Rum has always been one of the most famous drinks in the world, mainly due to its union with the world of pirates, the first compulsive consumers of this drink. Although many years ago, rum is still one of the most consumed beverages in the world, so if you want to try it and make the right choice, we recommend that you choose among the 10 best rum brands on the market.

The best brands of rum
Although as we have already mentioned, rum is famous for being the favorite drink of pirates, the first historical appearances of the drink date back to Classical Greece, where alcoholic beverages began to be made from cane of sugar. Years later, in the 17th century, the first rum distilleries appeared as we know it today.
Thus, throughout history it is obvious that the different types and brands of rum have evolved until reaching an optimal level, but with the infinity of brands on the market, it is almost impossible not to have a fiasco from time to time. when. To avoid that experience, we bring you our selection of the 10 best rums in the world, although we warn you that it is better not to mix them with cola drinks.

10. 10 Dog
From the hand of Moet Hennessy comes the 10 Cane, known as the smoothest rum in the world. In 2005, the French brand decided to embark on the creation of rum, and they visited countless Caribbean islands to find the island with the ideal sugar cane for their drink. They found it on the island of Trinidad, where many other brands were already exploiting reeds , and they have propitiated a new market, with a new system for exploiting reeds.

9. Diplomatico
Diplomatico rum reveals a new type of drink, due to the mixture that takes place inside. In the brand’s bottles, different types of rum with up to 8 years of reserve are mixed to obtain a very fruity result. The brand was created by Don Juancho Nieto, whoVisiting the Caribbean, he fell in love with it and with all the possibilities that existed in that peculiar land.

8. Appleton VX Dominio
The Appleton brand rum marked a before and after in the world of drinking, since it was discovered that the longer the liquor spent in a boot, the more flavor and smoothness was reflected in the drink . The rum produced in Jamaica was one of the few that were available for consumption by the population during the Second World War, after the difficulties of distribution of whiskey, caused by the historical context.

7. Centennial Zacapa
Zacapa rum was introduced in 1973 to commemorate the centenary of the city of Zacapa, and the idea came together and how. 55 years later we can enjoy a select rum, very limited, and of a very high quality, due to its high control at the time of creating it. Of course, the units are rather limited , so if you want to try it, do not wait or you will never have the possibility again.

6. Angostura 1824 Angostura
rum, like other rums on the list, is created from sugar canes found on the island of Trinidad and Tobago. The rum is left to rest for 8 years in a barrel that has previously contained Bourbon, to then be mixed with other liqueurs that have also undergone the same process, offering a spectacular final result.

5. Kraken
The Kraken bottle, one of the youngest rums on this list, is reminiscent of Victorian rum bottles, with two handles on the sides to prevent breakage and provide greater stability to the bottle. The rum, also from Trinidad and Tobago, uses cinnamon, ginger and cloves to give it a power that rum lovers will undoubtedly enjoy.

4. Pusser
Based on the original recipe from 1740, in 1979, Charles Tobias recovered Pusser rum, famous for being the rum consumed by the British navy. The rum is made in the British Virgin Islands, andIt is made up of five different rums of American origin.

3. Chairman’s Reserve Chairman’s Reserve
was created for the first time in 1999, and its production process was supervised by the then “Chairman”, who was in charge of quality control, and who also gave the liquor its name . Although initially distributed exclusively in the United States , the brand has now expanded and is available worldwide.

2. Atlantico
Enrique Iglesias rum is on our list due to the very tough selection process that the sugar cane undergoes before it becomes rum, and from which everything that does not meet the brand’s standards is discarded. Dominican rum has an extra, and that is that after 15 years of rest,Anejo brandy is added to the rum, which gives it that differentiating point of the brand.

1. Mount-Gay 1703
The oldest rum in the world is also the best. The Mount-Gay 1703 began to be manufactured in 1703, as its name indicates, with the same technique as in the past, the rum mixes several liquors over 30 years old to obtain a unique flavor, and that only the luckiest can taste. , since it is a very exclusive drink.