Christmas is a precious time in which to be able to be with family, friends and all those people we love. It is also a suitable date to make peace with the rest of the people who, for one reason or another, have ended up estranged. If you still don’t know how to congratulate your loved ones, we are going to give you the solution with these Christmas phrases for friends and family, with which you can wish happy holidays and a new year in an original way. Remember that it is important to be grateful for everything that happens to you, and tell those people that you love them so important to you. In addition, there will be no easier way than sending a Christmas message to your mobile or on social networks, although you can also write it by letter or on a postcard.

Christmas greetings for WhatsApp

  • I hope that the spirit of Christmas reaches your heart, and manages to guide you towards happiness and joy throughout the year.
  • I only wish from my heart that love, happiness and peace reign in your home.
  • Receive my blessings as if it were a rain of peace, harmony and love in these Christmas holidays.
  • This Christmas decorate your life with a smile and give love to all the people you love.
  • Enjoy Christmas with friendship and love. I hope this coming year will be much better.
  • I wish you this Christmas every day you wake up with the hope that tomorrow will be much better.
  • These holidays are magical and that is why I hope that your smile reaches the whole world as a divine gift, attracting happiness into your life.
  • Merry Christmas to all the people who have good will in their lives, and may peace and love reign in the hearts of all of them.
  • I wish that the light of Christmas illuminates all the hearts of the world, guiding the coming year along a path full of love and good wishes.
  • The magic of Christmas is unique, because it is capable of illuminating the lives of all people with love and enthusiasm. I hope your life is full of happiness and you get what you dream of.
  • This Christmas I hope that the light of your friendship never fails me. Thank you for always being with me.
  • I wish that this new year brings you much prosperity, and that our friendship remains eternal.
  • This year at Christmas, I wanted to be original but I had a problem, and it’s that I don’t know how to wrap a hug full of happiness.
  • My greatest wishes this Christmas is that happiness reigns in your house. You are a friend of those who make this world better.
  • May the magic of Christmas flood your life, filling you with happiness, love and strength to fight for your goals.
  • I’m going to tell you a secret. Today I met Santa Claus and he told me that he is going to leave you a lot of happiness on your Christmas tree. I have also told him to leave you a little health and love. I hope you like them.
  • I wish that in these Christmas holidays joy fills every corner of your house, making you excited for a much better future.
  • Among the gifts that I want to bring you this Christmas is the hope to overcome all the bad.
  • The gifts that I am going to give you this Christmas are wrapped in happiness and with knots of love so that you always have them in your heart.
  • My best wishes are with you and your family this Christmas, and for that I wish you all good things indeed.
  • I wish that the Christmas star shines on you and is able to give you all the happiness and love that you deserve.
  • For this Christmas I have prepared a cake for you, it is made with great enthusiasm, seasoned with a pinch of friendship and everything is kneaded with great tenderness. It goes into the oven to be done with patience, to decorate we will add lots of laughter, joy and happiness, and we will share it with all our hearts.
  • May the coming year be full of success and happiness for you and yours.
  • I bless this date because it is capable of uniting the whole world in a song of love and peace.
  • Bring out your best smiles on these dates and leave your problems aside. Enjoy your people, the one you love the most and live Christmas.
  • May the spirit of Christmas fill your souls with all the happiness you deserve.
  • I like Christmas not because of the decorations, nor because of the tree or the gifts, but because of the warmth of people who become more generous and show more of their love.
  • The best gift I can have this Christmas is to witness a family that is united and happy.

Christmas messages for family and friends

Enjoy Christmas, share happiness and laughter with your loved ones, show the love you feel for them and get excited for the new year that is to come. Share the happiness of such important dates thanks to these Christmas phrases that we have selected so that you and yours can congratulate everyone. You can save the Christmas phrases to place them in your WhatsApp status, on your Facebook or even on Instagram. Make no one feel alone on these dates, share your joys and help the rest of the people around you feel blessed to have you by their side.