Wearing trendy bikinis is not just about putting on a swimsuit to go to the beach, it is a keen indicator of how attentive you are to the latest trends. This indicator has never failed until now.

He showed up very high-cut and bold in the carefree years of the late twentieth century, he came back more chaste at the beginning of the 2000s, he rediscovered the shorts a few years ago .. And now? How does the most famous costume in the world , which takes its name from the clothing of the girls on the Polynesian island of Bikini, face 2020 ? What fashion will this delicate and powerful symbol of swimwear dictate for summer 2020 ?

High-cut briefs, chastened top

The trendy summer 2020 bikini recalls the happy eighties again, with a very high- cut bottom that enhances the shape of the thighs and the “B side” of each of us.

So pay attention to the costume fitting, because the shapes cannot be hidden! On the other hand, the top of these models will not be excessively provocative, the cups and bands remain, possibly in a single color.

Animalier theme or pastel colors

You will find many of them around, because this year the 2020 bikini marries the animal fur pattern (theme). But do not worry about animal rights because it is only printed furs.

Tiger stripes, leopard spots on different colored backgrounds will be the fashion of the moment.

Alternatively, if you don’t like prints, the choice will be among many delicate and gentle pastel shades . Never mix the two types of swimsuit – one color and Animalier – but it will be possible to alternate the top of one color and the bottom of another, staying between the pastel single color models.

Among the trendy bikinis in this summer 2020 we cannot mention these two fantasies!

Bows and flounces

The eighties return with all the exaggeration of the time reiterated in a modern key. So the 2020 bikinis will show off bows on the shoulders, in the center of the bra or on the sides of the slip. Better if everything remains in a single color, but there will be fancy bows for the younger ones. For slightly older girls, bows can be replaced by flounces, the waving and fluttering fabric typical of certain party dresses of the magical Eighties , now lent to beach fashion. Will everyone like them? We’ll see!

Top with sleeves

The real news for bikinis this summer 2020 is the model with the top with sleeves. These will be costumes sold with the two options, plain top and t-shirt top , which can be alternated or worn together.

The tops with sleeves will still be light as a costume should be, but embellished with these mini sleeves, possibly “puffed” (balloon) as required by the Eighties style.

Lace-up model

The bikinis of 2020 will also be Lace-up. In other words, provocative and open enough to make you “imagine” but artistically closed by laces, cords and intertwined buckles . Nothing will prevent those laces from ending with a nice bow by combining the two trends of the moment.

The lace closure will obviously be in the center of the bra and, in the most intriguing models, on both sides of the slip. Impossible to resist, so be prepared for looks of all kinds along your summer runway.


The 2020 bikini fashion, therefore, as you have seen, will be very rich and varied, with different models to choose from. Many of these bring back to the 70s-80s, and it is therefore a pleasant return to the past, always with style and a touch of sensuality, which only a beautiful bikini can give.