In other articles we have covered the basic definitions of what ‘League of Legends’ is, as well as the basic definition of the different types of champions and their roles within the game.
For this reason, in this article we are going to take a step further and we are going to get to know in depth the different positions that we can choose within ‘LoL’ , which champions are best adapted to each role and how to get the most out of our position within the game. match.
As we already know, ‘League of Legends’ is a team game and, as such, cooperation between everyone is the key to success when it comes to defeating the opposing team. To do this, we must not only know what our role consists of, but also what the position, skills and objectives of our teammates are in the game.
Depending on the position of each player, their mission in the game can change considerably.
To begin with, the five players are spread out along three different lanes (upper, middle and lower) and in the jungle that serves as a link between them. Therefore, depending on where the player is, he will adopt one position or another : Top Laner, Mid Laner, Bot Laner, Jungler or Support.
Below we get to know each of the different positions in ‘League of Legends’ in depth:

1. Top Laner
The Top Laner is the player who occupies the top line of the ‘League of Legends’ map. In this position the champion plays alone since in this position there are no other allied champions to play with.
Usually, the type of champions that take care of the Top Laners position are tanks or champions with the ability to deal damage at long range. However, it is a very versatile position in which both magicians, marksmen, fighters or assassins can compete perfectly.
Since all champions can fit into the Top Lane position, each champion’s mission within ‘League of Legends’ will vary based on champion type and team strategy.
However, among the main missions of a Top Laner are those of pressing the side lanes to distract the enemy and the rest of the team to advance or to lead battles so that the enemy team wears down their resources.
Due to the wide field of the top lane of the map, the protection ability of the champion is very important to be safe in this top lane.
Finally, a very common resource within the Top Laner position is the use of ‘Teleport’which gives him the possibility of transporting to the other end of the map to serve as support in the bottom lane.
Tank champions from ‘League of Legends’ often occupy Top Laner positions. | League of Legends

2. Mid Laner or Middle
The position of Mid Laner (or middle) in ‘LoL’ is one of the most popular and preferred by most players since the beginning of the game. This position is known for its high map impact and high damage output from champions in it.
In this position , champions such as magicians and assassins are useful.. The small size of this lane makes one-on-one fighting skills, champion mobility and speed, and the ease of taking down waves of enemies essential to success in this position.
The primary goal for Mid Laner players is usually to deal burst damage to gain an advantage in group fights, though sustained damage can also be useful.
In addition, within the game of ‘League of Legends’ they must try to kill as many enemies as possible and move to other lanes so that, with the support of the Junglers, they can also gain an advantage.
As for the type of spells that can be used in this position, they are very variable. From the ‘Flash’, to ‘Cleanse’, ‘Teleport’, ‘Heal’, ‘Ghostly’, ‘Ignite’ or ‘Exhaust’; all of them are going to come in handy in a mid lane battle.

3. Jungler or Jungle
The role of the Jungler is one of the most unique within ‘LoL’ , since instead of playing within a lane, they are dedicated to traversing the map, fighting neutral monsters and appearing in those places necessary to surprise the enemy.
Jungler’s position can be adapted to various types of champions., because they are often the wild card of the team. Almost all champions are capable of successfully clearing the jungle to fulfill the needs of the team. However, the most useful champions in the jungle are tanks.
In any case, the most important thing when occupying the Jungler position is to fully understand his role in the game and be able to guess where his rival counterpart is on the map in order to get ahead of him.
The Junglers are essential positions in the first moments of the game , since they can unbalance the balance in favor of their own team, ambushing the enemy and making very aggressive attacks to finish him off.
Without a doubt, in this area of ​​the map, the ‘Smash’ spell is by far the most important spell in the game; as it allows you to deal a large amount of instant damage that is vital to secure neutral targets such as the Dragon or Baron Nashor.
The Junglers are essential in the first moments of the game of ‘League of Legends’ | League of Legends

4. Bot Laner
The Bot Laner is such an important role to success in ‘League of Legends’ that he has a specific support champion to protect him during the game.
Bot Laners are typically marksman champions as they have better gold and item finding abilities than mages or tanks, as well as being better equipped to fight when they encounter low forces.
In addition, the Bot Laners must be masters in terms of handling the ‘kiteo’ . The ‘kiteo’ is the ability to flee from a dangerous enemy by moving backwards, while carrying out attacks that cause physical damage to the opponent.
At the beginning of the game, a Bot Laner has the mission to accumulate as much gold as possible so that he can buy items that will help him during the rest of the game. On the other hand, they are also in charge of doing as much sustained damage as possible in group fights; since, in addition, they are the only ones that can end the life of the tanks.
As far as the type of spells used are concerned, the Bot Laner is going to use ‘Heal’ almost exclusively . The reason is that he must ensure his survival during the fights to continue doing damage and continue obtaining gold.

5. Support
Finally, the support positions (or ‘support’) within ‘League of Legends’are those who are responsible for performing the role of guardians of the team . Behind each champion in Mid Laner position we can find a good support player to help him achieve success.
There are two main categories of support champions: attackers and enchanters. Tanks are selected for the support position due to their ability to engage. They are expected to be able to finish off the masses of enemies before the fights begin. Generally, they prioritize building items that help protect other champions.
As for enchanters, they are chosen for their ability to keep other champions alive, using shields or healing spells.

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