The Norwegian suspense series ‘Beforeigners’ will be HBO’s new Nordic thriller and, with its premiere next summer, will become the first Norwegian bet produced by this channel. We tell you everything about its release date, the cast and a most surprising script where there are police, crimes and… Vikings!

When will ‘Beforeigners’ be released?
The success of Scandinavian productions in the suspense series genre in recent years is undeniable. The so-called ‘Nordic noir’ managed to consolidate a new genre in which a dark charm is achieved by combining cold landscapes with complex characters and plots that hide, behind the apparent Nordic well-being,complex and sordid plots .
In literature, the literary saga ‘Millenium’ opened a new path that, in television fiction, gave rise to a long list of series that, from ‘The Killing’ and ‘The Bridge’ to the recent ‘Trapped’ and ‘Guarantees’They have managed to consolidate the Nordic talent for these suspense products. For its part, Norway premiered the successful thriller ‘Borderliner’ on Netflix .
Now, lovers of this genre are in luck. Next August 21 lands on HBO ‘Beforeigner’ (The visitors) a new thriller that will also be the first Norwegian series produced by this pay channel. It will consist of six 45-minute episodes, and will be broadcast on all channels in the ‘HBO Europe’ territory, including Spain.
Everything we know to date about ‘Beforeigners’ or ‘The Visitors’, on HBO. | HBO. Everything we know about ‘The Visitors’

The creators of this series have gone a step further and with the intention of presenting an original script they have mixed the best of the police thriller with the pull of nostalgia for the Viking past that in recent years they have exported beyond Scandinavia.
The series is based on a fantastic event: after some lights are sighted over the ocean, beings from three different eras appear: the Stone Age, the Viking Age, and the end of the 19th century . No one knows how they got there, and they are called ‘the visitors’.
Two years later, a woman from the Viking Age, Alfhildr, and agent Lars Haaland, lead an integration team created in the police force. But in the midst of these events there is amurder of a woman who opened Pandora’s box.
Nicolai Cleve Broch , Norwegian actor starring in ‘The Legend of Ragnarok’, and Finnish Krista Kosonen , Doxie #2 in ‘Blade Runner 2049’, lead the cast as Viking Alfhildr and agent Lars. They will be accompanied by the acclaimed Agnes Kittelsen (‘Millenium: The Queen in the Palace of Drafts’).
Regulars of this type of series will also recognize other actors from the cast of ‘The Visitors’, such as Stig Henrik Hoff (‘Borderliner’, ‘The Thing’), Stig Amdam, Odd-Magnus Williamson, Herbert Nordrum and Oddgeir Thune. Directing will be the prestigious director Jens Lien (‘The Misfit’, ‘Sons of Norway’).
The series is produced by Norway’s Rubicon TV with executive production by HBO, which has recently been betting on European products and will work with Mediapro and Laco-producer on the Spanish fiction ‘Whatever’.
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