Fortunately, the vast majority of people have a series of values ​​and ethical principles that prevent us from committing certain acts. Next we are going to narrate the story of an American teacher who does not belong to this group.

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The teacher
The protagonist of all this mess is the high school teacher Samantha Lee Ciotta. This married woman was accused of sleeping for weeks with several students at the educational center where she worked , even having threesomes with them . Of course, the husband, who could not believe what had happened, asked for a divorce as soon as she had the chance.
After being accused of sexual abuse of minors and later verifying that she had been Ella, Samantha was arrested by the police authorities. But the facts are the most surreal. The Facts
This all happened in Beaumont, California. The 32-year-old teacher was married and has two minor children.
The worst of all this is that it was not the first time that he had had problems with the law . Some time ago, specifically, in September of last year, the police of this same city had already arrested her for having had sexual relations with one of her students. With this 14-year-old boy from the Beaumont High School, I practice oral sex and penetration. We will talk about this case later.
Some time later, now, a recording appears. Beaumont police investigated the video in which the teacher could allegedly be seen in her underwear along with several minors who drank alcohol. This video was in the famous application and social network Snapchat.
The police, as expected, questioned some of the boys from the recordings and several of the teacher’s students. They were asked if the woman who appeared in the videos was actually Miss Ciotta. They confirmed her suspicions and one of them confessed to having been sleeping with her and having threesomes with another partner at the accused’s house.
As if that were not enough, another of the minors involved, during the interrogation stated that: “If they have her phone, then they will find out”, which translated into Spanish would mean something like:
“If [the police] have their mobile phone, then they will discover her”
The minor transmitted it so clearly that the teacher had a veritable arsenal of pornographic content of and with minors on her smartphone.
Photo published by the accused. | Image: Samantha Ciotta and one of her children. The case of the rebellious child
Among the various minors with whom he slept, the story of one of them stands out, which we mentioned at the beginning of the news. This young man was supposedly being helped by Professor Ciotta with some school problems.
The 14-year-old student had lost his mother and had his father in prison and living with a foster family. Between this and other reasons, the student had had behavior problems at school, to which the teacher offered to solve it personally.
The foster family began to suspect the closeness between the child and the teacher and ended up talking to him. He confessed the truth andCiotta was arrested.

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And now
Samantha’s wedding with her (now) ex-husband. | Image: File. She was released on $150,000 bail . Ciotta and her husband are now formally divorced but he has agreed to create a visitation regime so that her two children can maintain contact with her mother.
Also, in an interview conducted for the newspaper Aol. the culprit’s husband claims that he is no longer in love with her but that he is still concerned about her well-being.
What would have happened if she had been the other way around and the pedophile had been him?