Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones), Brad Pitt and Liam Hemsworth are just some of the famous vegans that you may not have known they were. In this article we help you understand what veganism is and personalities like Natalie Portman, Ariana Grande and Alec Baldwin explain why they are vegan.

What is veganism and why is it fashionable
Often reduced to caricature and surrounded by myths and falsehoods, veganism is increasingly fashionable but remains the great unknown. And surely you have wondered what veganism is and how it differs from vegetarianism .
Vegans and vegetarians have one point in common: neither of them eat meat. But veganism, unlike vegetarians, also censors all foods of animal origin, which includes for example milk and its derivatives, eggs, and ingredients produced by animals, such as honey.
The reasons why a person becomes a vegan can be very varied, but they usually refer to three main explanations: an ethical reason of respect for animals, an ecological motivation to believe that the capture of animals harms the environment, or simply the willingness to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle.
Many consider veganism a fad, and certainly the increasing diffusion of its principles among elite circles invites us to think of a certain frivolity . However, in the field of ethics, they maintain some arguments that are difficult to refute.

15 famous vegans explain why they are
among all these reasons, personal motivations are very diverse. Sometimes they respond to the desire to follow a trend, and in other cases a personal story is hidden behind. Find out why these celebrities became vegan.

1. Beyonce and Jay-Z
Beyonce and Jay Z.
Celebrities have increasingly accustomed us to commitment to the environment, and in January of this year the surprise jumped whenThe most influential couple in the world , Beyonce and Jay-Z, announced that they were going vegan and encouraged everyone to save the planet with a strict plant-based diet.
In the prologue to the book Greenprint, Beyonce and her husband say that they initially took the step out of a desire to lead a healthy lifestyle, but later discovered an even more important use in veganism: saving the environment .
Some rumors suggest that the pop diva does not strictly follow a vegan diet, but in her writing she seemed convinced: “Let’s make a movement of this mission.”

2. Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman.
Natalie Portman took advantage of the media window of the Environmental Journalism Awards to make a speech that instantly began to circulate through the networks as one of the best defenses of veganism.
The actress had received an award for her documentary Eating Animals, in which she denounces the industrial exploitation of animals and attributes to them the pollution of air, water and land that affects poor communities. In addition, following a vegan diet is a commitment to avoid the suffering of a whole series of animals condemned to cruelty.
For all this, she encourages each individual to be consistent and follow her example: she has been a vegetarian since she was 9 years old , and a vegan since 2011.

3. Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande.
Ariana Grande used her global influence to give her fans a challenge: start a vegan diet. The main motivation of the singer and actress is, in this case, dietary, because according to her this is the best way to keep the figure and strengthen health.
Submitted to a dizzying career in which the great successes were recently joined by a sentimental breakup and the suicide of her great love, Ariana Grande revealed to her fans her great secret to maintain her impeccable physical condition and her mental balance of her. And that is none other than a good diet.
That’s why she recommends reducing meat consumption to stay fit and help animals, and also ensures that vegan food is very tasty thanks to many cool recipes.

4. Bryan Adams
Brian Adams.
Social networks were the channel chosen by the Canadian singer Bryan Adams to viralize the message in favor of veganism, and since then it has become one of the banners of the cause .
His five million Facebook followers were stunned by his “Go Vegan!” post. in which he announced that he had stopped eating meat and fish at the age of 28 and that since then he feels very comfortable with his lifestyle: “I can get all the proteins I need from plants”.
In the message, from December 2017, the artist emphasizes the importance of taking care of our body while taking care of the planet.

5. Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin.
Some celebrities boast of veganism without following the strict rules of the doctrine. It is not the case of Alec Baldwin, who assures that he follows a rigorous vegetarian diet whose motivation is the most original: according to him, it helps him increase his sexual potency .
Originally, the decision to change his diet was motivated by the diagnosis of diabetes, although he had previously reduced meat consumption. That was the turning point to adopt a vegan diet, which the actor recommends to all people to take care of their health, to help animals and to save the environment .

6. Woody HarrelsonWoody
Woody Harrelson has never hesitated to put his face to various campaigns promoting veganism, because in addition to following a strict diet they are products of animal origin, he is an openly spiritual person and committed to various causes.
In addition to being a yoga teacher and environmental activist, Woody Harrelson is a member of PETA, a human rights organization that focuses on combating animal abuse.
Two decades ago this actor decided to give up dairy products to solve his acne problem , which made him aware of the action of food on our body. For him, the election is a commitment at all levels.

7.Paul McCartneyPaul
The famous musician of the Beatles is also known for his campaigns in favor of the environment and other causes of the kind, and he decided to produce a documentary to promote the campaign “Meat Free Monday” .
Paul McCartney understands that it’s difficult for people to convert to veganism overnight, but starting by going meatless one day a week is a very important first step. For him, in the background is the commitment to the planet , because through his documentary he wanted to raise awareness about the impact of livestock on climate change.
On another occasion, Paul McCartney explained that he became a vegetarian as a result of seeing how he suffered from a fish that he himself had caught.

8. Kim Basinger
Kim Basinger.
At 65 years old, few can boast of keeping the line like Kim Basinger, in her youth a true erotic myth for many and today an example of commitment and environmental awareness .
What is clear is that Kim Basinger is not a fad: she has been a vegan since she was eight years old, and an activist for animal rights. In that long history of fighting to eradicate animal suffering, she pronounced one of the most remembered phrases : “If you could feel or see suffering, you would not think twice.”
That is why she encourages people to stop eating meat as a way to restore life and for human beings to develop on an equal footing with other living beings on the planet.

9. James Cameron
James Cameron.
Titanic director James Cameron proposes a vegan diet as a substitute for Viagra . As in the previous case, the filmmaker is also an old friend of animals and the meat-free diet: he has been a vegan since he was seven years old.
To put all his potential at the service of the cause, he made the documentary The Game Changers, in which, among other things, he shows some vegan athletes to demonstrate the benefits of unprocessed food and without animal protein on the human body.
However, in the starring moment of the documentary, three men submit to the control of a famous urologist to demonstrate that the vegan regimen helps to have a better erection and increases male libido .

10. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth
Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth.
Miley Cyrus and her husband Liam Hemsworth also like to air her love of animals and her commitment to environmental causes. On her Instagram, the singer posted a photo of her tattoo with the caption “Vegan for life” , and on occasion she uploads photos of her dishes in which there are only plant-based products.
His large community of 69 million followers are delighted with the lifestyle of his idol, who stopped eating meat after the death of his dog in 2014. By the way, that her husband Liam Hemsworth was declared the sexiest vegan in 2016 .
In the actor’s case, the decision stems from an awareness of the suffering of animals, and encourages everyone to take a more active attitude in their protection.

11. Peter DinklagePeter
The award-winning actor who plays the dwarf Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones, Peter Dinklage, has also stood out as a conscientious activist, alternating his stages of filming the series with campaigning for animals .
In some scenes he can be seen turning venison purple, but he has claimed that these are vegan meat substitutes. For nothing in the world would he break his strict observance of veganism, which he started when he was a teenager and which according to him is just about being consistent witha way of life that respects the environment .
In 2012 Peter Dinklage was the face of a Farm Sanctuary campaign to change the way society treats farm animals.

12. Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt.
Both Brad Pitt and his ex Angelina Jolie have been significant in causes such as the environment, animals and human rights many times. But few know that in addition to being a renowned environmentalist , Brad Pitt is also vegan.
In fact, when they were together, Angelina herself had recognized that despite trying sometimes, she had not succeeded. It seems that her husband was more advanced in that, because he has been aware for many yearsof the need to reduce meat consumption to end animal exploitation and the deterioration of the planet.
As an anecdote, once the actor assured that he put him in a very bad mood that someone ate a steak in his presence.

13. Leona Lewis
Leona Lewis.
Since Leona Lewis won the 2006 edition of the X Factor, her fame has not stopped growing, and so has her wealth. However, she once assured that she was willing to give everything in exchange for a world without animal suffering.
At age 12 she decided to cut meat from her diet , and a few years ago she took another step to become a vegan. One of her reasons, as she publicly acknowledged, was having read about the risks of consuming eggs on a daily basis.
But the convictions of the singer do not remain in the speech. In 2008, she turned down an £800,000 offer to promote Harrods after learning they were using animal skins. In addition, she opened her own line of cruelty-free cosmetics .

14. Ellen DeGeneres
Ellen DeGeneres.
“I am a lesbian, an Aquarius and a vegan,” says this Emmy-winning television presenter. Her fame has helped her to visualize some forms of struggle and her independent personality to break certain prejudices.
Food is one more of those facets that, according to Ellen DeGeneres, help lead a life in accordance with one’s own principles and with respect for human and animal rights.. The presenter admitted to having suffered sexual abuse as a child and, despite a difficult life, she has managed to develop a determined personality.
She and her partner Portia de Rossi have shared the decision to be vegan since 2008 and plan to open a restaurant for that type of food in the future .

15.Pamela AndersonPamela
Probably the last person you expected to find on this list . Well yes, it seems that the actress and model has a better head than we thought, and on several occasions she has put her voice at the service of the animal rights cause.
She has done it in a particular way: “Chickens and pigs are interesting animals, they have their own personality, and each individual must be aware that eating animals is collaborating in their suffering”. Pamela assures that she hasn’t eaten food of animal origin for years, and she has also collaborated with some PETA campaigns.