The clothing to choose for the gym must be selected with extreme care. Above all, a girl must never give up a sporty outfit , which is comfortable but at the same time does not forget the trends and fashion of the moment.

The mistake that many girls make is believing that the gym is not the temple of fashion, and therefore it is possible to show off randomly matched looks. In truth, it is essential and obligatory for everyone to wear all those clothing suitable for training, able to create a noteworthy sporty outfit.

In general, you should always opt for technical clothing, with fabrics that allow the skin to breathe, and which do not cause the proliferation of colonies of bacteria and fungi when in contact with sweat. which gives freedom of movement during exercises and which protects against redness, irritation and allergic forms.

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The choice of underwear

Every self-respecting look always starts with a good choice of underwear. For example, you need a bra that supports the decollete but does not bother you during the most particular exercises.

For this reason, for some time now, sports bras have spread, with thick straps and braided behind the back. Which means avoiding models with underwire, push-ups, and those with too thin straps.

The sports bra is not only very comfortable and allows you to move without problems, but it is also very trendy. It comes with wide straps and manages to contain the decollete properly. It is necessary to know how to choose the fundamental size, so that it supports the breasts well. The models on the market are in technical fabric or cotton, to let the skin breathe and avoid intimate irritations.

If the gym you attend should also have the wellness area to which you intend to access, it is also possible to show off a nice sports costume , such as the one-piece Olympic-size one, very charming and containing but at the same time practical and comfortable.

Staying on the subject of underwear, for the socks, these should be chosen simple, one-color, better SD in dark and cotton colors. In this way, if it were to be seen from under the pants, it will have a chic and trendy look.

The tank tops

For the top of the gym look, the most fashionable item of clothing for a girl is the tank top . It is usually preferred to the t-shirt because it frees the movement of shoulders and arms for this reason tank tops with thin straps should be avoided, especially if you have large breasts.

As for the fabric, the thermal one is fine, that is, it does not leave the abdomen and back wet for a long time. For the colors it’s all a matter of taste. Sure dark colors are very elegant, but patterned motifs are also very much in vogue today.

The choice of trousers: shorts, leggings and tracksuits

What can the tank tops be combined with?

It all depends on your level of embarrassment, physical activity and preferences.

For those who train bodyweight, it is not advisable to wear shorts and shorts, while vice versa you can wear leggings, comfortable pants and tracksuits.

For those who do cardio, therefore exercise bikes and treadmills, shorts are not to be discarded, even if they should never be high-cut, both for a matter of hygiene and for a matter of decoration.

A good alternative could be a pair of runner shorts. Those who do yoga or Pilates, on the other hand, could opt for specific models of trousers that facilitate the positions to be taken.

Shorts are also perfect when it’s warmer, as long as you take care to shave. Feeling beautiful in shorts is priceless.

For the suits, on the other hand, although they are not very popular in the female category, they can be just as fashionable as long as they are chosen of the right size and cut. Despite having been replaced by leggings, the suit retains its charm, because it goes well with any model of the t-shirt or tank top and because, if made of cotton, they allow the legs to breathe.

The shoes

Shoes are the ultimate essential item for a screaming outfit. They must be anatomical models, breathable, and that adapt to the activity carried out in the gym.

Usually the color of the sneaker is white or even black.

However, the models in canvas, which are lighter and more performing, can also be chosen in the same color, as long as it is a color that goes well with the colors of the trousers and t-shirt that you are going to wear.

The shoe should be replaced as soon as it shows signs of wear and tear, so that there is no risk of injury during training.

The towel and the hairstyle

To complete the sporty outfit for women there is a hairstyle and a towel to do exercises (and to wipe away the sweat). As for the hair, they should never be kept loose: the ideal sporty outfit is a ponytail or a disheveled bun, but kept firmly in place with elastic and hairpins.

For the towel, if it is dark in color, much better, but also the patterned colors are not really to be discarded. However, the important thing is that they are made of a fabric that can protect the body (when lying down or sitting on tools) from fungi and bacteria.


Our post dedicated to the sports outfit ends here. See you next time with the posts dedicated to Fashionaut sports fashion!