Over the years, Kate Middleton has become a true style icon . We could almost call her an influencer, but she doesn’t need social media or advertising contributions. What Kate is experiencing is a fairytale in the real world, ever since she married Prince William , effectively joining the most famous royal family in the world.

She has no real origins but has shown that she is fully part of that world , despite the numerous rules to which she must comply, which put her in a slight difficulty immediately after the wedding. During the lockdown she again showed how influential her style is , making the clothes she wore sell out.

The Dukes of Cambridge in videoconference

Obviously, during the quarantine, Kate and William’s public appearances were almost nil, after the last one at the London Ambulance Service in Croydon. They then had themselves immortalized inside Kensington Palace, where they went through solitary confinement . 

In the post in which the Dukes of Cambridge are seen we read that ” in the last few weeks [..] they have been in regular contact with organizations and patrons to understand the problems they are facing in this difficult time “. Kate and then appeared in numerous videoconferences in which her fans were again impressed by her outfits , elegant and often low cost, triggering what has been called the “Kate effect”.

“Kate effect”

It is not the first time that Kate Middleton fans have been enchanted by the clothes she wears, elegant but never committed. The Duchess rarely dresses signed, as is customary for royalty , and she is easily guaranteed the admiration of her subjects. After the videoconferences during the lockdown, the clothes she wore quickly sold out, from the simplest and cheapest to the most expensive ones.

In short, it seems that the clothes Kate wears are destined to run out on the shops rather quickly. This particular phenomenon has been called the ” Kate Effect by journalist and writer Caroline Jones who has published a book called so where you collect 40 of the outfits that have made the Duchess a style icon.