When it comes to fame and glory , in Hollywood they know how easy it is to become the idol of many, both in the world of cinema and in that of television. It is also very simple, however, to suffer criticism and in fact some insecure stars on this list are certainly not immune to the comments of others.

The rich also cry then, but above all the cliche that super paid VIPs can have no problems is swept away . As we know , the continuous and free exposure of affirmations mainly follow the most prominent lifestyles.

It is not just a matter of physical appearance. Gaining or losing weight can be difficult when you are always framed by the lens, but even the profession of actors and actresses is not saved from self-criticism. The profession of actor in fact lives on a certain aura of esteem and pride which, however, can still hide an uncertainty towards oneself and one’s body.

For example, some actresses that we will see shortly have confessed to being afraid of losing the ability to represent characters or not knowing how to act. Insecurity is therefore a part of actors’ lives more than we think… After having listed the phobias, let’s see which beloved stars often give in to insecurity.

10) Lady Gaga

International superstar with a powerful voice, Lady Gaga has become the symbol of self-acceptance. With her song “Born this way” she has created an important movement with the aim of accepting her flaws , but even the singer herself is not always at the top. The doubt and insecurity of her often assail her and she must constantly remember that she is a superstar and that she can manage not to disappoint the many people who love her. Finding strength and continuous work and even Lady Gaga finds herself facing some obstacles every day.

9) Meryl Streep

One of almost everyone’s favorite actresses,  Meryl Streep knows how to play the most disparate characters, sings and doesn’t let herself be frightened by different and complex roles. However, there is one thing that scares her and it is the possibility that one day people may realize that in reality she was just pretending to know how to act and that she never knew how to act. Unlikely isn’t it? Yet it is one of the most recurrent insecurities of her.

8) Jessica Alba

Is it possible that this talented and charming actress is on the list of insecure stars? Apparently as a child, Jessica Alba was also, to say of her: “A little hunched, slightly cross-eyed and with chubby cheeks” . Obviously this is a very distant time from the person we see now, the actress revealed that since she turned 30 she has been feeling more peaceful.

7) Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez certainly has no self-esteem problems related to the body , it is clear from the costumes she chooses for her performances. And it’s a good idea not to focus on nonexistent flaws, her problem has always been her singing. Jennifer does not consider herself a great singer and she often questioned her abilities. She revealed that only her ex-husband Marc Anthony helped her banish the bad thoughts and remember that her hard work had led her to sell millions of records for a reason!

6) Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks was first a fight against the prejudices of others, then once the barrier of African American models on the covers of magazines was broken (together with illustrious more mature colleagues who had already started the path), Tyra worked hard and in everything the world. Today she is an entrepreneur with a lot of specialization in business and is the champion of unconventional beauties . She has never made any secret of the fact that she considers her high forehead to be his worst fault of hers, but she has learned to live with it and make it part of herself and her uniqueness.

5) Katy Perry

The particular story of Katy Perry , daughter of two preachers very very devoted to the Christian path, Perry made her debut with an unconventional look and ready to break down many barriers. The strength of the singer is undoubted, but she too has spent unpleasant moments wondering in front of the mirror and scrutinizing her skin , one of the things she has always given her to think about.

4) Karlie Kloss

Super model of international fame, the beautiful Karlie Kloss said that during the school period she did not feel at all comfortable. Due to her height (1.88 cm) she was subjected to constant mockery by her companions ; she felt different and strange. Today she is one of the highest paid and most admired models… will she have won?

3) Kim Kardashian

Although she is a well-known TV star, Kim Kardashian has always been presented as a sexy and sensual icon. From her appearance on the cover of Playboy , of her to her naked selfies of her. Yet even the most famous of the Kardashian sisters doesn’t feel as sexy as everyone thinks … maybe it helps to believe a lot in what others think of us.

2) Michelle Williams

Intense actress Michelle Williams is known for her proficiency in portraying intense parts , such as the unforgettable wife betrayed on Brokeback Mountain or her intimate portrayal of Marylin Monroe . As for Michelle, too, her greatest insecurity is about her job. She has stated that her greatest fear of her is often that of not being able to communicate the role she plays with due accuracy . We disagree…. obviously!

1) Megan Fox among the insecure stars

The actress who became famous thanks to the first Transformers movie has stated that she has a real obsession with her physical appearance . She declares that she considers herself too short and generally unhappy with how she looks. Among the insecure stars Megan is certainly the one who has conquered the most magazine covers thanks to her breathtaking physique, let’s remember that we women know how to be very critical of ourselves.