It is often said that the world of football is full of topics, but from time to time the light comes out and we find reflections that remain for posterity. We present you the best soccer phrases, made by and for soccer players . To all those who say that this sport is about 22 men running after a ball, we leave you with these brilliant quotes.

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The 25 best soccer phrases of all time
These are the reflections that will go down in history and that every player should keep in mind.

1. There are no moral triumphs but expressions of a team. (Sampaoli)
The first best soccer phrase refers to collective victory , the only way to success in this sport.

2. Scoring goals is like making love, everyone knows how to do it, but nobody does it like me. (Alfredo Di Stefano)
There are soccer players who have a huge ego, although in the case of Don Alfredo it is more than justified.

3. If you are in the penalty area and you don’t know what to do with the ball, put it in the net and we will discuss the alternatives later. (Bill Shankly)
Coaches often say thatIt is better to finish a play , even if you don’t have a clear shooting option, than to lose possession.

4. No player is as good as all of them together. (Alfredo Di Stefano)
One of the best phrases in football, and for many coaches, everything comes down to the work and cohesion of the team .

5. I am more concerned about being a good person than being the best player in the world. (Lionel Messi) It is curious that the best player in the world
says it precisely . 6. Brain speed is more important than leg speed. (Xavi Hernandez)
The former Barca midfielder had a sublime vision of the game and showed that, in football, he also plays with his head

(in every way possible).

7. In soccer the worst blindness is just seeing the ball. (Nelson Rodriguez)
In this game you have to be aware of your surroundings and know how to act accordingly.

8. Curiosity is the ball. (Magico Gonzalez)
The best phrases in the field of soccer are those that invite reflection.

9. Not all blacks run and not all whites are rich. (Lilian Thuram)
One of the most important reflections on football and racism .

10. If we lose, we will continue to be the best team in the world. If we win, we will be eternal. (Pep Guardiola)
The Catalan coach spoke these words to his players before a European final . They had an effect.

11. Soccer is not a matter of life to death, it is much more than that. (Billy Shankly)
This phrase shows how important this sport is to some.

12. There is no need to justify or demonize. You have to be aware of implementing a change. You have to be self-critical to improve. (Marcelo Bielsa)
Some blame the referee and others to luck. Marcelo Bielsa spoke of work and self-criticism , two essential elements to be able to move forward.

13. Watching soccer is like watching sex. It’s fine, but it’s better to practice it. (Alex James)
There is a subtle difference, and that is that not everyone is born with the talent for it. One of the best phrases that the world of football has left us.

14. There are no young and old players. There are good and bad. (Santiago Bernabeu)
There are players who are capable of preserving their talent for many years, even though their legs no longer respond.

15. It doesn’t matter how much you run, but where and why you run. (Zdenek Zeman)
Everything you do must have a meaning . If you don’t have it, it’s better to pass the ball.

16. A penalty is a cowardly way of scoring. (Pele)
Some would not agree, and that is that penalty goals also go up on the scoreboard.

17. Soccer is not a perfect game. I don’t understand why they want the referee to be. (Pierluigi Collina)
The most famous referee of all time (and also the best) vindicatesthe role of referees in this sport . Often, we forget that they are also human.

18. Every team that treats the ball well, treats the spectator well. (Jorge Valdano)
The viewer pays his ticket and expects to see the show . That is the difference of the great teams.

19. Soccer is the most important thing of the least important things. (Arrigo Sacchi)
Some say that it is “bread for the people”, but soccer also represents positive values ​​such as teamwork, trust and respect for the rival.

20. Soccer is evolution. (Frank de Boer)
Football has changed a lot in recent years and the best teams are those that have been able to adapt.

21. Talent depends on inspiration, but effort depends on each one. (Pep Guardiola)
Exactly. Those footballers who are not constant end up lowering their performance.

22. Winning is not important, as long as you win. (Vinnie Jones)
In this case, we do not know if it is genius or carelessness on the part of this English footballer. In any case, you are not without reason.

23. I take advantage of politicians. They are public, I am popular. (Maradona)
Diego Armando Maradona is the footballer who has left us the most controversial phrases . The legend has quite a famous history.

24. Not even Jesus Christ likes everyone. Imagine me. (Jose Mourinho)
Another one of those characters that generates hatred and devotion in equal parts.

25. I am not a believer. In Spain, all 22 players cross themselves before going out on the field. If it turned out, it would always be a draw. (Johan Cruyff)
The teacher left us several of the best soccer phrases. His legacy, both on the field and off it, will always be eternal .

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