Thanks to the films, many baby stars , who as children have acted in famous films , have remained in our imagination as eternal children, but fortunately in reality this is not the case. So we ask ourselves: how will they have become when they grow up ? Will they still work in the show or not?

Some have become successful actors and have continued their careers in this world, unlike others who have not had a peaceful professional life . Someone has abandoned the cinema and has even had problems with justice, someone else has had problems with addiction to alcohol and drugs.

Do you remember who is the baby star who played the role of the Little Lord or the little girl poisoned by her mother in the movie The Sixth Sense ? Will they have continued acting or have they changed their lives?

If you are curious to know what happened to the most famous children of the big screen, you cannot miss this gallery in which we will see them as children and adults .

Let ‘s find out how Hollywood’s baby stars became as adults:

1) Kristen Stewart

Many believe that the fame of Kristen Stewart, born in 1990, is linked to the Twilight vampire saga . Actually , her career began long before her, in particular after the film Panic Room , the 2002 thriller. But her love story with Robert Pattinson made millions of fans dream, too bad it’s over.

2) Haley Joel Osment

Haley Joel Osment, born in 1988, became famous thanks to the role of the child who was able to communicate with ghosts in the film The Sixth Sense . After the great success he tried to keep his career on the rise but with poor results . Today Haley continues to be an actor, with more modest roles, and a voice actor.

3) Dakota Fanning

Dakota, born in 1994, continues to be among the most requested actresses in Hollywood. From an early age she performed at home for her parents, improvising small plays and for her peers she acted in weekly shows in a local theater. Thanks to the advice of the owners of this one, Dakota’s parents take her to an agency for small actors.

4) Macaulay Culkin

The actor from Mamma I missed the plane , born in 1980, subsequently had numerous problems with his family, which led to the consumption of drugs and alcohol. In 2013 he was co-founder of the New York rock band , The Pizza Underground , of which he was the vocalist. Now Culkin is the editor and CEO of a satirical pop culture and podcast site called Bunny Ears .

5) Mischa Barton

Perhaps not everyone remembers that Mischa Barton before becoming a very famous actress with the role of Marissa Cooper in OC ., A rich and very problematic girl, had problems many years before in the film Sixth Sense , in which she played the little girl poisoned by her mother . Currently, between an addiction problem and a hospitalization and an arrest, she continues to be an actress but, seen as she was leaving Mr. Chow restaurant in Malibu, she appeared decidedly out of shape and very sloppy .

6) Scarlett Johansson

Few people know that Woody Alle ‘s muse , as well as the beautiful Natasha Romanoff, The Black Widow of the Avengers started acting at a very young age. In fact, the first important part of Scarlett Johansson, born in 1984, was next to the great Robert Redford in the famous film The Horse Whisperer .

7) Rick Schroder

Who hasn’t spent at least one Christmas in front of the television moving with the Little Lord . That blond bob and that sweet face were played by Rick Schroder , born in 1970. Currently his interpreter continues to be an actor for TV series but, in 2019, he was stopped by the authorities twice on charges of violence maid always on the same woman.

8) Henry Thomas

How to forget the little Elliot but who played his role? The child was Henry Thomas , born in 1971, lives in Los Angeles with his family and is involved in gardening , with two exceptions for the films Gangs of New York in 2002 and Wind of Passions in 1994. Thomas is also a musician in the band The Blueheelers. This actor also had some problems with justice . In fact, in October 2019, officers found him unconscious at the wheel while his car was parked in the middle of an intersection. After a night in the cell, he was released on bail.

9) Lindsay Lohan

The actress, born in 1986, began her ascent at a very young age but did not have the same luck as an adult. In fact, Lindsay, who started at 3 as a model and at 11 she started as an actress , was more in demand as a child than as an adult. In the last period she has often been in the eye of the storm because of her excesses.

10) Zac Efron

One of Disney Channel ‘s many famous faces , Zac Efron, born in 1987, continues to act , and has won the title of Most Hung Boy in Teenage Rooms. Among the curiosities : Efron turned to transcendental meditation to part with his role as serial killer Ted Bundy, and it seems that he tried Tinder but nobody believed his profile, thinking that he was a fake.