Breast, lips, buttocks, there are many surgeries that can be used to improve one’s appearance. Among these, an aesthetic improvement of the teeth seems to be highly appreciated among Hollywood celebrities (and not only) .

The before and after, immortalized by the photographers’ lenses, reveals how much a beautiful smile can give greater charm to already very fascinating actors and athletes. What were Tom Cruise’s teeth like? And how has Demi Moore and Miley Cyrus ‘ smile changed ? Were these interventions really necessary?

In this article you will follow a roundup of famous people with a smile that has changed considerably thanks to some operations and treatments.

1) Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst is an American actress with a sweet and romantic face but from these two images the change in teeth is evident. Before her, her teeth were small and yellowed, but after her surgery Kirsten Dunst proudly sports a neat and perfectly white 32-tooth smile .

2) Cristiano Ronaldo

Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo wasn’t all that glamorous as a teenager. In fact, before becoming a real sex symbol, in his meter and 82 in height , he had some skin imperfections and a decidedly untidy set of teeth . Today we are used to always seeing him at the top, yet without seeing the photo below, would you have ever imagined the transformation?

3) Ben Affleck

Another handsome and famous protagonist of the spotlight with completely redone teeth, this time directly from Hollywood, is the American actor Ben Affleck . Just look at the comparison images to notice the big difference in your smile before and after the orthodontic procedure . Now the teeth are much whiter and tidier. So Ben has undoubtedly acquired points in favor to increase his charm.

4) Lindsay Lohan

Actress Lindsay Lohan is one of the Hollywood celebrities who has decided to have her teeth done. At the center of the news for some stunts, the actress certainly does not lack her talent that she has in fact unlined in films as a child since she was a child . Then when she became a teenager her beauty became evident, but there was something that could be improved … Her smile!

5) David Beckham

Blond, handsome, talented and husband of the most stylish and elegant Spice Girl of all, Victoria Adams, the footballer David Beckham previously had slightly yellowed and slightly crossed teeth. But then he decided for a total renewal of his smile of him. This choice has given even more charm to the famous English footballer, the darling of many football fans and enthusiasts.

6) Tom Cruise

Probably Tom Cruise would not have that iconic and magnetic charm that we know well if he had kept the dull smile of his youth . Fortunately, the actor decided to intervene by undergoing a very important intervention. His undeniable talent is certainly the basis of his incredible film career, but we can definitely say that his smile is shining now too!

7) Nicholas Cage

The smile of actor Nicolas Cage has definitely changed for the better . The before and after of the images reveal a really noticeable transformation in Nicolas’s teeth. Needless to ask why he did it. As you can see, it was really necessary to fix the yellow teeth and add the missing ones , ending with the complete teeth whitening.

8) Celine Dion

In this roundup of VIPs, the Canadian singer Celine Dion could not miss, who, like the previous celebrities, decided to intervene on her teeth. We all know her for her beautiful voice of hers and for the magnificent lyrics of her songs of hers, which have accompanied some of the greatest films in the history of cinema. And yet, perhaps, if she hadn’t intervened in her smile, she probably would have talked a little less about her appearance.

9) Miley Cyrus

And who would have thought that even the scandal queen, Disney ‘s Hannah Montana star , has changed the look of her smile? Miley Cyrus , the singer with never banal looks, underwent surgery to improve her teeth as a teenager , which showed many defects .

10) Demi Moore

One of the most fascinating actresses ever in the Hollywood firmament is definitely Demi Moore . But, did you know that the beautiful actress, very attentive to the care of her appearance, has also undergone a complete teeth whitening? Well, after all, the stars are people just like us, and therefore we know that even the teeth do not survive the passage of time unscathed!

11) David Bowie

The late David Bowie had also decided to completely renew his teeth. As you can see, the before and after highlight how the yellowing had completely disappeared and the teeth were definitely white and perfectly aligned. Bowie had so many special signs that made him unique and, even if he had decided to “normalize” his smile, he did not lose his special being of him.

12) Catherine Zeta Jones

After teeth whitening , Catherine Zeta Jones ‘ smile also appears much more beautiful and brighter. In this case, it took little to give even more charm to this actress who was already starting from an excellent base. Catherine Zeta Jones truly shines with her own light wherever she goes.

13) Cheryl Cole

In Italy it is perhaps less known, but many will remember his hit,  Fight for this love , which had depopulated on the radio for quite some time. Last, but not least, British singer Cheryl Cole  resorted to orthodontic surgery a few years ago. To date, her smile is truly perfect and she is even more fascinating.