It only takes a phrase of peace to find harmony. At least with oneself, and we know that, with the number of wars that are active, world peace is far from being a reality. Even so, we do our bit to make this a better place and leave a good legacy for our children. You can always share these phrases about peace with those beings you want to stay by your side.

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1. Short phrases of peace.
2. Phrases of peace and love.

Short and famous phrases of peace
These are the best phrases of peace that we have compiled. We also point out the author of the quote.

1. A relative peace is better than a war won. (Maria Teresa I of Austria)
Peace is always the best option, because in wars there are no winners .

2. Peace is its own reward. (Mahatma Gandhi)
A phrase of peace and for peace pronounced by one of the most famous pacifists of all time.

3. World peace begins with a smile. (Mother Teresa)
Mother Teresa of Calcutta spent her life offering messages of peace to humanity.

4. Men build too many walls and not enough bridges. (Isaac Newton)
Walls can be physical, ideological or cultural .

5. The first condition for peace is the will to achieve it. (Juan Luis Vives)
Many times a fictitious peace is created after a war.

6. If people asked for peace instead of a new television, there would be peace in the world. (John Lennon)

It is the reality of the society of consumerism.

7. Never wear your best pants when you go out to fight for peace and freedom. (Henrik Johan Ibsen)
A phrase of peace that reminds us how difficult it is to achieve it .

8. Everyone wants peace, and to ensure it, they make more weapons than ever. (Antonio Mingote)
In fact, the great world powers fill their mouths with the word “peace” but continue with their arms race.

9. The peoples raised in arms will never achieve prosperity. (Nelson Mandela)
Universal rights must be preserved from peace.

10. There is no path to peace. The peace is the way. (Mahatma Gandhi)
This is, perhaps, the best known phrase of peace of all time.

11. It is not enough to win the war; more important is to organize peace. (Aristotle)

​​Peace is more difficult to maintain than war . In war, there are too many winners.

12. You can have peace. Or you can have freedom. Never count on both at the same time. (Robert A. Heinlein)
Unfortunately, it is a fact that has been proven throughout history.

13. Whoever has peace in his conscience, he has everything. (Don Bosco)
More important than peace with others is peace with oneself .

14. For every minute you stay upset, you give up 60 seconds of peace of mind. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)
We create too many complications for ourselves.

15. Peace is not something you wish for, it is something you do. (Robert Fulghum)
Goodwill between nations is demonstrated by deeds.

16. An eye for an eye and the whole world will be blind. (Mahatma Gandhi)
A brilliant quote from Gandhi, which appears several times throughout this list.

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17. First of all, keep peace with yourself, then you can bring peace to others. (Thomas Kempis)
Another quote on inner peace from Kempis, a 15th century Augustinian canon.

18. If you want peace, don’t talk to your friends, talk to your enemies. (Desmond Tutu)
It is an act that requires courage, but necessary to preserve calm.

19. War is nothing more than a cowardly way to escape from the problems of peace. (Thomas Mann)
For many, it is just an excuse to get rich .

20. More than a thousand useless words, it is worth a single one that grants peace. (Buddha)
First phrase of Buddha that we find in this collection. The teachings of the teacher are always useful.

21. When you do the right thing, you get the feeling of peace and serenity. Do it over and over again. (Roy T. Bennett)
We must remember these phrases about peace and, what is more important, put them into practice every day .

22. The only way to bring peace on earth is to learn to make our own lives peaceful. (Buddha)
Too many times we are at war with ourselves.

23. Humanity must put an end to war or war will end humanity. (John F. Kennedy)
Someone said that World War III would end humanity . We must avoid this tragic outcome at all costs.

24. Being prepared for war is one of the most effective means of keeping the peace. (George Washington)

A somewhat warmongering phrase of peace , which can be contradictory.

25. When they asked me about a weapon capable of counteracting the power of the atomic bomb, I suggested the best of all: Peace. (Albert Einstein)
A brilliant quote. Too bad that, for now, peace is not strong enough to counteract the destructive power of weapons.

26. You cannot find peace by avoiding life. (Michael Cunningham)
Killing another person and seeking peace are incompatible goals.

27. A people free to choose will always opt for peace. (Ronald Reagan)
It is the only possible way, although it seems that war is a faster way.

28. I am at peace with God. My conflict is with man. (Charlie Chaplin)

A touch of humor never hurts.

29. In war: resolution. In defeat: challenge. In victory: magnanimity. In peace: good will. (Winston Churchill)
We are not sure if it is a phrase against violence , but he is right that peace must be built from good will.

30. In international affairs, peace is a period of traps between two fights. (Ambrose Bierce)
As demonstrated during the Cold War.

31. Those who are at war with others are not at peace with themselves. (William Hazlitt)
We cannot preach peace if we make peace with ourselves.

32. Peace is the only battle worth fighting. (Albert Camus)

It is not an easy battle,but you always have to get rid of it.

33. Peacekeeping begins with the self-satisfaction of each individual. (Dalai Lama)
However, there are people who find satisfaction in suffering and wars. Hard to understand.

34. A mind at peace, a mind centered and not focused on harming others, is stronger than any physical force in the universe. (Wayne Dyer)
There are minds that abound on earth,

35. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. (George Orwell)

The eternal balance of antagonistic concepts.

36. Peace in fact is not peace in principle. (Enrique Federico Amiel)
There are subtle differences that affect the weakest.

37. Tremendous contrast between the crackling of the fire at its beginning and the peace of the ashes. (Jose Luis Coll)
This phrase of peace refers to the contrast between war and peace (and the fine line that sometimes separates them).

38. Peace is always beautiful. (Walt Whitman)
There is no better message of peace than to show its beauty.

39. As long as imperialism exists in the world, a permanent peace is impossible. (Hassan Nasrallah)
Phrase uttered by a Lebanese secretary of state assassinated by Israeli forces .

40. Peace is more than the absence of war. Peace is will, is harmony. (Laini Taylor)
We close this point with an important message of peace.Hopefully we can do it one day.

Phrases of peace and love
Love is one of the greatest forces in this universe, without the intention of sounding corny. It is the main weapon to achieve peace and this is how these famous quotes defend it.

41. When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace. (Jimi Hendrix)
Jimi Hendrix embodies the purest hippie essence. Peace and love for everyone.

42. Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is hate, let me sow love. (Francisco de Asis)
A message of religious peace from one of the best known theologians.

43. If we want a world of peace and justice, we must decisively put intelligence at the service of love. (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

Not at the service of personal interests.

44. If someone thinks that peace and love is just a cliche that must have been left behind in the 60’s, that’s a problem. Peace and love are eternal. (John Lennon)
John Lennon, one of the most recognized pacifists of modern times.

45. The day that the power of love annuls the love of power, the world will know peace. (Mahatma Gandhi)
The problem is that power always ends up corrupting , even the purest hearts.

46. ​​Whenever you meet an opponent. Conquer it with love. (Mahatma Gandhi)
It is easier to get carried away by hate and fear than by love.

47. Peace requires four essential conditions: Truth, justice, love and freedom. (John Paul II)
These conditions do not always exist.

48. All works of love are works of peace. (Mother Teresa)
Except those that are carried out for the love of power.

49. Silence is prayer, prayer is faith, faith is love, love is service, the fruit of service is peace. (Mother Teresa)
Perhaps religion is one of the great evils of this world, but there are religious who have fought tirelessly for peace .

50. Peace, love, empathy. (Kurt Cobain)
Perhaps with a little more empathy we would have avoided the fatal outcome of the singer.

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