More and more people make a living editing videos and uploading them to Youtube. If you are thinking of doing the same, you have at your disposal a wide repertoire of programs to edit videos that adapt to the needs of each user.

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How to choose the best video editor
The first thing we must be clear about is what editor profile we are , and depending on our needs we will choose one program or another. If we are going to upload videos for pure entertainment or we are taking our first steps, we can opt for one of the hundreds of free programs that we find on the net.
If, on the other hand, we need a much more professional result or we want to monetize the content that we upload to the network, then we will opt for a paid program with advanced functions, even if they require more extensive learning.
Video marketing has become an essential business tool to expand personal branding or attract consumers. The video format also increases the loyalty (engagement) of your community and positively influences the organic traffic and SEO of the web.

    15 programs to edit tremendously useful videos
    In case you were wondering, all the applications that we present below are translated into Spanish .

    1. Free and online video editors
    We start with those that we can use without a paid subscription or license, ideal for amateur creators.

    1.1 Windows Movie Maker
    The video editor that comes standard in Windows may not be the most complete option, but it is the most suitable if you are taking your first steps in editing. Thanks to its intuitive interface, you will be able to play with the different video clips and images that you add to the library . The perfect tool to familiarize yourself with the basic concepts.

    1.2 Video Editor Wondershare Filmora
    If you need a more complete program than the previous one but you don’t want to pay, Filmora is an excellent option. It allows you to add different layers, create collages, add filters or stickers.

    1.3 Blender
    Another option that gives us professional results without paying a penny is Blender, a complete open source video editor. One of the peculiarities you will be able to create your own 3D content and share it with a wide community of users . On the web you can also find a good handful of articles to be up to date on the work of developers.

    1.4 Lightworks
    A program to edit videos from any operating system. Contains a lot ofadvanced options such as templates or format and quality changes . Although the free version quite limits the possibilities, the application is very complete and has a long learning curve.

    1.5 Kizoa
    This program, which we can use on the same website, is aimed at creating videos from image and audio files . Therefore, it is the ideal tool to create a GIF or small audiovisual pieces. When we are done, Kizoa adds the option to share the result on social networks.

    1.6 Clipchamp
    With this intuitive and simple program to edit videos online you can record a video with the webcam and modify it to your liking. In the free version you can retouch about five videos every month, so we recommend using it sparingly.

    1.7 iMovie
    The equivalent of Movie Maker on Apple devices. It adapts like no other to the functionalities of the iOS operating system and incorporates more interesting options than its equivalent in Windows, such as cuts, effects, filters, speed changes or optimization for social networks.

    1.8 Screenflow
    Another of the most popular ways to upload content to YouTube is capturing the computer screen while recording with the microphone (especially if we want to upload tutorials or gameplays). For that, Screenflow, a program to capture the screen on Mac computers , will be useful .

    1.9 Camtasia Studio
    For Windows PCs and devices we have Camtasia Studio, the other great option to record our screencasts . In addition, it allows us to add some visual effects, blur parts of the image or insert text.

    1.10 Free Video Convert
    Finally, we present you a useful tool to convert your online videos. There are many pages that perform this function, but few are as simple as Free Video Converter, capable of supporting some 300 formats .

    2. Paid video editors
    If you want professional results, it is best to take a look at these paid programs. If you study well each of its functions you will be able to do authentic virguerias.

    2.1 Sony Pro
    Formerly known as Sony Vegas, this program is one of the most complete on the market. It has a royalty-free sound bank that you can use in your edits and allows you to correct some defects in specific areas, instead of going frame by frame.

    2.2 Final Cut Pro
    This application is only available for Apple users .

    The video editor that renders faster , making the most of the equipment’s hardware. You can use it in offline mode and it is available in a wide variety of languages.

    2.3 Adobe Premiere Pro
    That a program is developed by Adobe is synonymous with quality (you just have to see their work with Photoshop). Once you discover how its control panel works,you will be able to do almost anything with a video file . It is perfectly integrated with the following editor: Adobe Alter Effects.

    2.4 Adobe After Effects
    The add-on for Adobe Premiere to create 3D graphics and animations , with totally fluid movements and effects. Guaranteed professional result.
    We must say that Adobe package programs are available for Windows and Mac .

    2.5 Pinnacle Studio
    Finally we have a Windows exclusive video editor. Of all the paid editing programs, this is the simplest and most intuitive, since it is based on a “cut, drag and drop” system that any user can understand. It does not lack a wide collection of effects and templates.

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