There are those who prefer long skirts for the winter and those who prefer trouser skirts. 2021 enhances this garment, making it one of the most important trends, after a period of oblivion.

The trouser skirt is so called because they are trousers that are very wide, so much so that they seem, to a careless eye, a skirt. These types of skirts are particular. In fact, while the wrap skirt can be found in different lengths, the trouser skirt is generally short.

Trouser skirt: the origins

The origins of trouser skirts date back to 1911 and the idea is entirely Italian. In fact, the skirt was designed in Turin, by the fashion house La Merveilleuse, founded by Giuseppe Tortonese in the aftermath of the great 1911 Exposition.

Initially it takes the name of jupe-culotte , and is also worn by the ladies of Northern Italy and of the then Austro-Hungarian Empire. Wearing this type of garment in those days, makes it so as to attract the attention of the boys of the time, who literally chase the ladies in the trouser skirt down the street, fascinated by the shapes that it provides in the wearer.

At first, this piece of clothing is the subject of laughter, but when it arrives in Paris, the home of French fashion, no one can do without it.

How is it used today? How do you combine it? Let’s see it in the following lines!

Source: Zara

Trouser skirt: the favorite combinations

The trouser skirt has a singular optical effect: the longer it is, the more it looks like a skirt. In reality, it is a very loose and oversized pair of pants. So when you sit or walk, it looks like that person is wearing a skirt.

The perfect combinations for the 2021 trends are with a cropped pullover or an elaborate white shirt.

Alternatively, it can be worn with black or purple knitwear, even light ones. Finally, you can complete the outfit with a very long blazer or outerwear.

Trouser skirt: the catwalk models

What are the trouser skirt models that have been seen on the catwalks? The Celine maison has proposed, for example, some models in French velvet, very sophisticated and classy. In these models, the dictates of the 2021 trends for oversize and seams reduced to a minimum, in addition to plain colors, are respected. The outfits are then completed by elegant open shoes with high soles, or with black leather boots.

Chloe ‘s models were also present on the catwalk, with bell-shaped modeling. The folds are, in this case, sewn together, to give the idea of ​​movement and volume.

This lightness increases the optical effect of the trouser skirt , which here really looks like a long bell skirt! The colors are the ones that make everything even more vaporous, with blue and white that give the idea of ​​sky and clouds so much. Other shades that have been seen on the catwalk are brown and purple .

The colors are generally in pastel and soft shades. For this reason, the garment is one of the must-have of the trends for the winter of 2021.

Trouser skirt: when to use it

The trouser skirt can be used as an element of women’s outfit for every day , when you want to have a refined and sophisticated look, without too many frills. It can also be used to finish off long dresses.

The combination with accessories can be done with small bags, which have in common, with the rest of the outfit, the color, as well as some small contrasting elements. The skirt can also be used in the evening, perhaps wearing something more elaborate for knitwear.

The garment is also very flexible for accessories: you can wear leather bags or models with sequins, feathers and gold details.