Raising children is always the most difficult undertaking for a good parent and sometimes mothers have to be strict too . But to make them grow up into responsible individuals it is right to give them rules .

Even famous mothers can be parents who are careful to transmit important values ​​to the little ones of the house. The good example is still important but, in addition to this, the children of VIPs , like all children, have had to submit to the “law” of their families.

Famous mothers are not afraid to say they are a little harsh and authoritarian with the little ones of the house and in many cases, it seems that the hard rules have really helped.

There are those who require you to watch films only in foreign languages, there are those who have their child do the dishwasher and those who absolutely forbid the use of technology. Prohibitions and rules that are a bit particular but which, after all, are imposed for a good purpose .

10) Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton , also forced to follow very strict rules linked to etiquette, and very careful to impart a proper education to the little ones of the Royal Family. Kate is a very caring mother but also very strict and eager to enforce the prohibitions. The children George and Charlotte are absolutely forbidden to use electronic devices such as tablets and smartphones. In addition, children should play with toys that belonged to their father William , games that are not very technological but very classic.

9) Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian also turns out to be a particularly strict mother towards her little North. It would seem that the daughter of Kim and rapper Kanye West can listen to music exclusively chosen by her mother, analogous speech for her clothing . In fact, the looks of the little North West are always immortalized in the gossip newspapers. But the hard and fast rules don’t end there. In fact, the little girl would be forced to do some daily physical activity , training for about two hours in a row every day.

8) Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich , the gorgeous supermodel of the nineties, has become a mother for the second time. She is over forty and a happy mother and she, according to her, she tries to educate her children to respect the rules. Milla, married since 2009 to Paul Anderson , tries to make the little ones of the house understand how important it is to earn everything you want with your own hands and hard work .

7) Julia Roberts

Actress Julia Roberts , mother of three children, and a mother who is particularly attentive to the rules of food. In fact, she and her husband Daniel Moder are convinced that we don’t need bizarre impositions but simple rules. For example, children Hazel Patricia,  Phinnaeus Walter and Henry Daniel would be strictly forbidden from eating junk food and sweets would only be eaten on previously set days.

6) Gwyneth Paltrow

She has stated more than once herself that she is a rigorous mother and attentive to the education of her children. Unlike Kate Middleton, the actress entrusts her children to the television. In fact, in order for him to learn Spanish and French , she forces the little ones, Apple and Moses , to watch TV in these two foreign languages.

5) Gwen Stefani

Singer Gwen Stefan i had three children by ex-husband Gavin Rossdale . Despite the separation and her new love, the ex-spouses continued to date for the sake of the little ones. Kingston , Zuma and Apollo would be forced to take piano lessons on this point the two ex are really in tune.

4) Madonna

Even Madonna is no less in terms of strict education. In fact, she would have imposed on her children to eat only organic food and drink Kabbalah water , in addition to the rule of washing hands when touching anything dirty. Furthermore, they could not even watch television and should eat foods prepared only by her .

3) Angelina Jolie

If he did not impose strict rules on the whole “tribe” of his children, how could he really educate them? Among the countless behavioral rules, one among many would be that relating to the prohibition of surfing the Internet . A way to protect them from annoying gossip.

2) Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham and her husband also try to convey sound principles. One of these is to earn your own money . It seems that the lesson has served. In fact, Brooklyn would have been a dishwasher in a bar for two years.

1) Katie Holmes

It would seem that after spoiling her daughter for years, Katie Holmes would have taken a step back. After the super photographed looks of little Suri , her mother would have imposed on her simple clothes and to take the bus to go to school .