Today we bring you some of the best trap phrases that have been written in Spanish in recent times. Trap music has become the undisputed queen of the moment. All pop singers want to have collaborations with trap artists, when they are not moving into this style of urban music.
Rhythms that speed up classic hip hop and R&B and that, because they don’t have as much travel as these genres, have much more room for innovation and their ability to merge with other genres such as reggaeton are some of the reasons for their success. But so are his lyrics: the street, drugs and sexual relations are a fundamental pillar of this style.
Neverthelessthere is room for reflections on life and death, relationships or the passage of time . We leave you with 15 trap phrases that will surprise you if you don’t know this genre.

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The best trap phrases in Spanish
Bad Bunny, C. Tangana and a lot of Yung Beef, among other surprises,… 1. The street is bad, you need medication. (Yung Beef)
We begin our review of some of the best trap phrases with Yung Beef and his ‘Ready to Die’. One of his most heartbreaking and recognized songs From him. So much so that the Spanish indie group Los planetas made an incredible version called ‘Islamabad’. Yung Beef, who grew up on the streets, recognizes her sick and cries for a way out. 2. Tell me you don’t want to pay like this: without knowing how much you spent. (C. Tangana)
C. Tangana has tried to get out of the term trap to refer to his music, and while it’s true that the song included in this phrase, ‘Intoxicao’, isn’t really trap, it deserved to be included in this compilation. It explains itself . 3. I’m sorry if I’ve been fantastic tonight, but tomorrow I wake up unpleasant. Sorry for not having a penthouse, for making you leave too quickly. (Dellafuente)
Dellafuente, from Granada, who mixes rap and trap with influences from other music such as flamenco, made himself known to the general public with ‘Consentia’. This song starts with one of the best trap phrases we’ve ever heard.4. In your eyes you see the end of the world, when I look at you I remain speechless, I want to see your naked body, hang me, that you tie me in a knot. (Yung Beef)
We return with Yung Beef. This time with his song ‘Ducati Luv’ with Somadamantina, one of the pioneers of trap music in Spain. All the phrases of this theme could be among the best phrases of trap songs in Spanish. We chose this one because of the power of the images of it. Who has not felt this way at some time? 5. I know that I have committed some sins, I don’t know if one day I will forgive myself. My soul never wears white… (Cecilio G.) Cecilio G, was one of the first in Spainto see that the trap sound had a lot to say. After going through a difficult time in which it is said he was recovering from certain mental problems, he returned to the fray with ‘From Darkness With Love’, a song in which he apologized for his mistakes and which is our favorite of all his songs. 6. My big face everywhere, my salvation and also my punishment. My cross, my sky, everything I curse. (Sticky MA)
Agorazein, or AGZ for friends, is the collective name of C. Tangana and Sticky MA among others. His 2016 album, ‘Siempre’, includes ‘Planes’, a two-voice song that closes with this reflection on Sticky’s fame . So that they say that incredible phrases are not found.7. I destroy myself in each of these works, when I write it, when I record it, but it is very expensive, very expensive, very expensive. (Gata Cattana)
Gata Cattana was an artist with capital letters. Her album ‘Banzai’ will remain forever despite her sad and early passing. Our first female inclusion had to be for her. From the song that gives the album its name. 8. The muses do not have to like you neither good nor bad. (Yung Beef)
Yung Beef is recognized as the authentic nº1 trap in Spain. And he is noted for phrases like this. At the beginning of his song ‘EFFY’, included in ‘ADROMICFMS 4’, his masterpiece, he doesn’t even have to start singing to leave us this phrase that surely gives you a lot to think about .9. Because I just wanted to get you out of me, I know that this life is not made for you. (Sticky MA)
Again Sticky MA leaves us one of the trap phrases that we have collected in this list of how much we like them. This time on his track ‘TKM’, he reflects on love being famous and all that goes with it. 10. My mom wanted me to be an engineer, my dad wanted me to be a baseball player, my second grade teacher told me to be a firefighter… nah! I’m going to do what I want. (Bad Bunny)
Bad Bunny is one of the stars of the moment. He released his first album ‘X100pre’ at Christmas by surprise and left us claims like this in his song ‘Ser Bichote’, where he encourages us to follow our dreams without letting anyone convince us otherwise.11. Come dance with me mommy, leave your house, leave the kitchen. To scrub the handsome jets are already, to dance I already have the hit men. (Albany)
If you have never heard this name keep it in mind from now on because it will sound a lot. It’s not exactly a trap song, but it perfectly captures the spirit of a free movement that claims power for women . The song is called ‘Reggaeton Malautotuneado’ and you will not have heard many power exercises as clear as this one. 12. I eat twice because I eat quietly. (Yung Beef) A life lesson from Yung Beef in the form of a trap phrase. Dedicated especially to all those who fill their mouths talking about everything they do but then do nothing. From ‘Papasito Bars’. 13. I go up to the purest spring to refill my bottle, and those foxes want a Buche but not load it, and I, as always, breaking my back. (Bejo)
Bejo is known in the Spanish urban scene for his original lyrics and puns of him. The one in this phrase, from ‘Silaba Tonica RIP’, one of his best songs, is for experts: his real name is Borja Buche. 14. Sometimes the nights become martyrdom, like our love that became a delirium. My soul is at war on Syrian soil, wine bottles remain in glass. (badbunny)
We face the final stretch of this review of the best trap song phrases with Bad Bunny. There are many who criticize reggaeton and trap, but surely they will find few phrases as eloquent as this one to talk about heartbreak. The song is called ‘NI BIEN NI MAL’, and it is the first of his first album. 15. It is not having a good product, it is knowing how to sell it. (Dellafuente)
We close our list with another phrase by Dellafuente, from his song ‘Marketing’, in which he leaves us other phrases such as “Life is pure marketing and temptations, fashion only makes us equal”. The Spanish artist knows that in today’s society it is as important to do what you do well as it is to know how to communicate and sell it well.

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