All the signs of the zodiac have particular characteristics. Each person, in addition to having their own tastes dictated by the experience and social customs of the place where they live, prefers certain things over others based on the influence of their zodiac sign.

The curiosity about the zodiac signs are not only related to future experiences that we will have and that can be read in the horoscope. On the subject, there is a lot of information to perfectly know all twelve signs and their preferences .

Have you ever thought that a particular flower is associated with each sign of the zodiac  ? Strange but true!

Reading this article will help you discover some curiosities  of the people around you and to whom you may want to dedicate a floral thought suitable to his horoscope sign . From now on you will never go wrong and every flower donated will be like a precious jewel!

Let’s find out together the right flower for each zodiac sign : 

1) Aries

The first sign of the horoscope is Aries, dominated by the planet Mars , for this reason people of this sign are particularly courageous and always full of initiatives . Even if on the surface they may seem tough people, and only to hide the tender heart . They love to show off and tell their successes demonstrating the character of a true leader. For these reasons the most suitable flower for those born under the sign of Aries is the narcissus . In fact, this flower has always been used to represent slightly more vain personalities.

2) Toro

People born are the sign of Taurus have a lot of passion and are very sensual. Indeed, the house of this sign is dominated by the influence of the planet Venus. Even if their character is a bit edgy and it is not always easy to relate to them, they are loyal people both in friendship and in the relationship of the couple. For these reasons, the most suitable flower is the rose . Such a beautiful and delicate flower, protected by its thorns, is the perfect floral tribute for the sign of Taurus.

3) Gemini

The sign of Gemini is an air sign linked to the influence of the planet Mercury . Very often people of this sign have great communication skills and are very creative. In relationships with others they always seek stability and stillness . They are elegant and refined and represent true leaders . For these reasons, the most suitable flowers for the sign of Gemini are cornflower , elegant and refined, and lily , representing strength and determination.

4) Cancer

The sign of Cancer is governed by the influence of the Moon and consequently people born under this sign are often abstract and not very attentive to the reality that surrounds them. They enjoy a mild character but are a little too introverted and this leads them not to have many new experiences. They are also very romantic people , but in love they hardly take the first step. The most suitable floral tribute for the sign of cancer are magnolias and hydrangeas , which not surprisingly are plants that love shade.

5) Leone

The house of Leo is ruled by the Sun : a true leader by nature . Strong and tenacious and able to get angry and calm in a few moments, but his fury is truly king of the forest. People born under this sign have a loyal and generous character . Their favorite flower is the sunflower , which well represents their planet and the elegance of posture and manners.

6) Virgo

The zodiac sign of Virgo belongs to the earth signs, therefore it is very rational and critical . Precise and meticulous to the limit of endurance, and the undisputed king of order . They are loyal and faithful people and do not give undeserved compliments. For those born under the sign of Virgo, the most suitable flower is the gardenia which symbolizes all the qualities listed above.

7) Libra

The house of this sign is ruled by Venus which symbolizes beauty and balance . Those born under this sign are always looking for fixed points in life and are not satisfied with superficial relationships. They love everything that is beautiful and this makes them feel at peace with themselves and with the world. The flowers that best suit the people of Libra are the hyacinth , a spontaneous flower, and the iris for its elegance.

8) Scorpio

Mysterious and fascinating , Scorpio personalities are truly passionate in love. It is the sign of the zodiac that is considered to be the most sensual . He is easily inflamed and often happens to stumble into the trap of  jealousy . Anyone who has had anything to do with a person of this sign will have noticed their charm from the first moments . For this reason, the most suitable flowers are the rhododendron and the orchid , two floral tributes so beautiful that it is difficult not to be fascinated by them.

9) Sagittarius

Sagittarians are the funniest and most optimistic personalities of the zodiac, which is why they are always surrounded by many friends. They love to travel and dive into almost impossible adventures. Although very faithful in friendships, a Sagittarius heart is difficult to trap forever. The flower associated with those born under this sign are the red carnation and the lotus flower . The first because it symbolizes the nobility and passion with which he lives each new experience, the second is associated with the spiritual evolution of human consciousness.

10) Capricorn

Those born under the sign of Capricorn are characterized by their very determined character . Difficult to influence, they pursue the goal until the final goal . They live the life of a couple intensely and abandon themselves completely to their partner. The most suitable flower for Capricorn is the poppy because it symbolizes loyalty in the couple’s life and determination in the workplace.

11) Aquarius

Aquarius is the most unconventional sign of the whole zodiac. Free spirits , they don’t mind changing their minds and appearing unfaithful. If in love they do not want to feel trapped in a relationship, on the contrary friendships are their lifeline . The flowers associated with the Aquarian house are geranium and lily of the valley . The first is linked to faithfulness in friendship and the second symbolizes the search for peace.

12) Pesci

Those born under the sign of Pisces are very creative personalities and close people do not always grasp this artistic vein, causing mixed feelings. In addition to being real dreamers , they are very generous and meditative . The lucky flowers for the sign of Pisces are wisteria and peony .