving way towards her grandson. In fact, as regards the problem of the guests , many would have been unknown, the Queen would have comforted their nephew by advising them to think of their friends first with these words: ” Forget it, start with the invitations to your friends and the other people we will add in time debt. It ‘s your day! “.

12) Carlo does not like media curiosity

Definitely less understandable than Prince Charles in comparison with Queen Elizabeth. In fact, William’s father, apparently, would not have liked the media interest on the journey of the two newlyweds after their wedding. In fact, William and Kate were photographed numerous times during their stay in Canada and California. However, there is no surprise at this morbid curiosity, because the Royal Family stands out among the most interesting topics of English gossip.

11) William as the grandmother

Although Queen Elizabeth is back in better shape than ever after some health problems, sooner or later she too will have to leave the throne and it has always been said that William is the preferred heir of the Sovereign. This is because Elizabeth II would see a kind of continuity in the family of Kate and her nephew . Furthermore, William , while looking a lot like his mother Lady D, temperamentally would be very similar to the Queen .

10) Carlo averse to technology

Prince Charles , aged 68, is not very used to technology. Indeed, insiders have revealed that his Royal Highness is unable to use his inbox. He would reply to e- mails with pen and paper and his son Harry would not spare him many vitriolic jokes about incompetence with technological means.

9) William and Kate and country life

We all know that breathing the air of the countryside is certainly healthier than that of the city. And it is precisely for this reason that, with the birth of their second child, William and Kate decided to raise their little ones far from London , in a cottage in the countryside. Once the restoration works are completed, they will move permanently to the Kensington Palace residence .

8) Kate interior designer

Kate ‘s skills are truly innumerable. In fact, after the do-it-yourself wedding make-up, the well-informed of her reveal her marked ability in furnishing her. It would have been the personal duty of the Duchess to furnish both the old and the new home , taking inspiration from famous designers and interior architects.

7) Camilla and the passion for soap

Soaps are one of the most followed programs especially by middle-aged women and Carlo’s wife is certainly no exception. In fact, even the Duchess of Cornwall would have an unbridled passion for this type of television entertainment. Rumors revealed that Camilla would be a fan of the Downton Abbey television series which tells the story of an early 20th century English noble family.

6) Kate goes unnoticed

It also happens to royalty that they are not recognized ! This is what incredibly happened to Kate during her visit to an art exhibition . The Duchess of Cambridge, who was at the Royal Academy , would talk to some visitors like her for a long time but would not be recognized. Really very strange.

5) Carlo and his affection for his granddaughter

Carlo , who wished his son Harry had been a baby, said after the birth of his granddaughter Charlotte that he had always hoped for the arrival of a girl . The Prince expressed his joy with this very nice affirmation: ” So I will have someone who can take care of me when I am old “.

4) The succession to the throne has changed

Since William got married and had heirs, the order of succession to the throne would change and not a little. In fact, with the birth of the Prince and Kate Middleton’s children, the little ones are in direct line to the throne well before the much older members of the English royal family.

3) Harry: brave soldier

Perhaps not everyone remembers that Harry is a military helicopter pilot and for this reason he has already participated in some war missions. In fact, the second son of Charles and Diana took part in a missile attack in Afghanistan against the Taliban regime.

2) A butler in jeans

Strange privilege for Princess Anne ‘s butler . In fact, she would be allowed to wear a less formal look, such as denim pants during the service. Unlike Kate and William’s staff that he would always be very elegant and polished.

1) The code sentence

For the day of Queen Elizabeth’s death, everything is ready, including the code sentence to be pronounced to warn and spread the news of the death of the Sovereign: “London Bridge is down”.