Breast augmentation: what it is, tips and costs, in the post by Fashionaut

Aesthetic medicine has made great strides in breast augmentation in recent years.

In fact, cosmetic surgery treatment is the most requested by women and there is a reason why. The results are immediate and long-term , finally giving you the shape you want. What is this operation, how is it done and what are the costs? Let’s find out together in this in-depth study dedicated to plastic surgery, contained in our Mind & Body category .

Breast augmentation: what is it?

Breast augmentation is an aesthetic medicine operation that is recommended if you have:

  • small breasts;
  • lost weight, but now the volume of the skin is left, or you have lost tone;
  • loss of firmness due to pregnancy or breastfeeding;
  • one breast larger or smaller than the other, causing asymmetry;

Do you want to finally feel beautiful and have firm breasts ? Breast augmentation allows you to do it!

The operation consists in inserting breast implants into the breast. The implants contain silicone and are added with a small incision around the mammary halo. In the past it was also used to pass the axilla, but now it is done more safely. With drainage, post-operative complications are also avoided.

To do this, you will have general anesthesia , so you will not feel anything. The surgery takes about an hour, an hour and a half.

Breast augmentation: 10 tips

What are the tips for getting a perfect breast augmentation? Here are 10 very useful tips:

  • Do not ask for breast augmentation if you are a minor. The doctor can’t do it to you. In addition to the law, there is another reason. If you are growing, you risk that your breasts will grow after mammoplasty, creating complications. Wait until you are of greater age and your breasts are fully formed, then you will think about mammoplasty!
  • Tell your doctor right away if you take any medications. If you have a mammoplasty, the doctor who follows you for this operation must know all the medicines you take and the therapies you follow;
  • Do not eat or drink before the surgery. The specialist will give you the exact times and will help you manage everything in the best way;
  • Choose comfortable clothing on the day of the surgery. Use a shirt with buttons or zip that is easy to open without moving your arms too much. Avoid sudden movements immediately after and just before the operation.
  • Choose the doctor based on his titles. Verify that the doctor is licensed and operates in a reputable company. Cosmetic surgery specialists may have a practice and then work at a private clinic or hospital.
  • Ask about the material that will be implanted. The doctor has several silicone models. Choose the higher quality one, even if they may have a higher cost.
  • Get followed up after the surgery. The specialist will visit you after the surgery to ensure your safety. If you feel sick in the hours following the surgery, don’t be afraid to contact the surgeon right away and save his number on your cell phone.
  • Use the support bra. It is a support for the breast that has just undergone the surgery. Use this bra to recover faster and make sure your breasts look perfect.
  • Do not do physical activity for the first 3 weeks. For the first 3 weeks after surgery, do not do any physical activity, then switch to light activity.
  • Eat lightly after surgery. In this way, you will be able to recover faster and you will immediately feel better.

Breast augmentation: costs

The costs of breast augmentation range from 5,000 to 10 thousand euros. The cost can be requested from the doctor after the first visit. Obviously, we strongly recommend that you rely on state-of-the-art facilities and doctors, even if this involves an increase in costs. But surely yours will benefit, and you can immediately show off your new curves!