For everything to work, start the morning with a smile and coffee. In addition, you can make your loved ones smile by sending them beautiful text messages in the morning on Facebook or via SMS.

Such cheerful wishes will help you to recharge with optimism and provoke good mood in those around you. The morning will simply pass with an explosion of positive emotions.

Here are collected the most beautiful messages of good morning, funny and emotional, with the help of which you can wish a wonderful day to your friends and family. A beautiful good morning message will energize everyone!

Good morning messages (long)

Wish your loved ones a good start to the day with the help of these long morning text messages and the mood of the recipients will improve immediately.

   Have a good, positive, happy morning! Let this day begin successfully and bring with it a series of good news, happy events, pleasant meetings, warm smiles, brilliant ideas, bold plans, right decisions and worthy successes. I wish you aromatic coffee and attractiveness. Good luck for the whole day!

   Good morning, wonderful man! I hope that this new day will start with something pleasant, that this morning will give you a confident and cheerful mood, so that today you can make all your plans a reality. May luck follow you right in the morning and this day be rich in joy, delight and fun!

   Good morning and good mood. Let your morning start like in a good Disney fairy tale, where the birds chirp, where the stream flows quietly, where the flowers bloom. I wish you a great day with great ideas, brilliant emotions, bold decisions and high results. Remember that only we are the creators of our own life. And I want you to have an incredibly good day.

   Clear sky, happy smile and pleasant awakening for you! May this morning be one of the thousands kindest and happiest! Let the health boil in the body, and let the harmony spread in the soul and the music resound in the head! Look how beautiful the world is, how beautiful the trees are, how the birds sing loudly, the sky is high and the world is covered in sunlight! Let your heart be filled with the song of the universe – pleasant and full of love!

   Let this good morning bring you only positive, good luck and be really good! I wish you to start this day with a delicious and healthy breakfast, which will fill you with energy and liveliness for the whole day! Let all the goals set! The main thing is to smile brightly and just take steps forward!

   I want to wish you the best and brightest morning! Let the hot, fragrant cup of coffee be served in your bed and the fluffy, fluffy breakfast cake will wake you up! Let the sun’s rays make its way through the curtains and paint a happy smile on your face! May the new day bring you a lovely mood and warmth! Good morning!

The latest morning text messages on coffee

In this list we have collected the latest morning wishes for coffee. They are sincere and beautiful and will delight their loved ones, whether the morning is sunny or rainy.

   Good morning! May the day be warm and bright, may it bring you satisfaction and joy, may all that has been planned be done. I wish you positive emotions and great mood!

   Good morning and pleasant awakening. I wish you a wonderful and sunny mood for the whole day, strength, a feeling of joy and optimism.

   Morning! May everything work today, good luck from morning till night.

   Good morning! Let it start with good news and a cheerful mood, with a warm smile and a delicious breakfast, with a wonderful goal and absolute confidence in your success. Good luck from the first minutes of the morning until the evening!

   Good morning! Have a great day, a wonderful mood! Let the morning sun charge you with positive energy for the whole day!

   Morning! May everything you have planned work today! Amazing ideas and great events to visit! Smile!

   Good morning! Let the day enjoy you with good things, pleasant surprises and happy meetings, and let your mood be wonderful. I wish all your plans come true 100%!

   I wish you a very good and wonderful morning, a great mood and a bright smile for the whole day!

   May this morning start easily, happily, happily and successfully!

   May the beginning of the day be successful and the day itself bear much fruit from your work, inspiration and perseverance!

   Morning is the best time of day when it is laid. Be kind, affectionate and pleasant!

   Let every action, even a small one, bring you great joy! With good thoughts, good luck! Good morning!

I wish you a successful and good start to the day, positive meetings, optimistic news, excellent health, smiles and joy! Good morning!

   Good morning! I wish you a wonderful mood, a delicious breakfast, incredible inspiration, confident vigor, aspirations and good luck. May the whole world belong to you today!

Funny good morning messages

The whole day depends on the mood in which the person wakes up in the morning. Therefore, every new day you should start on a positive note. You can prepare your favorite dish and flavored coffee to lift your mood and well-being, then you can send good morning comic SMS to your loved ones. Below you will find an interesting selection of good morning funny wishes.

 It’s  time to return to the world of incredible dreams in everyday life, where you will find not only a hot kiss instead of coffee, but also a warm hug instead of a cool shower! Good morning!

 🔴  Good morning! What a pity to wake you up! You sleep like a child, and my heart is full of tenderness and for a moment I forget how brave, persistent, strong you are and I try to protect you.

 🔴  Everyone is already in a hurry somewhere agitated. Only you, my bear cub, still can’t cope with your morning sleep and you can’t leave your lair comfortable. Wake up! Good morning!

 🔴  Honey, good morning! The alarm clock is already tired of ringing – wake up quickly and turn it off!

 🔴  Sleepy, I wish you a delicious breakfast, happy thoughts and a successful working day!

 🔴  In the morning he rushed to your bedroom and bathed you in sunlight, brought vigor with it, so that you could return to real life to embody your best dreams.

Good morning! Let the aroma of coffee get you out of bed, if the alarm clock couldn’t do that.

 🔴  Morning! Let the cold shower wash away the sticky sleep on you and let the sunlight open your eyelids!

 🔴  Get up, sleepy – do not sleep your happiness! The sooner you start the day, the more time you will have!

 🔴  Sunlight will touch your bed, and the sound of this message will disturb your peace. So suddenly your dream will end. Good morning!

 🔴  You know, the new day will not come to me without your smile… So, open your eyes faster and smile at me!

 🔴  A new day is knocking on the window and you’re still sleeping? Good morning, wake up and let’s smile!

 🔴  Wake up and smile! Only your smile always brings me a great mood!

 🔴  If you are already awake, maybe you will finally call your girlfriend ?!

Good morning messages for friends

Try to make a pleasant surprise to your friends right at sunrise, in the form of good morning messages for friends.

 😁  Good morning, happy mood! May the day start well! Even the smallest action can bring you brilliant results! Success, victories, inspiration!

 😁  I wish you a good and happy morning. To give you a wonderful mood, sincere emotions and a positive charge for the whole day.

 😁  Morning! I wish you fruitful work, pleasant rest, happy moments and happy feelings!

 😁  Good morning! I wish you a vigorous awakening, a delicious breakfast and excellent health. Let things go great and let everyone smile at you sincerely. A productive and fun day!

 😁  Good morning! May the inspiration come to you, may the sun give you a good mood and confidence that everything will be wonderful. Good luck, success, harmony and happiness all day long.

 😁  Good morning, a wonderful day! I wish you a sunny weather, a fruitful day and an efficient work.

 😁  Morning! Let all the plans come to fruition, let everything go according to plan and good luck to accompany you in all matters!

 😁  Good morning! May this wonderful new day bring you only happiness and positive, luck and enthusiasm, interesting meetings and pleasant surprises.

Morning! I wish you a wonderful mood, vigor and energy for new achievements, new discoveries and warmth. Get inspired and create!

 😁  I wish you the brightest, sunniest, happiest morning with the aroma of your favorite coffee, with a smell of happiness and inspiration.

 😁  Morning! May the great discoveries, success and victories await you today, may you be accompanied by an excellent mood and the love of your family until the evening.

 😁  Good morning everyone! May this morning begin for you with positive thoughts and gratitude for all that you have.

 😁  Morning! Get in the mood for the whole day. Good luck with all the efforts planned for today!

 😁  Honey, open your eyes slowly. Another day he stretches out his hand, coming secretly to visit. Good morning!

 😁  In the morning he has already prepared for the meeting with you: he has decorated the grass with dew, turned on the soft light of the new day and turned on the music of the birdsong. So hurry up and meet her, in the arms of romance and peace.

Good morning messages for her

These good morning SMS for her are a great way to cheer up your half. With a simple warning sign, you can change her attitude towards waking up early. Of course, she will not run happily at work, but when she wakes up, she will be much more willing.

 The long-awaited morning came with pearly dew and warm sun. Let the gentle wind play with your soft hair and take you on a fabulous, bright, new, loving day!

 Smile, darling, look out the window – the sun is shining incredibly brightly on you, the fluffy clouds are floating in the sky! Start the day well, because it will give you kindness and joy!

 I want to wish you a wonderful morning and an unusually good mood! Morning!

 The sun has risen to touch your face with the warm rays and to whisper “Good morning”. Wake up, love! A new day has come, I’m ready to pamper you again.

 Good morning, my dear and the most charming girl! May the morning sun give you a wonderful mood and bright hopes! Remember that my love will dispel all the clouds and your day will surely be a success!

 May your good and gentle morning bring you wonderful news and amazing encounters, delighting you every minute, leaving no time for boredom!

 I wish so much, my love, not to be sad this morning, waiting for me and anticipating the new joys.

 Honey, good morning! This sun appeared today just for you. It will shine for you and give you warmth, but it will also remind me of me and my feelings.

 May this wonderful day bring you only joy and a little story. Morning!

My beautiful and gentle, good morning! Your smile is warmer and brighter than the morning sun. May my love and fabulous mood be with you all day long!

 Honey, the morning is like you: just as fresh, fragrant, cloudless and promising! Let her be the best, give you a wonderful mood and bring you small and big joys!

➡ For  the morning to be good, you need, baby, to enlighten the world with your gentle smile. I wish you an easy awakening and a pleasant start to the day, because this is the key to success.

 I wish you, my dear, to wake up easily and get as much energy as possible from the aromatic coffee, from the landscape outside the window and, of course, from my love for you. Good morning, queen of my heart!

 In the morning she offers you her songs, enveloping you with freshness and trying to dispel the dream to remind you how beautiful the day is, ready to offer you her love.

 Let the morning coffee fill your whole house with aroma and your sleepy smile to light up the world. Good morning my dear!

Good morning messages for him

Magic words from these good morning wishes for him are able to give a load of joy and make it clear that you are not indifferent to a person.

👦  My dear, wake up, good morning! Go ahead – to make your dreams come true!

👦  Morning! Load up on a men’s breakfast, strong coffee and sandwiches: you’ll need strength to reach your goals. May the results be easily obtained today, and may your boss reward you for your diligence! In the end, I wish you a good evening after a hard day!

👦  My dear! You’re still sleeping, but it’s time to wake you up and look at you. You are so calm, sweet and smiling in your sleep. I want every morning to bring you a happy day, full of warmth, light and affection.

👦  I will hug you, kiss you and wish you good morning! It’s time to get up, baby!

👦  My sweetie! It’s time to wake up. I hope you had beautiful, sweet dreams. And now the next day begins. To be interesting, informative, to bring something new, unusual, unexpected and only good. Good morning!

👦  A new day has come! Good morning! Let the gentle rays of the sun caress you, and let the freshness of the morning enter the house, spreading happiness everywhere!

👦  Be confident in yourself, and good luck on the wings of the flight to bring you a worthy result. Let the enchanting purity of the fresh air give you a new breath and strength for new achievements. Good morning!

👦  Good morning, my miracle bright, sweet and gentle! Wake up! Make this day bright, give warmth and sunshine to those around you, and be confident!

I wish  you strength and energy to implement your plans, and that “today” will not be overshadowed by anything! I kiss you! Good morning!

👦  My dear, wake up! I know you don’t like that word. But many things are waiting for you!

👦  Welcome to a new day! I wonder what we will do today? I want something active. Let this day teach us something new. So, facts and adventures are waiting for us!

Good morning messages

Sometimes you want to say good morning to someone, but you don’t have enough words. In these cases, take inspiration from the good morning text examples below.

  • Good morning! May your day be as wonderful as the beginning.
  • Morning! May at least one of your little wishes come true today.
  • May the day be sunny and productive and leave you with a good memory! Morning!
  • With the first ray of sunshine, the morning beats us at the window every day. Good morning, have a nice, positive day!
  • Let this morning begin with pleasant words, warm hugs and sunny smiles, with a feeling of happiness and love!
  • May this day be the beginning of something great and beautiful. Only happiness and good morning!
  • Good morning, with vigor, with good mood, with new hope, with great joy!
  • Morning! I wish you to meet this day with confidence and joy and to spend it successfully and beautifully! May everything work out for you and good luck early in the morning!
  • I wish you good morning, an inspiring mood, excellent weather outside the window, good health, lots of ideas and aspirations for today.
  • Morning! Good luck to accompany you everywhere, to want to sing, dance and smile all day long!
  • Open your eyes as soon as possible, the long-awaited morning has arrived. I wish you to start the day with a smile and good mood.
  • Let this morning be interesting and exciting and, most importantly, bring you happiness and good mood.
  • May everything go well today and work. Good morning!
  • I wish you the most kind, cheerful, happy, beautiful, gentle, sweet and wonderful morning.
  • I look forward to starting your journey in the morning to reach your goal and to enjoy life to the fullest.
  • Good morning! May your heart be full of inspiration from the first minutes of dawn and spend your day under the motto of luck.
  • I want you to dream boldly, to act and to reach your goal. And don’t forget to smile while drinking your favorite coffee. Morning!

Morning love messages for girlfriend / boyfriend

Morning is a small holiday, and the first person you think of is the reason for your happiness. Make sure you share this fun mood with your partner by sending the best morning love messages to your girlfriend or boyfriend.

 😎  Good morning, the most beautiful, charming, unique and loved! May this day be as good as your heart, as warm as your soul, and as happy as your divine smile.

 😎  Morning! Let the aroma of your favorite coffee fill your morning with joy, the day with positivity, and in the evening with satisfaction. I love you!

 😎  Good morning, sun. I wish you excellent health and the best of moods.

 😎  My joy, may this day start happily and easily, may luck float in your hands even in the morning and help you in the implementation of your plans.

 😎  Good luck all day long, and my tenderness and love will be near. Good morning!

 😎  Good morning, my sun! May this morning be as sunny as yours.

 I wish  you to spend your day happy and with a warm smile on your face, so that every second will bring you joy and give you a lot of positive emotions!

 😎  Good morning to my gentle and sleepy princess! I hope you slept soundly and rested well before starting a new day!

 😎  May the rays of the warm sun not let you lose your heart and cheer you up today! Good morning, love!

 😎  Good morning, my delicate flower, my angel! I want to wish you a delicious breakfast, an incredible inspiration and a huge load of liveliness for the whole day.

 😎 May  this day be useful, interesting, enjoyable, kind, successful and happy for you, my dear!

 😎  Good morning, my dear and beloved. Open your eyes, get out of bed and amaze this world with your kindness.

 😎  I wish you a delicious breakfast, good morning emotions and a huge boost of energy for the whole day. Morning! I miss!

 😎  May your plans be carried out easily! I believe in you and I love you! Good morning!

Motivational messages for morning coffee

Let the beginning of the day be kind, beautiful and full of optimism, opting for these motivational messages for morning coffee.

😎  Let this warm morning start with good things!

😎  Oh, what a morning! Everything is just for you! Make yourself an invigorating coffee or make yourself a strong tea and… fall in love with the new day.

😎  When the sun rises, you wake up and do the usual things – I admire you. How lucky I am to have you!

😎  Good morning! The birds want to sing to you, and the earth wants to make you happy with the new day! You deserve the best!

😎  Good morning, I hope that at least this afternoon we will dream together. Wake up quickly and come to me! Surprise me, my treasure.

😎  Good morning, everything will be wonderful for you today!

This warm  morning is a gift from life and it should be wonderful! Smile on the new day with your gorgeous smile and reveal the purity of your tender soul!

😎  I hasten to wish you good morning. Let the day begin with a smile and joy!

😎  Nature wakes up quietly and the new day rushes towards people… Wake up! Have a warm morning and let the beginning of a new day be the beginning of your wonderful mood.

😎  Good morning! Good day and good health! I want you to know – when you’re not with me, I’ll keep my fists on you anyway. I look forward to the evening!

😎  Let this morning start for you with a smile and a cup of aromatic coffee, and the day will bring you many joys, positivity and kindness.

😎  I think of you every minute and let my thoughts about you charge you with energy and good mood for the whole day! Morning!

😎  I want you to realize that when you wake up, lie down and smile at the new dawn, that this new day awaits you impatiently, because it has prepared many pleasant surprises for you.

😎  May this morning be very rich and kind, so that you do not have time to get bored.

😎  Morning! Have success and prosperity so that, falling asleep tonight, you will smile again.

Good morning romantic messages

When there is no way to wake up next to your loved one and make them coffee, you can replace the small actions with good morning romantic messages. Attention in itself deserves to be appreciated!

  I opened the window and was greeted by a sunny morning, which reminded me of your smile . The sun was shining so brightly, and I remembered your eyes. And the morning breeze was so gentle that I remembered your lips. I miss you so much. Come to me. Good morning.

 💘  Good morning, my love! I wish you a sweet awakening and a wonderful mood! May the happy smile shine on your face all day long and be a day of luck, inspiration, delight and celebration!

 💘  Morning! I embrace you and send you my greetings with kisses and the aroma of invigorating coffee.

 💘  Good morning. Open your eyes faster and enjoy the new day. I love you madly and with all my heart I wish your “today” to be excellent.

 💘  Morning, love! Let laziness and longing stay away from you. Instead, smile and tenderness to accompany you from morning to evening.

 💘  My swallow, my sun, my beauty, good morning! To bring you inspiration and joy, a wonderful mood and a great desire to do great things.

 I wish  you a happy and successful day, a pleasant and warm evening… by my side. Morning!

 💘  My dear, loved and unique, I wish you a very good morning, great mood, wonderful inspiration, incredible joy, strong aspiration, notes of optimism and great luck!

 💘  Good morning, my sunshine. Get up quickly and enlighten the whole world with your warmth and good aura.

 💘  My joy, I wish you a wonderful mood from the first minutes of the morning and a wonderful day in all its bright colors. Only happy moments!

 💘  Good morning! Your smile is brighter than the sun, and your eyes are more charming than the sky. I wish you a healthy and productive day.

 💘  Morning, my love! Let the weather favor you and everything go well.

Positive messages this morning

A good mood is a great start to the day. This can be ensured by positive morning messages sent to loved ones.

   Good morning! Have a nice day and great health! Smile, you will have a day full of events, joys and pleasant things!

   Let the freshness of the morning bring you a lot of new impressions and ideas!

   Good morning, congratulations on the start of a new day. May it be successful and impressive to you.

   Let the new meetings and events this morning make your day more beautiful!

   Morning! Let the rays of the morning sun caress your soul!

   Good morning. Let it start cheerfully and energetically, let the gentle rays of the sun beat on your window from the first minutes of the morning and let the inspiration settle in your heart.

   Open your eyes and enjoy a wonderful morning! Be kind, light and colorful!

   Start your morning with a smile and you will surely enjoy this day! I wish you much success, much joy and new achievements!

   Good morning! Let her start with a light happiness and a sweet anticipation of a beautiful day.

   Morning! Good mood and well-being, smart ideas and plans. Let everything that was designed work, meet the right people, and get important issues resolved.

   Smile, a wonderful day is coming! Good morning!

   Good morning. Let it start with the pleasant aroma of your favorite coffee, the verse of your favorite song, the bright smiles of your loved ones.

   I wish you happiness in the morning, in which there is no rush, boredom and special energy consumption. May this morning inspire you to great success.

   Good morning! Be really good and beautiful! I wish you to wake up from the birdsong and the bright light of the gentle sun!

   Let the morning bring you something new and be full of optimism and discoveries! Morning!

   Good morning! It’s time to get out of bed and light up this world with your smile.

   I wish you a happy mood and absolute confidence that everything will work out for sure. Let this morning be a good start to your bright and successful day!

Nice morning messages

One of these nice morning text messages sent to the person you care about and think about will help ensure a good mood. But best of all, have a great start to the day for all your loved ones!

 🛎  I wish you a very good and wonderful morning, a sweet awakening and great goals, a magical mood and vigor!

 🛎  I wish you excellent well-being and a lot of inspiration, amazing energy and a surge of strength. Good morning!

 🛎  Good morning. Get rid of laziness and boredom, smile immediately and believe that everything will be the way you want it!

 🛎  A funny and fascinating story will start this morning! I wish you vigor and strength, inspiration and good mood, sincere smiles and pleasant emotions.

Good morning! A new day will soon begin, so let it be exceptionally successful and give you a happy mood!

 🛎  May the incredibly pleasant and positive events happen today! Wake up to know the new and the good!

 🛎  On this wonderful morning, I hasten to wish you a good mood and a special inspiration, with which you will conquer all the peaks, you will easily cope with all your business, you will have time everywhere, and until the evening you will be left with a feeling of absolute pleasure.

 🛎  The world woke up, the sun woke up, nature washed itself with cold dew. Wake up and smile to the new day. May this day be good and happy.

 🛎  May this morning bring you joy, good weather and pleasant communication with the people around you.

 🛎  My happiness, wake up and enjoy this wonderful morning! Let every moment bring you only a positive and extraordinary mood!

Good morning! I wish you to get out of bed with joy, all business to be completed successfully, and the day to be full of smiles, laughter, kindness, love, happiness and success!

 I hasten  to wish you good morning. May the day begin with a smile and joy, may there be no doubt and disappointment in it, and may the inner strength, confidence and dream of your heart lead you to the path of luck and happiness.

 Remember  that the morning of “today” is the starting time for the next victories. Morning!

Simple messages in the morning, after the days of the week

Don’t miss the opportunity to say good morning to your loved ones. Sometimes these little attentions can change their lives for the better. Here are some simple morning texts, categorized by day of the week:

Monday messages

  • I wish you good morning! Let your eyes shine, and on Monday you may enjoy pleasant prospects.
  • A wonderful start to Monday! Let’s start with a smile and a good mood, with ideas and inspirations.
  • I wish you vigor in the morning, a feeling of happiness and love, great plans for Monday and their successful implementation.

Tuesday messages

  • Good morning! May everything planned for Tuesday come true. Smile, be in a good mood and be positive!
  • I wish you a fruitful Tuesday and the conquest of new peaks! Good morning and a clear day! May the awakening be joyful and happy.
  • I wish you the best and most wonderful Tuesday morning that will give you a playful mood, a desire to turn the mountains upside down and reach your goal! Untiring strength, excellent health and wonderful weather outside.

Wednesday messages

  • I wish you a very good Wednesday morning and a happy awakening. May the dawn bring you many victories and optimism, may the day pass successfully and easily, may your mood and health be great, and may the evening delight you with a cheerful and relaxing rest!
  • I wish you good morning and good mood. Let the freshness of the morning give you inspiration, and let the smile help you choose a successful path for the whole day on Wednesday!
  • Good morning! Have a productive day and achievable goals. May Wednesday bring you bright emotions, and may the weather outside be beautiful!

Thursday messages

  • Good morning. Today I want you to sing and smile, to believe in yourself and your strength, and to justify your hope. Enjoy your whole day on Thursday morning.
  • Good morning! Let the sun give you a bright mood and inspire you for a wonderful Thursday!
  • May all today’s meetings be productive and all business be successfully completed! Morning!

Friday messages

  • On this sunny, serene, wonderful Friday morning, I wish you to feel all its charm and beauty! Every insignificant detail should bring you joy and add a beautiful image in the world called “Life”!
  • I want you to wake up with a great mood, a smile on your face and bright eyes. Open your eyelids as soon as possible and meet the new Friday full of surprises!
  • Good morning! Wake up, cheer up and get to work!

Saturday messages

  • Have a good and happy morning! Open your eyes as soon as possible and breathe the air of happiness, charge yourself with positivity and energy, move on and do noble and good deeds.
  • Good morning. Wake up quickly and go for your dream, even if it’s Saturday. I want you to start the morning with a smile and a great mood, high goals and incredible inspiration.
  • Good morning! Let the sun’s rays warm you and inspire you. Great mood for the whole day ahead!

Sunday messages

  • May every morning be sunny, bright, calm, sincere, fragrant and, of course, good!
  • Have a nice Sunday morning! Start the day with a smile and a little lazy.
  • Morning! Strength, enthusiasm, aspiration and inspiration on your favorite day of the week!