It seems that time for many famous women never passes. Over the age of 50 they are in better shape than ever and photographed in a bathing suit exhibit top bodies .

The beautiful over 50s portrayed in bikinis show toned and sculpted bodies that even the very young will envy. But what will their beauty secrets be ?

A lot of sport , a healthy diet seem to be the only elixirs used by these beautiful VIPs, but will it really be like that or does someone have some unsuspected tricks up their sleeves? at the table to be in shape even with the passing years.

Are you curious to know what exercises the splendid Cindy Crawford does, how many hours a day does Barbara D’Urso train or what diet does the always young Demi Moore follow ?

Let ‘s find out the beauty secrets of these 10 famous women together >>

10) Sharon Stone

Bikinis from the 80s and a body that is still the envy of many. The sexy bomb Sharon Stone , after years, is still in great shape and the photos that immortalize her on vacation in a bathing suit are the clear demonstration of this. The actress who, now close to 60 , cares a lot about her physique and her secret would be to practice continuously . Sharone Stone doesn’t go to famous gyms but, according to her, she always finds some way to keep fit. There is to really believe her because she portrayed in these photos she looks much younger than the years she actually is.

9) Barbara D’Bear

Even the splendid Italian presenter is no less in terms of breathtaking physique. It is said that good morning starts in the morning and for Barbara, it seems, it is just like that. In fact, her beauty ritual begins right from breakfast with a nice juice of fruit and vegetables, before the morning run. In addition, the presenter has repeatedly stated that she wakes up very early every morning to devote time to a healthy workout. Wake up at 6.45 am and to stay tonic dance or pilates, here are the beauty secrets of Barbara D’Urso.

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8) Courteney Cox

Actress Courteney Cox , in a very simple black bikini, also exhibits a slim and slender physique despite being over 50 years of age. Her secret: dance . In fact, the actress would dance daily at least 90 minutes straight, electronically checking her heart rate, so that she is always at maximum intensity. In addition, she would also engage in other sports throughout the week, such as tennis, surfing, yoga, horseback riding, martial arts and pilates. For his diet she has lots of vegetables and her favorite one: cabbage, spinach and broccoli.

7) Monica Bellucci

In this roundup of beautiful women, no longer very young, the splendid Monica Bellucci , mother of two children, could not be missing. The actress, who the whole world envies us, always looks sexy and fit even in a swimsuit. Of course, she has a few little secrets to keep herself online. In fact, at the table she would have given up on pasta and sweets but without the need for harrowing daily and rigorous physical training. No plastic surgery for her face either . Acupuncture would be the elixir of youth chosen by the enchanting Monica Bellucci.

6) Demi Moore

From the rumors it would seem that behind the beauty of Demi Moore there is an unsuspected secret. In fact, the actress would use an electric blanket which, by heating her body, is able to burn up to 1,000 calories per session. Also, in addition to intense yoga sessions, Demi lei would be very careful about her eating regime , following a diet in which most foods are not heated, in an effort to preserve nutrients. The actress also tried the Master Cleanse diet , consisting of lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup.

5) Alba Parietti

Alba Parietti , born in 1961, really has nothing to envy to very young girls in terms of physique. The showgirl and presenter reworked her lips many years ago but to stay young she would no longer have resorted to cosmetic surgery. Her secret to a perfect figure would be a balanced diet and lots of sport . In fact, since she was a girl, Parietti has always attended the gym and she loves to lead a healthy life. Additionally, she revealed that as she entered menopause, she lost weight and maintained firm skin. Not a small fortune.

4) Cindy Crawford

Former supermodel Cindy Crawford is no less in training . In fact, she wakes up early and from 8 in the morning, 3 times a week , 75 minutes of hard exercise . The workout, very classic, includes weights and many squats to have a side b still to be envied. To keep her heart rate high and burn a lot of calories, Cindy would run down the stairs at regular intervals, finishing the circuit of sit-ups and push-ups on the mat. Plus, you have healthy snacks and food for most of the day.

3) Pamela Prati

Perfect body even for the over 50 Pamela Prati . The bikini showgirl looks fitter than ever. However, the sacrifices she undergoes to stay on the line are not a few. In fact, Prati would have eliminated red meat , gluten and alcohol from her diet . In addition, for a perfect b-side and sculpted abs there is constant physical training , accompanied by 8 hours of night sleep . A really important beauty secret for the tonic Pamela Prati.

2) Giuliana De Sio

The Italian actress Giuliana De Si o, who recently appeared as a contestant in the program Dancing under the stars , is one of the over 50s to still be in great shape. Her secret is a lot of gym and gyrotonic . This type of physical activity which is a mixture of stretching and gentle movements helps the actress to stay young and to appear in a bikini with a breathtaking physique.

1) Maria De Filippi

Physical at the top also for the presenter Maria De Filippi . Although little is known about her private life about the presenter and her toned body under the eyes of all despite having exceeded 50 years of age. His beauty secrets are very simple: a healthy diet , lots of sport and a walk with the dog every evening .