Beautiful, famous and, unfortunately, kleptomaniacs too . In fact, there are many VIPs who have been caught stealing items of more or less considerable value in department stores and shops.

The list continues to grow over the years and it’s not just Hollywood stars who suffer from this bad habit. In fact, lately the news that, a very famous Italian singer, has been accused of stealing some T-shirts in a department store, is making the rounds of all the news.

But among the objects stolen by famous people, in addition to lighters and make-up products , there are also very expensive jewels and very rare furs , never returned to their rightful owners.

But who are these very famous stars who, despite having a lot of money, don’t give up stealing? How many of them have repented ? And how many have denied the evidence even if caught in the fact?

Let’s find out together the 9 VIPs caught stealing:

1) Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder was surprised several times while stealing clothes and accessories for $ 5,500 from a Sak’s department store in Beverly Hills. She sets up the surveillance cameras. In fact, the actress had been arrested in the act of crime. The defense had claimed that it was a misunderstanding but from the video , in some sequences, the actress is seen secretly tearing the anti-theft tags from clothes, handbags and accessories.

2) Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan, in addition to her problems with drug and alcohol addictions, stole a necklace worth $ 2,500 from a California store. At the risk of serving three years in prison, she said it was a loan. In addition, the actress was also accused of stealing a mink coat worth $ 11,600 . To blame Lindsay for the theft was Marsha Markova, a student at Columbia University in New York, who after losing track of her precious jacket at the end of a private birthday party in which Lohan was also participating, saw it again on Ok! Magazine when some photos of the offending evening were published, in which the actress left the club wearing the unmistakable mink.

3) Paris Hilton

Even for the very wealthy Paris Hilton it would be a jewelry theft. In fact, the heiress had been sued in New York, by an insurance company based in Munich, because the Damiani jewelry brand , in 2007, had loaned her some jewels valued at more than 60,000 dollars but never got them back. backards!

4) Alessandra and Valentina Giudicessa

Even among the Italian VIPs there are some cases of theft. In fact, the actresses Alessandra and Valentina Giudicessa were indicated by the owner of a shop in Rome for having stolen two bottles of perfume , with a total value of 500 euros . Strange case because, precisely in the film Like a cat on the ring road , women played the role of two irreducible kleptomaniacs.

5) Britney Spears

In the dark years of her life, the singer made several mistakes. Indeed, Britney Spears was accused of stealing a wig from a Hollywood store, she looted a club’s wardrobe stealing four designer coats, worth $ 28,200 . Also, by her own admission, she allegedly stole lighters and candy from bars as well .

Source image: Wikipedia

6) Megan Fox

Before becoming one of the most beautiful divas in the world, Megan Fox, as a young woman was very lonely and felt nothing but pretty. Perhaps, it was the desire to change that she, as a teenager, the actress was caught stealing a $ 7 lip gloss and other makeup products .

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

7) Farrah Fawcett

Actress Farrah Fawcett, formerly of Charlie’s Angels, was stopped twice in 1970 for stealing two dresses from two different stores. boutique: if the cable with two 125 and 265 dollars fines . the actress excuses herself by saying that she had done it because her boutiques had not allowed her to change previously purchased items.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

8) Letter Frame

Marco Carta, who spoke on TV about what happened, was released immediately after the direct trial that was held in Milan after the local police had stopped him on charges of aggravated theft along with a 53-year-old woman. years for which house arrest have been confirmed. The couple was arrested because stolen T- shirts , worth 1200 euros , and objects allegedly used to remove the anti-theft plates were found in the woman’s bag . The judge ruled that Carta is unrelated to the facts but he remains under investigation and will have to face the trial , where the footage of the internal cameras of the room will be viewed.

9) Beth Ditto

Beth Ditto, the former leader of Gossip, called her little thefts ” stupid fun as a teenager ” , regretting what she stole as a young girl in shops in England.