The YouTube video portal has become the most viewed with audiovisual content . Since it began one day back in 2005, it has gradually gained worldwide fame due to the number of recordings of all kinds that are posted.
However, over time, there are those who find in this entertainment medium (and, why not say it, also instructive) a mechanism for spreading propaganda of harmful ideas , taking advantage of the rapid capacity that the portal has to reach the public. .
On Youtube we can find humorous, musical or scientific videos; but of fights, accidents and injuries, but also with tutorials on how to make homemade explosives or how to shoot weapons.
It is on this point that we will focus today, because apparently, YouTube has decided to remove videos and restrict (ban) those users who post content that encourages the use of firearms.

The Las Vegas massacre: the straw that broke the camel’s back
At the outset, we must bear in mind that the United States is the country with the most weapons per inhabitant in the world, where more than 30,000 people die each year because of them. But now, we are going to analyze the specific case of Las Vegas.

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On the night of Sunday, October 1, the United States cried again for a new massacre of innocents at the hands of a heartless man armed to the teeth. This time it was in Las Vegas: 64-year-old Stephen Paddock stood on the edge of the 32nd-floor windows of the Mandalay Bay hotel and fired at attendees of the Route 91 music festival. Harvest, located more than a quarter mile from where he stood. found.
Barricaded with an entire arsenal that he had arranged in his room to assassinate as many casualties as possible, Paddock caused almost 60 fatalities and more than 500 wounded. Finally, he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head shortly before the security forces entered his room.
The Las Vegas massacre happens to have the dubious honor of beingthe one with the most victims (59), ahead of the one that took place at the gay club in Orlando in 2016 (49) or the one at the University of Virginia in 2007 (32 deaths).

YouTube was able to give clues to do as much damage as possible
The controversy that links what happened in Las Vegas with the video portal is that the murderer used a device that allowed him to fire bursts of bullets automatically without having to press the button all the time. trigger. Just pressing it once was enough to unload all the ammunition. The point is that on YouTube you can find tutorials that teach how to turn firearms into even more deadly instruments , if possible.
For this reason, those responsible for the website declared their concern about this type of content and its ability to give ideas to individuals such as Paddock. It seems that they are being very careful when it comes to ensuring that no one publishes videos promoting the use of these weapons or how to trick them.

On YouTube there are still tutorials on the use of weapons
What happened at the beginning of October 2017 has been a wake-up call important enough for YouTube to consider withdrawing videos on the tricking of weapons that allow greater bursts of bullets to be achieved .
We are not very clear about what kind of policies they use on YouTube, but several weeks have passed since the murders and on YouTube we continue to see videos about the handling of weapons. What are you waiting for to delete them
? There are so many tutorials on how to shoot a weapon or how to aim at a target
? Or is it that the National Rifle Association has some objection to getting rid of this type of material

Weapons and rifles, yes. Naked, no
It is curious or paradoxical that the government of the United States, a pioneering country at the technological level, the first world power (until China says otherwise) and that is supposed to be at the forefront of everything that has to do with progress; display inconsistencies such as censoring YouTube videos that contain semi-nudeor sexualized attitudes. However, recordings of violent content that can be a claim or give clues as to how to do harm if they pass the censorship filter.
These types of details give food for thought and are a sign that the United States (we are talking about this country because of all the controversy regarding the regularization of the possession of weapons and the conception that prevails in part of the citizenry that being armed is synonymous security) must reorder its priorities if it really wants to prevent tragedies like the one that occurred in Las Vegas from happening again.

Las Vegas murders add to a long list
And it is that there are already countless deaths of innocents due to too permissive regulations with firearms. We could list the multiple massacres of civilians at the hands of other civilians carrying pistols and automatic rifles, but that would be another article

. The National Rifle Association lobby wields too much influence and is so concerned with maintaining its power that it forgets that its interests generate deaths.