New York Fashion Week has officially ended. Now it is the turn of London Fashion Week to show the Made in Europe collections of the new 2022-23 look. On the platform, in fact, the best shows of the great artists for next year’s autumn-winter fashion were staged. Hoping that in a year the pandemic will be at least limited to a few cases.

London Fashion Week: between lost freedom and prudence

London grabs the palindrome date that fascinates everyone, that is 22.02.22 which actually concludes the fashion show in the British capital. Started on February 18, London Fashion Week tells us, amidst flashes of mysterious figures and extravagances, how the British will dress in the next autumn-winter 2022-2023. And why should we imitate them too! If New York aimed at returning to the ancient, London wants to look to the future and do it with the intensity of the emotion of a theater . The “theatricality” and the representation are the absolute protagonists of an event, together with the inclusion and acceptance of every person and every idea.

White-color contrasts and still fashionable cuts

In London, the fun and irreverent contrast between absolute white and absolute color wins. Many, especially the Asian designers who have their kingdom here, show off white and use it to play with the idea of ​​”cold” for next autumn-winter. At the same time they defy that cold (look for example Yuhan Wang ‘s mesh dress or Halpern  ‘s cut-out garments or finally Rocha ‘s retro style ), still celebrating the cuts on the garments and the artfully made lacerations.

As a counterpoint, the bright colors appear, very “eighties pop” (for example wild fuchsia!) Which, if they are better suited to the cut-out , seem to want to create confusion, after the celebration of the purity of the single color. Fortunately, as we know, London is the home of transgression and rebellion, so nothing surprises that much. 

And so here is the inclusion that opens the door to models with slightly more “free” measurements, to excessive dresses and oversized sparkles. Eventually the austere elegance recovers more and more space , with geometries and ordered visions of severe and very British style clothes.

The stars and the new discoveries of London Fashion Week

The catwalks of the “grown-ups” saw the pure and perfect ideas of Richard Quinn parade , and again the celebratory white of 16arlington , to commemorate the founder of the brand who died recently. He keeps his distance and shows only online, but with the usual determination, Vivienne Westwood . The models of Eudon Choi and Edward Crutchley play with fuchsia, purple, red and tears  . On the other hand, the Erdem parade is more elegant , which brings back with their feet on the ground those who lived the happy circus of the event.

Among the new names that are imposing themselves on the European fashion scene this year, Halpern and Nensi Dojaka certainly stand out . The latter, in her message, still uses the cut-out, but makes it something chic, no longer just a popular message. Under a suit the transparent bra shows itself and does not hide. And the evening dress is crocheted, with an intriguing see-through! Harris Reed is also worth keeping an eye on , with collections that wink at the theme of “environmental sustainability” and that of inclusiveness.

If today no one can be scandalized anymore in front of the marvelous “fluid beings” that tread the scenes, there is endless material to use for the inspirations of the designers of the future. Simone Rocha , daughter of John Rocha, is another name that marks the most intriguing news of a London fashion week that does not disappoint the expectations of those present.