If we look back in time and investigate a little, we see that some of the most mysterious and inexplicable disappearances in history have occurred and about which there are still unknowns about what could have happened.
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Here are the 16 cases of disappearances of people who barely left clues behind to clarify what happened.

16. Yeremi Vargas
Little Yeremi Vargas was seven years old when she disappeared without a trace while playing on a lot next to her grandmother’s house, in a neighborhood of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Many witnesses stated that on March 10, 2007A white car was seen fleeing the scene shortly after the boy was last seen.
In 2016, the only one accused of the illegal detention and death of Yeremi, Antonio Ortega, nicknamed “El Rubio” said he was the author of the murder of the minor. Although it was shown that he had a white car in his name very similar to the one that was seen that noon, the judge closed the case due to lack of evidence. He is currently serving time for a crime of sexual assault on another minor and seems to be the only key that could help solve the mystery. In Spain there are currently more than 4000 missing persons.

15. The murder of Jimmy Hoffa
Jimmy Hoffa was the leader of the United States Teamsters Union, a man who had shady dealings and deals with the mafia.The last time he was seen alive was on July 30, 1975 , in a Detroit restaurant parking lot. Hoffa had stayed to talk about his “business”. That same day, the businessman phoned his wife telling her that no one had come to the meeting and that is the last that is known.
The kidnapping and murder of Jimmy Hoffa became one of the most classic disappearances in the United States for more than 30 years, until 2003. At that time, Frank Sheeran, alias ‘The Irishman’ and close friend of Hoffa, confessed to murdering the businessman and revealed the place where he was executed .

14. Madeleine McCann
Little Maddie disappeared in May 2007 while she was sleeping in a hotel room where she was staying with her parents, in the Portuguese Algarve, while they were having dinner with some friends about 50 meters away.
Since then, she has mobilized the authorities and the international press, several hypotheses have been considered about what happened that night and who is behind everything; making Madeleine McCann swell the list of the most mysterious disappearances of the last decade.

13. Flight 19
For many, cases like the following make it difficult to deny the existence of the Bermuda Triangle.
During the training of five bomber pilots near that area, a radio message warned that contact had been lost with the 14 men who manned the devices. The enigma became more important when the rescue plane that went in search of the remains of Flight 19 never returned , taking 13 other souls into oblivion.

12. The three Beaumont brothers
No one has heard from the 3 Beaumont brothers since January 26, 1966. At that time, it was common to see the little ones playing in the sand on the beach, in an area near their house , without parental supervision, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
However, that fateful day it was half past 7 and they still didn’t come home. Several witnesses claimed to have seen the three children in the company of a tall, blond man. Such was the widespread panic that psychics were even hired to throw some clues about the whereabouts of the little ones.
To this day, a million dollar reward is still being offered for finding these three brothers.

11. Who was DB Cooper
A strange man boards a plane, he calls himself Dan Cooper. Mr. Cooper threatens to blow up a bomb on board that he carries with him unless his demands are met: $200,000 and a parachute.
Upon granting his wishes, Cooper jumps out of the plane. Shortly after,part of his loot appears on the bank of a river as the only clue in the case . This man was never seen again, nor was it discovered who he was or what he did. The true identity of DB Cooper continues to make up one of the most mysterious disappearances in existence.

10. The crew of the MV Joyita
The Mv Joyita was a merchant ship that, in October 1955, sailed from the island of Samoa to the Reunion Islands with 25 people on board and a cargo of logs and fuel drums. 4 days after the estimated date of her arrival at her destination , a warning notice was issued warning that the MV Joyita had not yet arrived.
A month later, the ship appeared half-sunken and aimless almost 1000 kilometers from Samoa with no one on board. Both the logbook and all the navigational equipment were missing, nor were the lifeboats or the food. Also, the radio was tuned to the help frequency and worked fine. The structure had a large hole , proving that it had hit something; none of the engines were working and mattresses had been placed on top of them for no apparent reason. But what about the crew?

9. Mary Reeser
The 67-year-old and rather overweight widow, Mary Reeser, lived alone in her apartment in suburban Florida. One night, she slept in her armchair in the living room of her house., smoked one of her cigarettes and nothing more was heard of her.
The next morning, her neighbor went to knock on the door of her apartment, alerted by an intense smell of burning coming from inside. When she was finally able to notify the authorities and access inside her, she saw that Mary Reeser had been consumed by the fire, which had only burned the area in which she was sitting , leaving only a foot, some vertebrae and the liver. her. The rest of the apartment had suffered the effects of the heat but without igniting.
It is considered one of the few documented cases of spontaneous human combustion.

8. Escape from Alcatraz by Frank Morris and the Anglin Brothers
Alcatraz has always had the reputation of being an impregnable prison from which none of its inmates could escape… At least that was the case until, in June 1962 , inmates Frank Morris, John and Clarence Anglin managed to circumvent the security of the most dangerous prison. famous, overcome its huge stone walls and achieve freedom.
Until now, the official version was that the three companions drowned in the cold waters of the Pacific that surround the island of Alcatraz trying to reach land, despite the life preservers and rafts that they had made using the fabrics of their coats. However, a letter has recently come to light that could turn events around, according to which Morris and the Anglins would have survived. In this press release you can read more.

7. A group of hippies disappears at Stonehenge
England’s most iconic stone monument was also the scene of a grisly disappearance in 1971, when a group of hippies camped in the center of the Stonehenge circle .
The version of the story that has had the most relevance assures that a lightning storm fell near there, intensely lighting the sky. According to the testimony of two witnesses, shortly after the monument was hit by a huge lightning strike in the middle of a storm, they heard the campers screaming in panic . When they arrived at the place, they saw to their astonishment that there was no one there, except for the fire and the pegs that held the tents. An entire camp, volatilized overnight.

6. A ghost ship: the Mary Celeste
This brigantine sailboat crossed the waters of the Atlantic full of provisions, without any apparent damage and with favorable weather conditions. However, the ship was found adrift in the middle of the ocean and with the belongings of its crew members intact.
Among the different hypotheses that have tried to explain what happened to the sailors of the Mary Celeste are: alien abductions, the attack of pirates or the disappearance in the very Bermuda Triangle. Until the case is solved, we will keep this ghost ship story on the list of the most mysterious and equally unexplained disappearances.

5. Tom and Eileen Lonergan
Tom and Eileen were a happy couple spending a relaxing vacation visiting Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. On one of their diving trips to this wonder of nature, the boat that was supposed to take them to land along with the other divers departed without them , leaving the couple adrift.
They did not realize that there were two more people who had not returned until two days later, when they saw a backpack that had been left on the boat with their belongings. After a massive search in the area, only parts of the diving equipment were found, and the board used to communicate underwater, which read:
“Monday, January 26, 1998, 8 a.m. To anyone who can help us: We were abandoned at Aquincourt Reef by the MV Outer Edge on January 25, 1998 at 3 noon. Please help us, come to rescue us before we die. Help!”

4. Explorer Percy Fawcett
Throughout his life, colonel and explorer Percy Fawcett was obsessed with stories about a legendary golden city, lost in the heart of the Amazon jungle, which the ancients called ‘Z’. Since he first heard these stories, Fawcett has made several unsuccessful expeditions to find the mythical city.
The last news of the colonel came thanks to a letter he sent to an indigenous messenger in 1925. According to what he said, he was in a remote area of ​​the jungle, accompanied by his eldest son and a good friend. Nothing more was ever heard of them, so two years later, after more than a hundred unsuccessful rescue expeditions, they were presumed dead.
Fawcett would go on to join the list of the most mysterious disappearances of the last century, probably one of the ones that has generated the most speculation.

3. The disappearance of an entire Inuit village
1930, Joe Labelle, a fur trapper, discovers an Inuit village settled under the shelter of three large trees near Lake Anjikuni (Canada), but there is no one there: the clothes and belongings of the inhabitants were still in the cabins , where there were also meals and blankets; several graves in the cemetery had been emptied and a group of sled dogs had apparently starved to death.
The case was related to a blinding blue light in the sky and a strange bullet-shaped cylinder that, according to witnesses, was headed in the direction of the town that night. How could an entire town vanish overnight? This is one of the most mysterious disappearances that have ever occurred and well deserves the bronze, due to the strange circumstances.

2. Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan
The history of aviation gave a name that had a lot of echo: Amelia Earhart, an ambitious pilot who set out to go around the world aboard her plane accompanied by her partner, Fred Noonan. Both disappeared somewhere in the Pacific, on July 2, 1937 , after leaving Papua New Guinea in the direction of the Nukumanu Islands and losing radio communication.
Last year a photo emerged that could help clarify what happened, where we see a woman on a pier in the Marshall Islands (Micronesia), sitting on her back and next to a man. If it is shown that it really is Earhart and Noonan , the hypothesis that they would have been taken prisoner by the Japanese would be plausible. For now, we’ll give you the silver until we know more.

1. Flight MH370
The case of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is probably the most mysterious disappearance in recent years, as the world is still in suspense at what could have happened.
We go back to March 8, 2014. While crossing Vietnamese airspace towards Beijing, the device’s transponder stopped emitting a signal , making it impossible for it to be tracked by any radar. However, military radars caught flight MH370 turning southeast and then heading west, shortly before fading off their screens.
There is speculation that the plane crashed somewhere in the Indian Ocean (this would be indicated by several fragments of a Boeing 777-type plane that have been appearing off the coast of Mozambique and the island of Reunion). Likewise, other hypotheses have also been considered: that it could be shot down, kidnapped to be used in future attacks and even that the captain committed suicide, taking the entire crew with him.

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