Normally we are used to seeing and criticizing women who look beautiful on set , but who are actually not very attractive and only become beautiful thanks to make-up. However , the opposite is also true in the world of TV .

For reasons of script  it happens that make-up, hair and clothes are used to make ugly rather than to enhance the female traits of the actresses . Beauty is undoubtedly one of the winning weapons to achieve success in the world of cinema and television, but we will analyze some examples of actresses who, despite being beautiful , play not very sexy and ugly characters .

The transformations of the stars can be truly incredible: there are those who have had to put braces on their teeth, those who seem almost bald and those outside the set are really a femme fatale . It’s all thanks to the makeup that isn’t there , the tousled hair and the tomboy clothes if these beautiful actresses manage to hide their beauty so well.

Let’s discover together 21 ugly actresses on set but beautiful in reality :

1) Gwendoline Christie

The physique of the actress Gwendoline Christie , 1.91 cm tall, who plays the female soldier in one of the most followed series by the public: Game of Thrones , is decidedly sculptural . We got used to seeing her in the role of a combative woman, perhaps a little rough and anything but feminine, while in reality she is sexy and endowed with an incredible charm! Looking at this photo you can already see how much her appearance on the set has been changed!

Obviously, for script choices on the set he must keep a dirty and make-up-free face with a haircut that does not harmonize with his build . But outside, her gorgeous light and luminous complexion and vanilla blonde hair styled with a soft retro twist are her best weapons of seduction.

2) Mayim Bialik

The young Mayim Bialik is the actress who plays the super geek Amy in the television series, broadcast until recently on Italia 1 in the afternoon schedule, The Big Bang Theory . Off the set, the actress is very different from how she appears in the series in which she was really transformed to make her fully conform to her character or, better, to the stereotype of the nerdy and studious girl.

To make Mayim Bialik’s look particularly scruffy are the thick-rimmed glasses and the decidedly unfashionable clothes. The little makeup and natural hair without extensions are the icing on the cake to complete the true nerdy style. Actually Mayim Bialik is a very beautiful girl, just a little make-up is enough to soften the features, the hair combed in a fluffy way and a line of eyeliner for an enchanting look .

3) America Ferrera

Truly an excellent example of an actress specially ugly to play her character in the Ugly Betty series . America Ferrera , Betty on set , she’s really ugly. Tooth braces, unkempt hair, no makeup , demode clothing and, for her too, thick-rimmed glasses like the geek Amy in The Big Bang Theory . But when she doesn’t play her character, it takes very little to see the beautiful girl hiding behind her underwire and her lenses. Also for her fluffy hair, combed eyebrows and a a veil of make – up over her eyes are the only secret weapons to enhance her sweet and feminine features.

Of course, there were not a few who noticed her beauty when America Ferrera was honored by winning a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Comedy Series in January 2007 for her performance in Ugly Betty.

4) Elisabeth Moss

Elisabeth Moss is another beautiful woman who pretends to be ugly for script requirements. On set, she plays Peggy from Mad Men; she was first a naive secretary from the distant province, then a copywriter to conquer fame and glory in New York. Although over the course of the series her character ‘s look of her has changed a lot and always turned out to be old-fashioned and quite retro .

In reality, Elisabeth Moss is very attractive and the most noticeable change , off the set, is her hair . In fact, the actress who seems to have few and far between , sports a fluffy and sexy hair and her curves are really at the right point .

5) Ariel Winter

Actress Ariel Winter plays the antisocial nerd in the television series Modern Family . Even for her , her glasses and her nerdy look do not do her justice on the set at all, but taking off her role as her character Ariel of her shows her her strong femininity . Wavy hair and a femme fatale look leave nothing to the imagination and the change is really noticeable.

6) Micol Olivieri

The Italian actress Micol Olivieri rose to prominence in 2006 by participating in the Canale 5 television series , I Cesaroni . In the role of Alice Cudicini , Micol wears very casual clothes and very little makeup, but off the set she loves refined make-up and fluffy hair and can afford sexy clothes that definitely do her justice.

7) Laura Gomez

A notable change is that of Laura Gomez who in the series Orange is the new black plays the neglected, silent, incomprehensible inmate Blanca Flores . In Season 5 alone, actress Laura Gomez got a chance to show off her true Latin beauty, which is when her character takes a big turn.

The mutation of Laura Gomez on the set is so evident that it almost seems like another person! Beyond her physical appearance, among other things, this radical change also demonstrates her skill as an actress because she is natural, spontaneous, but, above all, authentic in the role of Blanca Flores.

8) Keiko Agena

In the TV series A Mom for a Friend  Keiko Agena plays Lane Kim , best friend and peer of the protagonist Rory. Passionate about Rock’n’Roll despite her very religious family, Lane’s look in the series doesn’t do her justice: oval goggles,  demode clothes…  The reality is Agena is a wonderful actress,  of Japanese-American origin.

Photo Credit: Everett Collection

9) Naomi Grossman

In the cult TV series  American Horror Story  she plays Pepper, a woman with severe physical deformities and mental illnesses. In reality she Naomi is a beautiful woman, endowed with a great elegance. Her is one of the most incredible transformations that take place on the set, in fact, the comparison in the photo below leaves you speechless!

How many hours of make-up did it take to make beautiful actress Naomi Grossman the creepy character in American Horror Story ? This was revealed by the Entertainment Weekly newspaper which stated that the make up artists would take about 3 hours to complete the metamorphosis before filming Naomi Grossman in Pepper!

10) Julia Minesci

In the acclaimed Netflix serial Breaking Bad , Julia Minesci plays a prostitute with drug problems, and her appearance is truly creepy, with yellow teeth, pronounced wrinkles and a constantly sad look. Actually Julia is completely different from the character she plays! And a truly seductive woman, with a face of soap and water and a beautiful smile on her face!

11) Laura Esquivel

And she is the star of the TV series The World of Patty : she plays a very nice girl but who does not care in the least about her physical appearance, she wears big goggles and braces on her teeth. In reality Laura Esquivel is a very beautiful woman, armed with an intriguing look and a soap and water beauty.

12) Taryn Manning

In the Netflix series Orange is the New Black  Taryn plays  Tiffany ‘Pennsatucky’ Doggett , an inmate with a face disfigured by the use of hard drugs. In the series, she appears a little disturbed, almost out of her mind and with her teeth ruined by her life of excess. A transformation, also this, really incredible, considering that in reality the actress Taryn Manning is very different from how she appears in the series!

In reality, Taryn Manning is a seductive and very elegant woman (and with a very sweet face!). In the role of Tiffany and instead a woman without any grace and also a bit disturbing, despite her, because of all the problems that the character has had to face in her life.

13) Shailene Woodley

A friend of Celeste ( Nicole Kidman ) on the successful Big Little Lies TV night , the makeup artists had to age and make the actress quite ugly to make her fit for the role. But in real life Shailene is a beautiful woman, who sports elegant high cheekbones.

14) Melissa Rauch

In the cult series Big Bang Theory she plays the alert and determined  Bernadette Rostenkowski. Unfortunately the nerd look she wears on the show doesn’t do justice to her beauty. In reality, Melissa is indeed a beautiful girl , with a  really sweet smile.

15) Kate Walsh

Gia Addison Montgomery in  Grey’s Anatomy , in the TV series 13 Reasons Why  , Walsh plays  Olivia Baker , mother of the suicidal protagonist whose beauty is ruined by the loss . In reality she is a sunny woman with a radiant beauty.

16) Anne Hathaway

Seeing the photos, it’s hard to believe they are the same person! Because in the part of Mia in Pretty Princess, Hathaway has a decidedly neglected look: thick and frizzy hair, thick glasses, not even a trace of makeup . In reality it is instead an authentic soap and water beauty.

17) Elizabeth Reaser

In Grey’s Anatomy   she plays Rebecca Pope , the victim of a terrible accident that occurred while she was pregnant, which leaves her severely disfigured and with various psychic disorders . In reality, Elizabeth Reaser is a beautiful woman, with a very charming look.

18) Hannah Waddingham

In the cult TV serial Game of Thrones  she plays the austere (and a little fanatical) nun  Septa Unella . In reality, Hannah is a beautiful woman with beautiful golden hair .

19) Tatiana Maslany

In the TV series  Orphan Black  the multifaceted actress plays not only the role of the protagonist, but also that of her numerous clones, some of which are not exactly pleasant in appearance … Quite the opposite of the beautiful  Tatiana Maslany , a woman with very sweet and at the same time very sensual features .

20) Lea Michele

During her first appearances in the horror comedy Scream QueensLea Michele really looked scary! Quite the opposite of the beautiful Italian-American actress, endowed with a typically Mediterranean charm.