Who says one person can’t change everything?
The ten people on this list changed the world for the better with their ideas or discoveries , and they are both men and women. In all cases, they served as an inspiration for the rest of humanity and left an immortal legacy for future generations. This is his story.

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It is true that there are many anonymous heroes who make this world a better place every day, but the list would be endless. For this reason, we present ten personalities who did good to the world. Some are better known than others.

Mahatma Gandhi

His form of peaceful protest represents, without a doubt, a before and after in the history of humanity. Despite the numerous urban legends that circulate around him (some quite disturbing), he participated in countless peaceful protests and played a fundamental role in the independence of his homeland, India. He was inspired by Tolstoy’s books and the Bhagavad-gita, a sacred Hindu text.

    Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein is known for being one of the most brilliant people in history, although they say he was also a real mistake. He changed the world with his ingenuity and rewrote the laws of physics (that’s nothing) with his theory of relativity, which is considered his magnum opus. Many consider him the father of the atomic bomb, but Einstein defined himself as a pacifist and a socialist.

    Harriet Tubman
    Another of those little recognized characters who spent a lifetime fighting for their rights, and more specifically for the freedoms of African Americans. Racism and white supremacy were not concepts in Harriet’s vocabulary, as she managed to escape the clutches of slavery and join the Unionist side as a spy.
    She not only worked for her own freedom, but she helped many captives and earned the love and sympathy of an entire nation. Proof of her legacy is that she was the first woman whose face appeared on dollar bills.

    Charles Chaplin
    What would the world be without laughter
    Charles Chaplin is one of the best-known actors of all time and, what is more important, he taught us that he too can laugh without words. His work is extensive and recognized, thanks in part to his endearing character: Charlot. The American Film Institute recognized him as “the tenth most famous actor in history”, and it is that becoming a symbol of humor is not within everyone’s reach.

    Leonardo da Vinci
    Many know the most artistic facet of Leonardo, but da Vinci was a complete revolutionary . He dominated multiple disciplines and was the forerunner of inventions such as the helicopter or the battle tank, although some of them had disastrous results. Very few of the ideas he had in mind were built, either due to lack of budget or because they were inconceivable at the time. Da Vinci stood out as a painter and his are works such as La Gioconda or The Last Supper.

    Galileo Galilei
    One of those characters who changed the course of history with his curiosity. Galilei challenged the established power (the Church) and questioned the absolute truths and Christian dogmas , although that led to his death. Galilei was an astronomer, philosopher, mathematician and physicist, although the most important thing is that he was a free thinker.
    He picked up the baton from Copernicus, another great figure in astronomy, and continued to deal a heavy blow to those who considered humanity to be the axis of all knowledge and elements in the universe. And no, we are nobody.

      Susan B. Anthony
      Something as simple as being able to vote in elections was not within the reach of women just over 100 years ago. Susan B. Anthony fought tirelessly to exercise her rights as a woman . However, fighting for what you consider fair can carry certain risks. Although Susan achieved her goal, she was arrested a few times for exposing her ideas in public.

      Charles Darwin
      One of the most influential scientists in the world and author of the theory of evolution through natural selection, which laid the foundations of modern biology. Although he was also recognized in other branches of science, he helped us understand where we come from (and also where we are going). Despite his fruitful life, some nefarious characters in history have used his idea of ​​natural selection as a pretext for racism or warmongering.

      Margaret Sanger
      Women’s rights would not be the same without the character and constant struggle of Margaret Sanger, the first recognized pro-choice activist . At that time abortion was considered a real crime, and that earned him the enmity of many. Margaret’s story, however, also has a dark side, and that is that she was in favor of racial segregation and expelling the disabled from the country.

      Luther King
      Who hasn’t had a dream to fulfill, and this activist’s dream had something to do with changing the world. His work was vital at the forefront of the civil rights movement for African Americans in the United States and he participated in numerous anti-war protests in Vienna. Like Ghandi, he was in favor of non-violent methods to achieve his goals.
      From a very young age he opposed racism and demanded the right to vote for black people in the United States. Some of his most recognized acts are the Montgomery bus boycott or his leadership at the head of the March on Washington, where he delivered his famous speech that begins with the famous quote “I have a dream”.

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