The warm season is returning and all the men’s fashion outfit trends for spring are back . The stylists, in fact, presented the new trends of the spring season on the catwalks.

Man is ready to change and therefore already declares it from the fashion catwalks that anticipate the warm seasons 2022. If the trend is always the one that began in 2020, that is to overturn the obvious, reset the rules and experience full freedom, style that men will be able to show off in a few months, in spring, will be daring much “beyond”. In fact, skirts, shirts tied at the waist, suits and dazzling, amazing, particular colors appear. 

Will man no longer be virile? Of course he will be , all the more so. The challenge is precisely to face extreme equal rights, even in fashion, with the same strength and nonchalance with which he knows how to wear a pair of jeans and a macho bomber jacket. But who will really have the courage to dress like this in a square, in the city? We will find out in May!

Spring outfit for him: the importance of jackets

Jackets will be the protagonists of men’s spring. The challenge of 2022 goes beyond the typical denim jacket, the bomber or the leather jacket. Instead, the focus is on sport, on sporting symbols, on casual to the nth degree, but also on extravagance. It will not be a coincidence that you will also see very long, soft, brightly colored jackets. Or jackets with colorful designs and patterns, on a unique and apparently sober background. 

Armored outerwear , American football or baseball style jackets , but also vests with embroidery that is impossible not to notice. Of course the bomber jacket remains in fashion, as well as the jacket full of pockets, in explorer style. The symbols of the super sexy man never die. Finally, under the jackets will be combined knitwear items in shaded colors or on the contrary with exaggerated prints.

Masculine skirts and sequins

On the other side of the story is the man who defies taboos and improvises himself as a wearer of skirts . Real skirts, very wide, which recall a little the Japanese samurai dress (even if that is made up of a very wide pair of trousers) and that he must know how to wear with virility. Men’s skirts almost always come in neutral colors, but are embellished with flashy, almost cowboy-style belts . The most extreme contrast!

Alternatively, the usual trousers . Those really “for men” but enriched by the glitter of sequins.

Which in some combinations can also be found in the jacket, with which to make a suit, or in the shirt. The trousers, even with sequins, will still be casual, sporty, practical and comfortable, just as he likes them.

The shoes of the spring outfit for him

If men’s spring clothing will have such an impact, how will footwear be associated in this case? Comfortable and practical of course, less formal and more modern. Leave aside the elegant black shoes, you can also be chic with sneakers, shoes in geometric patterned fabric or with casual shoes .

Falling the basic rules for the elegant outfit, every man can build his own style for an evening based on tastes. And none – or none! – You will be able to criticize his choices, if together with sequined trousers and a sports jacket he wears the latest sneakers. To be associated perhaps with socks that break everything!

Patchwork and military among the spring trends

Patchwork finds space in both women’s and men’s collections . Indeed, it seems to be increasingly trendy, driven by recycling and upcyclin g . Patchwork garments in fact have a distinctly vintage flavor, very often also linked to the military style. The latter remains a cornerstone of men’s fashion trends, even if declined in new ways. Starting from the classic camouflage, declined in different artistic shades

So the new spring trends for him and for her are marked by a return to the past, but with a streak of modernity.

The proposals for comfort

Spring trends for men’s fashion do not forget the need for comfortable clothes, for smart working or relaxation.

Today’s contemporary look requires practicality: this is how a little street style and a lot of utility is born. The easy collections offer different oversized dresses, with extra large trousers, with a pajama cut.

Today’s stylists’ reference is in fact the 90s: from that period came bum bags, pockets and straps. The garments are inspired by overalls, with high wearability and maximum comfort. 

Even men’s suits are therefore offered in a comfortable key, with avant-garde details, such as metal eyelets or the scarves used instead of the belt.