Some consider it the very reincarnation of Nostradamus in the Balkans, others simply dismiss it as a fraud. But Baba Vanga, a blind Bulgarian seer after a terrible accident, gained with her visions a wide community of followers who now look to the future terrified by the world catastrophes that she predicted.
We discover some of Baba Vanga’s fulfilled predictions, others that were proven wrong, and those that are yet to come, including the date of the end of the world.

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Who was Baba Vanga
Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova was born in a small town in rural Macedonia at the beginning of the 20th century (Strumica, 1911), although she lived almost all her retired life in the Bulgarian mountains of Kozhuh. As she herself explained, since her birth she was visited by strange creatures who informed her of events in the lives of others, although the fact that she marked her life happened when she was 12 years old.
A tornado, an exceptional phenomenon in her hometown, lifted her several meters and caused serious injuries to her eyes that, four years later, ended in total blindness. That accident sharpened her gift for clairvoyance and she began to make prophecies that were attracting the attention of others with great astonishment.
In fact, the prediction that made him famous was made when he was only 16 years old, shortly after losing his vision: then he prophesied that “the American brothers will be attacked by two metal birds.” After her success in predicting the start of the world war, she gained fame that introduced her to the circles of power . Among other tycoons , the penultimate tsar of Bulgaria Boris III and the communist hierarch Todor Zhivkov , as well as other communist leaders and prime ministers around the world,
attended her services .
Although some continue to believe in the natural gift of this blind woman for clairvoyance, a conspiracy theory began to cast doubt attributing to Baba Vangaits instrumentalization by the Bulgarian secret services . Baba Vanga died at the age of 85 in Sofia on August 11, 1996. A long life in which she made many other predictions, some correct and others not, but whose scope has consolidated her as the most famous seer behind the long shadow of Nostradamus .

Baba Vanga’s predictions
As an oracle of great leaders, Baba Vanga’s predictions have advanced great events in history , but he has also revealed prophecies that have turned out to be erroneous, opening the debate on their truth or falsity.

Predictions fulfilled
The legion of followers who adored his figureand defend their legacy around the world cling to the predictions fulfilled so far:

An invisible being informs Vangelia that a world conflict will begin, and that she has to alert the families that the men will leave and never return.

“Prague! Save Prague!” The seer predicted the entrance of the Soviet tanks in the Czechoslovak capital, which would become “an aquarium where only the crazy will go fishing”.

In that year Baba Vanga predicted the future disintegration of the Soviet Union.

That year he said that “the American brothers will be attacked by two metal birds and the blood of innocents will run through the rivers.” The chilling prophecy was fulfilled on September 11, 2001 with the attack on the twin towers in New York.

I was right in predicting that at the end of that year Russian troops would attack Chechnya, starting the conflict in that area.
Before dying, he predicted some of the things that, to this day, have come true:

advanced the beginning of a war proclaimed by Muslims against the rest of humanity, which has been seen by many as the prediction of the birth of ISIS or Daesh.

For this year he prophesied that an African-American president would arrive at the White House, which coincides with the irruption of Barack Obama, although he is wrong on the date (his first term begins in 2009).

False predictions
However, and with the same ease that she gained the respect of many, Baba Vanga reaped the criticism of many others who considered her a fraud . They welcomed her false predictions:

Before she died, the seer erroneously predicted that in that year there would be 4 assassination attempts against great world leaders, and not a single one was recorded.

Although Obama’s arrival at the White House was correct, he did so a few years late and, furthermore, he predicted something wrong: that he would be the last president of the United States and that he would spark a new war between the North and the South.

Baba Vanga’s most catastrophic prediction so far has not come true. By that date he predicted that as a result of a nuclear disaster in the northern hemisphere of the planet there would be no animal or plant life left.

Baba Vanga’s predictions for 2018
Baba Vanga predicted two remarkable events for 2018, which his followers follow closely.
A prognosis has to do with the universe: according to the seer, a new source of energy will be discovered on the planet Venus. Nevertheless,It seems that this extreme will be difficult to demonstrate , since the last time that the human being sent an exploration probe that star was two decades ago.
Since then, nothing seems to have changed on a planet where we know that one day lasts one Earth year and that, in addition to being covered by an atmosphere of carbon dioxide, temperatures are extremely high. Therefore, the conditions do not seem to invite an imminent discovery of useful energy.
A second prediction has to do with politics and the world economy, since it was anticipated that in the current year China will pass the United States as the first power.. In his favor is the fact that since his death in 1996 until today the Chinese giant has taken a leap to compete one on one with the Yankees.
There is also speculation about the prophecy he made about Barack Obama, whom he called “the last president of the White House” which for many means the imminent fall of President Donald Trump after triggering a global crisis.

Future predictions and the end of the world
The visions of Baba Vanga before dying still contain various dates and phenomena to come. The years, even the centuries and millennia to come, contain some hopeful and some frightening facts :

While the famine is controlled and new energy sources are discovered, humanity will launch a spacecraft to Venus.

The melting of the poles will be accelerated by increasing the water level.

A new disease will cause premature aging.

The robotization of the human species will materialize.

Animals will evolve into a species of semi-humans.

In his eagerness to discover extraterrestrial life, man will discover something terrifying.

Something terrible of extraterrestrial origin arrives on Earth.
According to the predictions of the Bulgarian seer, non-human life is extinct on Eartharound 3797, but humanity managed to settle on another planet . According to his visions, in 3085 a war between planets would begin where half of the human population would die.
However, Baba Vanga’s latest predictions are contradictory, and even though he advanced the discovery of a remedy to cure all diseases and the achievement of immortality in 4599, he ended up predicting the end of the world by 5079 .