Each one is free to put their sexuality into practice as they please, always respecting the limits and freedoms of the other. However, there are the strangest sexual filiations that few can understand, filiations that no one in their right mind would dare to make a reality . It is true that we all have our secrets and that we all want to fulfill a fantasy in bed (unless you are asexual), but normally those fantasies do not go beyond a specific position or a particular person. We present twelve of the rarest filias.
From a psychological point of view, these philias and paraphilias go beyond sex. They represent the excitement of a person even if he does not perform intercourse or any sexual act. Although most fall within social norms and things that can be carried out in privacy, some even conflict with the legal framework.

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12 sexual affiliations of the strangest
Perhaps in this list you will find something with which you feel identified or identified. The possibilities are endless.

1. Spectrophilia
We have no record of anyone who has gone to the afterlife to become intimate with a person. Unlike necrophilia (the excitement of corpses), this is based on the specters and entities of another world. It may have its origin in Greek mythology, in which gods and strange creatures had sexual encounters with earthly people. In fact, if we observe the phenomenon of the Virgin Mary with the Holy Spirit, we could establish some parallelism.

2. Partialism
Although partialism ( that you like a specific part of the body) is a very widespread filiation, there are types of partialism that border on the sick. This is the case of maschalagnia, that is, the passion for the armpits.

3. Clismafilia
Perhaps it is one of the strangest filias that you have heard. Clismafilia consists of obtaining sexual pleasure through the introduction of liquids in the anus . This is a cause for concern for many professionals, and it is that people who carry out this practice often suffer injuries. In some cases it is necessary to remove objects from the rectum that cannot come out with the lubrication.

4. Technosexualism
It refers to a fetishism, although it is also a current term that defines a fashion or trend. In the first case, it is about the excitement for the technologicalor by those machines and devices with artificial intelligence. Especially in Japanese countries, there have already been several cases of people who have wanted to marry artificial intelligences, robots or video game characters.

5. Urophilia and coprophilia
Says the ability of a person to get excited with urine (urophilia) or excrement (coprophilia) . We know that it is really disgusting, but the fact is that there are many people who like this practice.

6. Formicofilia
If the filia by the urine has been surprising to you, get ready to discover what is the formicofilia. It is about the excitement with the tickling produced by insects on the genitals. It can be obtained by moving an ant, a snail, worms, or other small insects.
Sadism or masochism is the pleasure of one’s own or another’s pain. | Image from: Courtesy.

7. Fratilagnia

Incestuous sexual desire . Excitement when imagining or having sex with a person with whom blood ties are shared.

8. Hierophilia
We go from animals to objects and arrive at hierophilia, which consists of the passion for crosses and other objects of a sacred nature . These people are also often turned on when their sexual partner wears a cross pendant and even a Bible. Amen!

9. Acrotomophilia One
of the rarest sexual philias that have been diagnosed. acrotomophilic peoplethey derive pleasure from amputated body parts . It is a type of extreme bias, although in some cases the subjects go so far as to amputate limbs themselves. It should not be confused with apotemnophilia or the desire to be an amputee or with abasiophilia, which is attraction to people with reduced mobility.

10. Emetophilia
Another eschatological desire consisting of pleasure from the exposure of vomit . It is what is popularly known as “Roman shower”: enjoying when a person vomits on them.

11. Dacryphilia
Although it is not explicitly related to the sexual sphere, this
filia consists of enjoyment or excitement when seeing crying or tearseither in another person or in oneself. Normally it is related to the pain and humiliation of others, the result of harsh verbal abuse.

12. Eproctofilia
It is a variant of coprofilia, although in this case the pleasure is obtained from flatulence . We do not imagine anyone being able to derive pleasure from inhaling another person’s gases.

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Other known paraphilias
Other philias that can be potentially harmful for the people who practice them or that can deprive third parties of sexual freedom are the following. Some of them are more common.

1. Exhibitionism
Like to show the genitals in public or to undress in crowded places. Sexual arousal is obtained from the reaction of the victim.

2. Gerontophilia

Desire for the elderly . It is divided into alfamegamania (desire for extremely old men) and matronolagnia (desire for extremely old women).

3. Masochism and sadism

Sexual pleasure through one’s own or another’s pain. A recurring theme in popular culture and very fashionable as a result of the publication of the novel 50 shades of Grey.

4. Pedophilia

Sexual attraction of an adult towards children of the same or a different sex from her. If there is sexual activity with a child under 12 years of age, it is considered pederasty.

5. Zoofilia
Obtaining pleasure through relationships with animals . Also called bestiality or zoosexuality.

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