From past to present, the wedding dresses of many famous women remain a dream of timeless elegance and sophistication. Designed by famous stylists and designers, they are true icons of timeless style .

Are you close to celebrating your wedding or are you simply curious to see the most beautiful and particular wedding dresses that have made history?

Lace , beads , long trains , enriched beautiful women who on their wedding day did not enchant only their future husbands. From the United States to France, from 1950 to today, the elegance of these wedding dresses will remain timeless.

Liz Taylor , Princess Grace , are just some of the timeless beauties that many women can still be inspired by when choosing their wedding dress.

Some you already know them, for others we will brush up your memory, others will surprise you for the first time.

Let’s find out together the 10 most beautiful wedding dresses in history :

1) Jacqueline Lee Bouvier

Let’s start this ranking with the timeless elegance of one of the most loved and most acclaimed first ladies of all time: Jacqueline Lee Bouvier . The future wife of the late President of the United States JF Kennedy . And 1953 when the very elegant Jacqueline wears her timeless wedding dress. A wide sweetheart neckline for her bustier and a balloon draped skirt all enriched with delicate fabric flowers sewn all over her dress. The creation was made by a stylistmuch appreciated and known among the American aristocrats of the time: the African American Ann Lowe .

2) Elizabeth Taylor

The purple-eyed diva, the gorgeous Liz Taylor , wore a fantastic dress at her first wedding. The actress has collected 8 weddings during her life, but the dress that today remains a dream for many women and the one she wore during her first wedding , at only 18 years old, with the rich heir of the Hilton, the young Conrad Hilton jr . Elizabeth’s dress, in silk satin decorated with pearls and lace inserts , becomes a style icon from the first shot. It was designed by Helen Rose , the costume designer and leading designer of the Metro Goldwyn Mayer film house .

3) Grace Kelly

We remember the wedding dress of Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly . Her splendid dress was also made by costume designer Helen Rose and not only Prince Rainier enchanted. Her dress worn in 1956 consisted of a lace top and under bodice , joined with two overlapping skirts with a slight train tail .

4) Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton ‘s dress is certainly royal. Designed taking inspiration from that of the Princess of Monaco , the dress is the work of the designer Sarah Burton . The bodice with sweetheart neckline and embellished by the choice of macrame lace and on the wide silk skirt have been embroidered with elegant floral decorations .

5) Diana Spencer

The dress of Diana Spencer , future wife of Prince Charles of England , was certainly the most beautiful ever in the 1900s. Her ivory silk taffeta dress with wide puffed sleeves was decorated with lace , pearls and sequins and was designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel .

6) Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got married in May 2014 in Florence, at Forte Belvedere. The beautiful Kim’s dress left everyone breathless. The dress by Givenchy and mermaid and highlights the curves of the star , moreover, and decorated with lace and laces, even if her back was uncovered. The veil present but however long it was designed not to appear “intrusive”.

7) Poppy Delevingne

The beautiful actress Poppy Delevingne (sister of the equally famous Cara Delevingne) chose for her wedding with her boyfriend James Cook a very elegant floral dress, but also a bit hippy, signed Emilio Pucci . The star also wore another Chanel designer dress, but this, for sure, is the more original of the two. It is not often, in fact, to see a star getting married in a color other than white.

Photo: Pinterest

8) Chiara Ferragni

What to say about Chiara Ferragni’s wedding dress ? Well surely her dress has left many breathless. By Dior, Chiara Ferragni’s dress had a very long tulle skirt and a lace bodice with a high neck, under her skirt her legs were uncovered, while her very long veil perfectly completed her look. The other dress she wore in the evening (also signed by Dior) seemed to have been sewn on her and the designs on her dress seemed to match perfectly with her tattoos.

Photo: Pinterest

9) Tina Kunakey

The beautiful French model Tina Kunakey on her wedding day with the famous actor Vincent Cassel wore a beautiful wedding dress that highlighted her shapes. The dress, signed by the designer Vera Wang, had a very tight bodice and a balloon skirt , the bride seems to have chosen not to wear her veil.

Photo: Instagram Vera Wang

10) Nicoletta Romanoff

The wedding dress chosen by the talented (and beautiful!) Actress Nicoletta Romanoff is truly fairytale -like and recalls that of a fairy for the tulle sleeves with pastel shades that cover her arms. The dress designed by Luisa Beccaria is only the first of the 3 dresses that the actress wore during the celebration of her wedding with Federico Alvera.