The anime began gaining followers who were looking for simple entertainment, but as the years have gone by we have discovered how anime is one more genre, and can amuse, excite and move us as much or more than any multimillion-dollar Hollywood production. Here we bring you a list of the 8 anime that will make you cry with sadness , or if you are one of those who do not have a heart, at least a tear. Why do we feel sad with anime
As happens in any modern movie or series, we are able to connect with the characters that appear on the screen, and if something bad happens to them, cry or be sad with them. Although anime is not very well accepted in Western culture, or is considered for children, the creators have the ability to express what they want and in the way they prefer, facilitating their ability to make us connect with the protagonists. 8. Angel Beats Angel Beats is a 13-episode anime that explains the story of Otonashi, a young man who after dying appears in a kind of purgatory, symbolized by a high school. In it he meets several people whose mission is to finish some task that they have left unfinished in order to ascend to heaven or descend to hell definitively.
The problem appears when it is explained that Otonashi has lost his memory, due to the accident that took his life, so he is unable to remember what reasons are keeping him in purgatory. As the plot progresses, he remembers details of his previous life that will help him solve his problem. 7. Kanon
Kanon tells us the sad story of Yuuichi Aizawa, a young woman who returns to her hometown, to live with her aunt and cousin, after 7 years living away from her, and when she returns, as a result of a dramatic accident she doesn’t He has no memory of his childhood or of all the time he lived in that city.
As the story progresses, we see how Yuuichi meets4 girls related to his past and the accident that took away his memories . As they become friends, the sad memories of the young Yuuichi come to the surface. 6. Anohana
Anohana tells us the story of a group of friends who grew apart 10 years ago due to the death of her mutual friend, Menma. One day, the deceased Menma appears before Jintan , one of the boys in the group, in the form of a ghost, and explains that in order to disappear she needs to finish a task, although she does not know what she is.
Jintan busies himself with bringing the old group of friends together to settle the matter, and although some are skeptical that Jintan will be able to see Menma, they decide to help him. As the story progresses we seelike each character I bear the death of their friend , and the sad consequences that this entailed for them. 5. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
This anime takes place in Tokyo, as its name suggests, and tells us the sad story of Mirai and Yuuki, two brothers who were visiting a robot exhibition at the time that an 8-degree earthquake struck the Richter scale hit the city. In the following episodes we see how the two brothers struggle to get to their home in a devastated city , where danger lurks around every corner. 4. Your Name The magnum opus of director Makoto ShinkaiIt came to us last year, with a sad but moving story. The movie tells us the story of two young people who are destined to meet, Mitsuha and Taki, because of a meteorite that crosses the sky in the opening scene of the movie.
During the dreams of both, they become each other, and through those connections, a story of something more than friendship between the two begins , while the plot advances and the characters want to meet in person. 3. Cowboy Bebop
The world of Cowboy Bebop places us in the year 2022, where a group of bounty hunters come together to get as much riches as they can. Although this approach is implausible today, the anime tells us about it in a realistic way, not at all crazy.. All the characters stand out and their evolution during the series is magnificent, leading us to an epic ending, as well as sad and hard. 2. Ookami Kodomo No Ame To Yuki
Ookami Kodomo No Ame To Yuki or its translation, Wolf Children, tells us the sad story of Hana, a Japanese university student who falls in love with one of the last werewolves in Japan . Both enjoy for 13 years, until Ookami dies leaving Hana in charge of the two children they have had together, Yuki and Ame.
Hana then decides to raise them somewhere where they won’t arouse suspicion and where they can later decide if they want to live as normal people, or follow the path of her father, a werewolf. 1. Grave of the fireflies
It is the summer of 1945, andthe city of Kobe is mercilessly razed by American forces , the same city where Seita and Setsuko lived before, together with their mother. Once the American attack begins, the two boys are unable to reach the shelter in time, and see firsthand the total destruction of the city that was their home.
Once the bombings and shootings end, the two brothers go into the city to find their mother , but what they find forces them to flee their hometown to get ahead, after losing the innocence of their age to be able to survive.
All the news and news about cinema and series of the moment, you will find them in this link.
All the news and news about cinema and series of the moment, you will find them in this link.