Male tattoos: the new trends told for you

After the most popular female tattoos of the moment,  in this post I will talk to you about male tattoos .

Yes, because the tattoo is always a personal choice and depends on one’s tastes, which often differ according to the person’s sex. Furthermore, according to some interviews with tattoo enthusiasts , it seems that there are not a few who choose the tattoo to be done according to the current fashion and obviously the difference between trends related to female tattoo and that of male tattoo  seems to be clear.

But let’s see immediately which are the most sought after male tattoos of the moment!

Male tattoo: tattoo styles to choose from

Today there are different tattoo styles from which to take inspiration for your male tattoo:

  • Japanese tattoos, such as koi and geisha carp;
  • Chinese tattoos, among which the dragons are very popular with men;
  • Old School or Traditional Tattoos, still very fashionable today;
  • Tribal tattoo, born precisely from the indigenous tribes and among the most tattooed today;
  • Realistic tattoos, with a deep and personal meaning;
  • Tattoo lettering, that is written on your skin and also with a deep personal meaning;
  • Polynesian tattoos, still a men’s favorite today;

Now let’s review the most designed male tattoos today. Keep following our special dedicated to the world of tattoos!

Tattoo man: the coolest are still and marine-themed tattoos

One of the evergreens among men’s tattoos that will never go out of fashion is the anchor tattoo .

In fact, the nautical theme seems to never want to be out of fashion, and indeed acquires greater popularity over time, almost as if it were a vintage style of male tattoo.

Tattoo curiosity again: meaning

What does the anchor tattoo mean?

The anchor  has an important significance in the art of navigation. In fact, since ancient times it was considered a symbol of salvation . In general, those who decide to tattoo the anchor , want to tattoo those values ​​that are very strong today in the world of boating and the navy: in fact the anchor represents salvation and hope , which in the past were terms linked to the return of sailors from the sea after a fishing trip or an exploration mission.

Furthermore, as an object, the anchor communicates safety , since it is an object that allows the ship to anchor to the ground.

What are the most tattooed marine-themed designs?

Obviously, in addition to the tattoos with the anchor , those with the rudders are very popular today, the famous tattoo with the wind rose, waves, compasses and marine animals, such as fish, dolphins, sharks, and so on.

Now let’s see together the meaning of some of these.

Compass rose tattoo: meaning and origins

Another very popular man tattoo is the wind rose . In fact it is one of the most tattooed designs ever among men and, among male tattoos, one of my favorites.

But what is the meaning of the compass rose tattoo?

The wind rose is represented by  an eight-pointed star , where each of them indicates the 4 cardinal points and the types of wind: the Tramontana, the Grecale, the Levante, the Scirocco, the Ostro, the Libeccio, the Ponente and the Mistral.

This tattoo has been in vogue for many years and has ancient origins: it was usually tattooed for sailors.

The meaning of this tattoo is clear: it indicates adventure, a sense of freedom , and like that of the anchor, a sense of protection and safety , since in the past it helped sailors in their work.

Source: Pinterest

Another fashion among men (and not only): dog tattoos

Another trend among men’s tattoos , however sugary it may seem, is certainly that of indelibly tattooing the face of your family furry friend on the skin . In fact, more and more children choose to bring their four-legged friends on their skin.

Among the most beautiful: the dog paw tattoo

Among the man tattoos in vogue and related to the canine world are those that depict the paw of a dog (which can also be the footprint of your puppy).

But what is the meaning of this tattoo?

The dog has always been considered man’s best friend and the choice to get a paw tattoo can certainly mean one’s desire for love and loyalty . In addition, this type of tattoo is also in vogue among girls!

Heart tattoos

Yes, because today’s men are so romantic and dedicated to love before reason, that they decide en masse to tattoo the most important organ on their skin, to remind themselves and others what comes first, what their priority is.

Heart tattoos are among the most tattooed ever, among boys and girls all over the world!

Ambassador of tattoos with the heart: Francesco Monte who has one tattooed on his right arm!

A love on the skin

Yes, not only dogs and cats but also loves, those of a lifetime, those that make you lose your mind and that change your life forever, even if it ends.

Also in this case we have a strong ambassador on the subject: Stefano De Martino,  who in fact decided to carry on his skin the effigy of the ex and much loved wife Belen Rodriguez .

But not only Stefano, another VIP who fell into the temptation to tattoo his woman’s face on his body was Fabrizio Corona, engaged to one of the two Donatellas at the time, then left.

Male tattooed areas

Whatever the theme behind the choice of tattoo, the common thread that unites all these different types is the place where more and more men decide to get tattooed, that is arm and forearm , two of the most tattooed male areas ever. Other heavily tattooed areas are  the shoulders, legs (especially the calves) and the back .

Then everything is left to the imagination and tastes of the person, who can decide to tattoo one area of ​​the body rather than another.