Every Hollywood diva has had their own beauty secrets : incredible or highly original make-up that helped fuel her fame. These great women have made their beauty a distinctive trait of elegance and charm.

So why not get inspired by the most iconic looks on the big screen? From Ingrid Bergman to Marilyn Monroe, from Grace Kelly to Elizabeth Taylor, passing through Greta Garbo and Audrey Hepburn; each of these magnificent actresses has made entire generations dream and set new parameters in terms of fashion and make- up .

Let’s see the fabulous and sometimes incredibly simple make-up of 10 Hollywood actresses:

1) Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn wanted to make her mouth appear fuller and her lips fuller: to give this impression, she used 5 different shades of lipstick , applying darker reds on the outer corners, and lightening the shade as she approached the center. of the lips. Although she lived in sunny Los Angeles, Marilyn tried to avoid sun exposure : “ I don’t think that tanned skin is more attractive than white skin, nor that it is healthier […]. I like to feel blonde everywhere, ” she said during interviews.

2) Grace Kelly

A model of charm and elegance, the gorgeous Grace Kelly also had a favorite make-up technique: contouring . What was it about? Simply to illuminate and shade her face using various shades of concealers, in order to better outline the contours of the face, enhancing some points. Plus, she always carried a moisturizer for her hands with her – keeping them smooth and soft is always important for preventing skin blemishes.

3) Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor had a habit she shared with Cleopatra: shaving her face . A behavior aimed not only at removing excess hair, but also at eliminating the dead cells of her face, making her face appear brighter.

4) Audrey Hepburn

The secret of Audrey Hepburn’s beauty was certainly represented by her wonderful doe eyes. To enhance them even more, after applying her mascara , the beautiful Audrey used a pin to separate her lashes . Nowadays there are specific and safer tools to perform the same procedure.

5) Greta Garbo

To improve her expressiveness and make her gaze more theatrical and magnetic, Greta Garbo used to highlight her eyes with a mix of gelatin and charcoal pigment . The result was truly a WOW effect!

6) Ingrid Bergman

Ingrid Bergman has always been an icon of natural, genuine beauty. Rumor has it that she never wore makeup , unless she was required of her for script requirements. She who knows if to respect and keep the skin of her face young, or for the desire to keep her face simply free from products. However, to make her forehead more spacious, the actress shortened her hair at the root by an inch.

7) Sofia Loren

Sofia Loren was, and still is, beautiful thanks to olive oil : she used it not only at the table, as required by the delicious Mediterranean diet, but also for special baths aimed at moisturizing the skin.

8) Mae West

Mae West’s secret was coconut oil : a natural ingredient that is now recommended by all beauty experts, but which was a rarity in the 1930s. She applied it all over her face to make her skin more shiny. In fact, coconut oil is rich in antioxidants that fight the action of free radicals, responsible for cellular aging.

9) Marlene Dietrich

There is a rumor that Marlene Dietrich had her molars removed in order to further accentuate the cheekbones and thus shape the face. Definitely an extreme choice!

10) Vivien Leigh

Vivien Leigh, like Marilyn Monroe, also wanted plump lips , especially since the mouth was not among her favorite body parts. To remedy what she thought was a cosmetic defect, she used a pencil to draw her lips beyond the boundaries of her mouth to give the impression of having a larger mouth.