There is not little news about kidnappers who have kept their victims for long periods of time, believing that they can do with them whatever they want and reaffirm their power over them.
Already in 2008 the world was shocked to learn the story of what he was nicknamed “The Monster of Amstetten”. Joseph Fritzl had his own 11-year-old daughter kidnapped for more than 24 years in a cellar he had made in the basement of his house.
Throughout all this time, the girl was repeatedly raped by her father De Ella. To make the case even more twisted, he had seven children-grandchildren with his, one of whom died shortly after birth and was cremated in the garden of the house.
However, the Amstetten case is not the only one in which a kidnapped victim has had children with her captor. Also in 2007, the situation of Lorena del Colle Amestoy, who disappeared five years earlier and who had given birth to two children during her captivity, came to the fore.
Likewise, in 2014, in Santo Domingo, it was discovered that another girl had been kidnapped for twelve years ; her during which she gave birth to eight children, as a result of the constant violations to which she was subjected.
Far from seeming like isolated cases, this time it was the turn of a young woman of Romanian origin who moved to the small Italian town of Reggio Calabria.

A traffic control messed up the kidnapper’s plans
Aloisio Francesco Rosario Giordano, 52, was driving his vehicle when he was stopped for a routine traffic stop last weekend. When collating his data, the police discovered that the man had a record for a rape committed in 1995 and for domestic violence.
Due to his suspicious reaction, the police decided to go to his house, although Giordano tried to avoid it by claiming that the address on his identity document was not his current address and that it was changing from time to time. weather.

A hell under the house
Upon arrival at the scene, the carabinieri found that the basement of the house had become a kind of dungeon, home to a 29-year-old girl.The hole was populated by mice and all kinds of insects , it had no running water or electricity, there were buckets converted into improvised toilets and the bed was made of four badly stacked cardboard.
The girl spent all the time chained to a fixed metal post in the ground. Thus, it was easier for her captor to dispose of her when he wanted to rape her or hit her, it didn’t matter.
During her decade of captivity, she has had two children (one aged 3 and the other 9) who have witnessed all the abuse her mother has been subjected to. When the police burst into the basement, she found them covered in dirt and in a deplorable state of health; and it is that her mother has confessed that she has not received any medical assistance for her or her children.

who is the young
According to what has transpired thanks to the newspaper Il Corriere della sera, the kidnapped woman was, in her day, the caretaker of the kidnapper’s sick woman . When she died in 2007, taking advantage of the fact that the victim was unable to speak her language and that she had no one in her country, Aloisio locked her in her basement and prevented her from having any contact with the outside world. .

New charges for Giordano
In addition to his conviction in 1995, for which he was in prison until 1999, charges of abuse, slavery and sexual assault are now added. Surely, Giordano will spend a little time behind bars (and we hope it will be forever).