The Netflix productions with the Spain brand continue. This summer the new seasons of the two most watched Spanish series on the platform (‘The paper house’ and ‘The cable girls’) are released, but it doesn’t end there. The big red ā€œNā€ announced long ago the adaptation of ‘Valeria’, a novel by Elisabet Benavent , better known on the networks as Betacoqueta. Now we also know the cast of the series.

What is ‘Valeria’ about?
‘Valeria’ is the story of a young writer who dreams of succeeding, although their love idylls often represent a stumbling block along the way. To be more exact, ‘Valeria’ is the name of the literary saga whose first volume is called ‘In Valeria’s Shoes’, a bestseller in our country. So far the saga has four novels that have sold more than 1,200,000 copies, a figure that has caught the attention of the television giant.
Elisabet Benavent already confessed a long time ago that she had given the television rights of her work to Netflix, although the idea has not materialized until now. The author has been involved in the project, although not as a screenwriter but as a creative consultant.
I was going to wait until eleven o’clock to share it on my networks, but I woke up with 98 messages on my mobile with which… I think it’s official. The image speaks for itself but, here it goes: @netflixes will adapt the Saga Valeria. And I’m dying of illusion. The peace of mind of knowing that Valeria will walk hand in hand with a team that will take care of her, guide her and help her grow. The illusion of seeing another of my dreams come true. The warmth of the people I love supporting every step. The vertigo of knowing that 190 countries will have access to the adventures of Valeria and the girls. I feel a lot of things right now but all of them exhilarating and exciting. All this could not have happened without you, that you gave life, wings and voice to each character, that you supported my dreams and made them real. So, family, this is yours, I dedicate it entirely to you . I don’t want to get too involved but let me add something else: when someone tries to ruin your desires and your dreams, when you think it’s impossible, when you stumble or get discouraged… think that you can, that falling is allowed but as the That said, getting up is an obligation. You can fulfill your dreams. Dream, work, get excited, fly. I love you.
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Netflix confirms the cast
Now the platform has revealed the cast of actresses and actors that we will see on the small screen. The series will star Diana Gomez (‘El secreto de Puente Viejo’, ’45 Revoluciones’) and will be accompanied by Silma Lopez as Lola, Teresa Riott as Nerea, Paula Malia as Carmen, Benjamin Alfonso as Victor and Ibrahim Al Shami as Adrian.
Netflix announces the cast of ‘Valeria’. | Netflix.
Once the cast is confirmed, we have no clues about a possible release date, although the series may be ready for the end of this year. If so, it would join the rest of the Spanish hits on Netflix such as ‘Paquita Salas’ or ‘Las Chicas del Cable’.

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