We all have at least one pair of sunglasses somewhere.

Those who only have one and pull it out exclusively on sunny days and those who consider it a real accessory and therefore have different models and colors to combine with clothes and make-up.

Did you know that sunglasses already existed in ancient Rome? It seems that the emperor Nero used an emerald to shield himself from the sun’s rays while he watched the gladiator show. In China , on the other hand, smoke-colored lenses were used, in quartz.

Instead, the first real sunglasses company was founded in 1929 . Perhaps you do not know, however, that sunglasses are not a simple protection for the eyes, an absolutely important factor, but if chosen carefully in the right way, they can enhance or penalize the shapes of our face .

That’s why in this guide, you will find out what to choose your lens based on. Let’s see together the 7 face shapes, to choose the perfect glasses >>

7) Triangular face

A triangular face mainly features a narrow forehead and wide jaws . The example is Renee Zellweger . To enhance your face, opt for eyewear with teardrop lenses and also very elaborate lenses, if you like to dare. Yes also to thick frames, with a rectangular shape and elongated outwards, so as to fill the void of the upper part of the face.

6) Rectangular face

The rectangular face has the sides of the forehead and jaw, perpendicular . It turns out to be a face therefore quite hard. Example and Sarah Jessica Parker . To soften their features, you can use lenses with a rounded shape ; in addition, a higher than a wide frame is recommended. Sunglasses with a low bridge will make the face appear smaller, shortening the space between the forehead and nose.

5) Face to heart

This is a face characterized by a pointed chin and broad cheekbones and forehead . The example is Scarlett Johansson . Absolutely to avoid the elongated shapes towards the bottom, such as the teardrop ones, but instead square shapes . Rounded shapes are also fine, so as to harmonize the spaces between the chin and the forehead, which are very different.

4) Rhombus face

Just like a rhombus, this face is characterized by a narrow forehead, wide cheekbones and a pointed or otherwise narrow chin. The example is Madonna . You will have to opt for lenses that are taller than wide , so as to contrast the already accentuated width of the face. Instead, round and rectangular shapes should be avoided, because they clash with those of your face.

3) Round face

Just as the name implies, the round face is shaped like a moon; chubby cheeks, narrow forehead and chin and short face . The example is Kirsten Dunst . For this shape you will have to use angular shapes, which lengthen the face; so as to thin out the soft shapes already present. Very suitable model and the aviator one.

2) Oval face

This is the face that is commonly referred to as perfect , in the sense that whatever your choice, whether hairstyle or make-up, you always look good. So if this is your face, you are in luck. The example is Megan Fox. The ideal is a horizontal shape , which follows the line of the eyebrows. The goal is to make this face even more perfect.

1) Square face

As for the rectangular face, this shape turns out to be quite hard and angular, with the difference that this face is shorter. She has a wide jaw and forehead , but girls with this face are usually very beautiful. The example is Angelina Jolie . The teardrop shape is ideal with a thin and light frame.
Now you have all the information to buy a real accessory, which will enhance your beauty even more. This summer on the beach you will certainly not go unnoticed.