Siri is an iPhone assistant that came with the fourth version of these latest generation phones. Ideally, it was conceived as an assistant that will help users with search tasks for the different options of the mobile phone; as well as for dictation, writing and reading messages or, simply, to dial a phone number.
But the truth is that hardly anyone who owns an iPhone uses Siri for what it was made for, rather, users prefer to ask ridiculous questions to kill time and for fun. This happens because, beyond being an artificial intelligence, Siri is a pioneer in including a sense of humor and irony in her repertoire of responses., which gives rise to users displaying their creative capacity when asking the assistant. 25 Fun Questions You Can Ask Siri
Here’s a good method to beat boredom, nothing more and nothing less than a battery 25 questions to kill time with Siri: 1. Do you prefer Mac or Windows
Apple engineers made sure Siri ‘s response to this question was far from impartial but sharp. Good self-promotional move. 2. Do you love me?
If you’re trying to lift your spirits in your depressed moments, you better not look to Siri for a comforting answer. What awaits you is quite the opposite: a whoop! In all rules. 3. Will you marry me
There are people who have married cars, stuffed animals or pillows. Fortunately, for these poor devils none of their fetishes had a voice; had they been, they probably would have gotten some sharp dodge like the ones Siri provides. 4. Does God Exist
As artificially intelligent as it is, Siri doesn’t get into this kind of mess. The truth is that it is something more reasonable than what we humans do . 5. What are you wearing
? Do you have a horny top that does not go away even under a cold shower?
Sorry, Siri is not for your erotic games , so she will probably give you a door, just like the girls you enter the discos. 6. Who is the best assistant
As we said before, the workers of the bitten apple do not miss the opportunity to “self-high five” for being the market leaders in mobile telephony. 7. Do you have a boyfriend Single men
and women who wish can practice with Siri. But, take note: Siri will not agree to go out with you or find you a partner , that is clear. Instead, she’ll opt for some clever way out. 8. Do you have a pet
We do not know if any animal could be in the care of the Siri assistant, but just in case, it is better that this remains unknown. 9. Hi Jarvis
Okay, it’s not a question, it’s true. Still, calling Siri by the name of Tony Stark’s assistant (aka Iron Man, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies) will make the AI ​​play along and call us by the playboy philanthropist’s name. 10. “Knock, knock” Siri is also capable of telling us jokes that, although we think we know and have heard ad nauseam, sometimes have an unexpected ending. 11. Take me to your leader
Typical movie phrase that you can use, to see what the impertinent voice tells you. 12. What is your favorite Netflix series
Although it may not seem like it, the iPhone assistant has updated data in its memory about the latest trendsin series. 13. Are you stupid
Insulting an intelligent machine is not always a wise decision. Be careful, because the answer can leave you dumbfounded. 14. What is your opinion of Android
A new opportunity for Apple to show off its superiority over the competition. 15. What is the meaning of life?
In the same way that Siri prefers not to get into debates about the existence of God , she is not too much in favor of discussing other existentialist issues. 16. What is love Beyond a dictionary definition and a scathing comment , we can get little more from Siri about this feeling that has been discussed so much.17. What is your favorite color?
Our beloved Siri does not have too many preferences, after all, she is nothing more than a machine. 20. Are you a virgin
? Who will answer us
? Place your bets! 21. What is the best phone
If you have read some of the previous questions about “What is better
”, surely you are able to deduce where the shots are going to go. The truth is that the reply that Siri gives us is hilarious. 22. What is your opinion of death
? What can an artificial intelligence say about something that is so alien to it? A bit of sarcasm served in a simple answer. 23. I need to hide a body, what do I do?
Good luck if you expect the most badass Iphone assistant to help you with your plans to evade justice. 24. Who is your favorite person
Maybe this time, if you want to give yourself a self-esteem boost , Siri will answer something you like. 25. Who is the most beautiful?
Although she is nothing more than circuits, Siri seems to have a very developed sense of her ego.