True friends are some of the closest people! Therefore, if your girlfriend is having a holiday soon, you should consider choosing an unusual and original greeting card. We advise you to reject the banal messages of many years for your best friends, because they will certainly not be remembered by your friend and will not leave an echo in her heart.

A good solution would be to send a birthday message to a friend in our collection, as it contains original wishes that will recharge the recipient with positive energy for a long time.

In addition, there are humorous, good humor and mega positive messages, which will give you a lot of pleasant emotions and confidence in your sincere attitude towards her.

Little attention will strengthen your friendship for many years and will undoubtedly become the reason for your good mood, because such messages Happy Birthday for the best friend will be the best gift!

Messages Happy Birthday for the best friend

If your dear friend’s birthday is coming soon and you’ve run out of birthday ideas for your best friend, we encourage you to read the text below. We are one hundred percent sure that you will find suitable examples of messages Happy Birthday for a special friend.

 πŸŽ  On this day, I want you to be the main guest at the celebration of life! May your years in marriage not turn into everyday gray life, but always sparkle with happiness!

 πŸŽ  My dear! I wish you that the goldfish never tire of fulfilling your wishes, and that all your most incredible commitments will bring you overwhelming success!

 πŸŽ  I am very glad to have had the good fortune to meet you, and this acquaintance has become a strong friendship, which is said: you are simply inseparable. On this occasion, I sincerely wish you not to encounter anxiety in the way of your life! Happy Birthday!

 Friend  ! May prosperity reign in your life, and may fate fully reward you for the warmth and kindness you offer to others!

 You are  a wonderful friend! You will never refuse to help and you will know how to sincerely enjoy the success of your friends! Today is your birthday and I want to wish you a generous fate and to give you gifts not only at your request, but simply!

 πŸŽ  My dear! I wish your husband to love you more and more every day, and our friendship to grow stronger every year!

 πŸŽ  My dear friend! For your birthday, I want to wish you to swim in the ocean of love and enjoy the waves of happiness! May your loving husband bring you to the ninth heaven, protecting you from all trouble!

 πŸŽ  My friend! I wish you to catch admiring looks every day and to receive sincere compliments! Happy Birthday!

 πŸŽ  There are few people like you in this world! You are smart, beautiful, kind, receptive! One message is not enough to list all your virtues! I am forever grateful for your friendship with you! For your birthday, I wish that fate always remains favorable to you! Happy Birthday!

 πŸŽ  My dear! I wish you endless happiness and unparalleled love! Husband and children rejoice in their successes and achievements!

 Arta  Fate has given me the happiness of being your friend. For your birthday, I wish the gentle sun to shine during the day and the mysterious stars to illuminate your path at night. And every shooting star you see, walking with her husband on the alleys in the evening, to fulfill a wish!

 πŸŽ  On your birthday, let it shine with happiness and never let that glow fade, but only intensify every day! Happy Birthday!

 πŸŽ  May there always be love in your heart that warms your heart. On the way to life, meet only kind and faithful people and always remain yourself. Happy birthday!

 πŸŽ  Dear friend! Happy Birthday! Be the happiest woman in the world! Let your house be warm, your husband – caring, your children – obedient and have enough strength, love and affection not to offend anyone, to pay attention to everyone! This is very important!

 πŸŽ  Congratulations! May your face, like a good wine, become more and more appreciated every year, and may your beautiful smile always light the way for others.

 πŸŽ  Live in such a way that every day there is a reason to smile, in every moment your heart trembles with happiness and there is never bitterness in your soul. Happy Birthday!

 πŸŽ  Good mood, happier moments, fulfillment of all wishes and happiness in your personal life – that’s what I want for your birthday! May the house always be warm and comfortable and may it be quiet in your soul!

Beautiful messages Happy Birthday for a good friend

With the help of these beautiful birthday messages for a good friend, you can wish your friend a happy birthday or a wonderful New Year’s Eve. They are suitable for any occasion! You can write them on a postcard or send them via SMS. Your girlfriend will be able to save the cards on her phone to recite from time to time, remembering this happy and fun day.

 πŸ””  On this wonderful day – your birthday, I want to wish you, my friend, that your life is not calm and measured, but interesting, and the emotions are happy! Happy Birthday!

 πŸ””  Friend! Let life not stand still, every day to surprise you and present you with only pleasant surprises!

 πŸ””  My invaluable friend! I wish you not only for your birthday, but also 365 days a year, to receive flowers and compliments! Let your husband never forget that magnificent gift that fate has presented to him – YOU! May she always be ready to carry you in her arms, and may you instead give her your endless love and tenderness!

 πŸ””  Today is a special holiday – your birthday! I’ve known you for years. You are very charming and cheerful! I wish you to stay like this for many, many years!

πŸ”” My dear! I wish you inexhaustible happiness in life, successful work efforts and ever-increasing income! Never stop enjoying life and infecting others with good mood!

 πŸ””  For your birthday, I want you to meet as often as possible on the way to the flowery alley, where you can enjoy the smell of happiness and love, going hand in hand with your husband! And if suddenly a storm catches you somewhere, don’t forget that the rainbow will appear after it!

 πŸ””  My dear best friend! Always be so sincere, kind, and cheerful that your smile will bring joy to your friends, and your eyes, like diamonds, will shine with joy.

 πŸ””  Friend! May you always be healthy, may you not know the trouble, may every day be filled with happiness and positivism! Happy Birthday!

 πŸ””  I will always be with you, I will enjoy the success and advancement of your career! Happy Birthday my dear!

 πŸ””  Your true friends will always enjoy your success. Congratulations and happy birthday!

 πŸ””  How many years have we been friends? We know almost everything about each other! My friend, I want you to experience only positive emotions. Have a gentle sun every day, and let the rays of happiness light your way!

 πŸ””  Honey! May the most daring and extraordinary wishes be fulfilled! I want your birthday to be full of wonders!

Simple messages Happy Birthday for my good friend

This section was created especially for those who want to wish their girlfriend a happy holiday. Tell her in simple messages for many years to my dear friend how dear she is to you, wishing her love, happiness and many years of life.

 βž€  Today is such a happy and exciting day for you, my dear friend! Finally, we celebrate the day of your name! I can’t express how I feel, since I want to wish you everything! But, you know, the main thing is for the sun of happiness to shine in your house, and in the morning to wake up with a smile and never know betrayal and despair. May all your innermost desires be fulfilled!

 βž€  Today, for your birthday, they have already wished you all the best! And happiness, and love, and health! And do what you love and climb the career ladder! I just want all these wishes to come true as soon as possible!

 βž€  I want you to always be full of energy and the desire to create something new, to offer fun and happiness to those around you! Happy Birthday dear!

 βž€  Now we celebrate your birthday! Another year, which passed happily and joyfully, because there was an opportunity to have fun and share the troubles. My dear friend, I want you to always believe in the goodness of people, to meet only open hearts and never know the disappointment in life!

 βž€  What can you wish for a person as bright as you? My darling! Be happy and always happy!

 I want  your days to be full of vivid impressions and to be able to take the best of life. And, most importantly, to meet on the path of life the loved one – a true soul mate. Also, always reach your goal!

 βž€  We have known each other for years! And it’s not your first birthday we celebrate together. We know almost everything about each other and we understand at a glance what we mean. On this birthday, I want you to find your place in life and also to find your happiness.

 βž€  Even though it’s your birthday, I want to wish you something for me. I want our friendship to last forever, so that after this time we remain just as beautiful and young!

 βž€  Honey! Your birthday is our holiday. We are glad that fate has offered us a friend like you: with an amazing beauty, an incredibly smart girl, an optimist. We congratulate you, we love you, we are proud of you and we celebrate with you! See you tonight!

 βž€  Today I wish my friend only a festive mood and a lot of presents! She deserves it like no one else!

 On  this day I want to tell you: Happy birthday, my friend! Be cheerful and open, honest and loyal, generous and intelligent.

Special messages for many years for my girlfriend

The best friend cannot be compared to anyone else, so congratulations must also contain special messages. If you have found the gift worthy of her birthday, you have chosen the flowers and you no longer have the time and energy to compose an original wish, choose from these messages for the best friend of many years.

βœ…  On our birthday, as well as on New Year’s Eve, we always expect some miracles, an impossible story. So, my friend, I wish you a miracle and a story today!

βœ…  My dear! May every day be fabulous and bring you joy! Let happiness find its way to you, and success, on the contrary, let it not be forgotten. And I want you to see pain and tears only in movies!

βœ…  Friend, your close people have gathered in your house today, the ones you respect and cherish. But not everyone knows what an open and positive person you are. Whatever happens in this life, your eyes always shine, and your smile delights those around you! Happy Birthday!

I  want your life to always be rich in happy events and to meet your loved one! Happiness for you, health and wealth!

βœ…  Today I’m raising a glass of red wine for you, my dear friend! I mean, I’m very grateful for your fate. Our friendship is a valuable gift! Happy Birthday!

βœ…  Happy birthday to you and always be so cheerful, kind and open. Only then will you always be happy!

βœ…  You are the kindest, dearest and friendliest person! There are few such people alive! I am very happy to have you and to call you my childhood friend! May all your wishes come true on this wonderful day, and we, your friends, will try our best!

βœ…  I raise my glass for my childhood best friend and a wonderful person who is ready to shrug his shoulders in a difficult time and share the joy in a happy time! Happy Birthday my friend!

βœ…  My dear! Have love, endless health, a lot of patience and a happy family! Happy Birthday!

βœ…  Today is my girlfriend’s birthday! Our friendship began when we were children, and now we are friends with our families. We already have children instead of dolls, and the boys who pulled our muzzles have become our husbands. I wish you to continue to make your childhood wishes come true!

We  have known each other since childhood, we know a lot about each other, but not a day goes by that I don’t miss you! You are the kindest, gentlest, most interesting and smartest girl on earth. Let your house be full of laughter, let the children delight you with their successes, and let your husband rejoice with his attention and kiss you non-stop!

βœ…  Dear friend! Happy Birthday! May the stars shine as brightly as possible tonight, may the birds sing as sweetly as possible this morning, may a happy smile play on your face, and may tears appear in your eyes only happily – real, feminine! Be beautiful, loved and desired!

Short messages Happy Birthday for my dear friend

We present to you a wonderful selection of the best wishes and short messages, from the “for my dear friend” category. Here you will find a lot of emotions, tender and friendly feelings, which are expressed in beautiful prose. Congratulations will create an unusual atmosphere at your friend’s party, filling the holiday with happy impressions and making the friendship stronger.

 β­•  You are my best friend, we have known each other since childhood! I want to wish you a lot of smiles, warmth and kindness for your birthday! Happy Birthday!

 β­•  My dear! Let calm, luck, prosperity settle in your home, and let the angels protect you from trouble. Let the children understand you, and let the loved one appreciate you!

 β­•  No matter how many years we have been friends! For your birthday, I want to wish you a huge bouquet of happiness, kindness, good luck, great and sincere love, understanding and health!

 β­•  My dear! Congratulations! Enjoy your favorite work, develop your own talents, and visit your best friends more often!

 β­•  I was lucky to meet you as a child and I never regretted our friendship! On this significant day, I want to wish you happiness, health and success!

 β­•  Congratulations! Success in your career, a warm family atmosphere and the support of the closest people! May everything you want come true this year!

 β­•  On this bright day, for your birthday, I want to wish you a sea of ​​warmth, an ocean of love and a planet of luck! Happy Birthday!

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 β­•  My dear! Leave only kind people, friendly colleagues and good neighbors! Congratulations!

 β­•  Happy birthday! Let the boss judge you according to your merits, and let the salary correspond to your expenses! All the best!

Happy Birthday my friend! On this significant day, I want to wish you many smiles from your loved ones, sincere wishes, the fulfillment of your precious wishes!

 β­•  Happy birthday, congratulations on this happy and bright day. Let the sun shine in your soul and your heart tremble with joy!

 β­•  Let love warm you in the cold days, and respect and admiration reign at work. Happy Birthday!

 β­•  May your health always be as strong as a coconut and your smile as warm as a ray of sunshine. Live without knowing the bitter problems!

  • Today, you will finally receive what you deserve: lots of flowers, beautiful gifts, a huge number of compliments, meeting friends and a wonderful mood!
  • Have the best every day, not just your birthday. Happy celebrations!
  • Happy birthday, dear friend, congratulations! I only wish you well in life, to always be so sincere and devoted!
  • My darling! Let love warm your heart, let sadness withdraw forever, and let hope take root in your soul! Happy birthday!
  • Let your life be like a fairy tale: with good heroes, trusted friends, a bright road and a peaceful sky. Always believe in miracles and your dream will surely come true!
  • For people as good as you, everything has to be fine. Happy birthday and a beautiful holiday!
  • On this special day, I would like to wish my best friend success and happiness! Always be greeted with good news!
  • Dear friend! Let your birthday be another step towards true happiness. May the warmth of family and friends warm you, and may your heart be filled with joy!

 β­•  Always be gentle, bright as a radiant sun, and warm everyone around you with your invaluable kindness! Happy Birthday!

 β­•  To live the joy every day. Happy birthday, my friend! Good luck to you!

Funny and funny messages Happy Birthday for my girlfriend

Below you will find an excellent selection of funny and funny messages. They are funny, full of humor and good mood in every line. Such a variety will allow you to find the best greeting cards for your girlfriend.

  • Take a pen and a piece of paper. I will dictate, and you write, “Sadness, pain, stress, tears, sorrow, broken heart, heaviness of soul, dark thoughts, depression, excess weight, bad mood, old shoes, I want nothing.” You wrote? Now, my friend, take a match and burn the sheet. Let everything written in it disappear.
  • Dear passenger of the VIP train “Life”, please visit the annual birthday city, where your friends are waiting for your arrival at the Friendship station. The parking time is one evening. We warn you: in case of a stormy arrival meeting, the departure will be postponed until the morning. Have a nice trip!
  • When you were a child, you used to play with dolls, and now – with men’s hearts. You used to make cakes out of mud, and now you bake delicious cakes. You were a sweet and pretty girl, but you became a gorgeous beauty! But the personality has remained the same and that’s why I love you. Always be the best!
  • Let the sun’s rays throw diamonds into your room. Let the day go by hard – finding places to spend your money. Let your feet dance and your feet ache. And a delicious dinner and a hot man are waiting for you at home.
  • I wish you, my friend, an unforgettable adventure. Run away from all things and worries on thin heels today. When she leaves, she puts on the most beautiful dress. Hurry, get caught in the cold rain. On the way, she slips and falls into the arms of a handsome man, from whom you will forget about the cold, the dress, and the rain.
  • Come on, pretty girl, pack your things! Why? Because I’m evacuating you! Yes, don’t roll your eyes! Did you think you could stay in the past forever? No, darling, it’s time to move into the new year of life! Believe me, you’ll love it there! And one more thing: don’t worry about the suitcase, it won’t be necessary in the future.
  • I wish you, dear friend, to know three “states” in your life: gentle love, hot passion and unceasing flow of joy. Add three “F’s”: happiness, beauty, femininity. And let all the “V’s” come true – dreams, values, vacations.

Funny birthday messages for my older girlfriend

Since childhood, girls have loved to gather in small groups and discuss their secrets. That’s why they’re friends! But they only become true friends in years to come, and they always deserve congratulations on their birthday. Who, if not you, will cheer the homage and give him self-confidence? With the help of these funny birthday messages for my older friend, you can emphasize intelligence, fervor, elegance, beauty and other good qualities in a more funny way.

 πŸ“ˆ  For your birthday, my friend, I wish you the most common things: Hermione’s small, roomy bag to infinity, and Ellie’s shoes for an instant flight to Hawaii.

 I wish  you, my friend, that there are always those who want to give up their places in public transport, to share an umbrella in the rain, to pay for your purchases! May you always be surrounded by kind and caring people! Happy Birthday!

 πŸ“ˆ  My dear friend, happy birthday! I want you to have 7 dwarfs that will fulfill all your desires. One is for washing, the second for cleaning, the third for ironing, the fourth for cooking, the fifth for walking dogs, the sixth for shopping, and the seventh for love. May all your whims and desires be fulfilled!

 πŸ“ˆ  For your birthday, we sincerely wish that the car of your life will carry you easily through life, overcoming all obstacles and difficulties, so that the road will pass through a flower garden and that all those you need will be close. Welfare and success!

 πŸ“ˆ  Happy birthday! Always think, not how to get married, but how to truly learn to love. Then you will be the happiest!

 πŸ“ˆ  Dear friend. The bright date of your birthday has arrived. And you, like good wine, become more and more appreciated, delicious and beautiful every year. We’ve been through so much with you: shared experiences, joys and doubts, worries and funny stories that have happened to us. I wish with all my heart that the light always burns in your eyes, so as to attract admiring glances, and your heart to sing with eternal, real, unique love.