The navel is one of those parts of the body that is most unnoticed, unless it has a peculiar shape that is far from the typical orifice appearance. However, beyond simple curious glances, we do not usually pay too much attention to it, unless it is when it comes to cleaning ourselves and removing the dirt that accumulates on our surface. Although it is a scar that is generated at birth, each navel is unique in appearance ; we will never find two that are exact. In addition to being an indicator of people’s health, we now know that they can also reveal a great deal of data about personality and perceived level of agreeableness.

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How is the navel created?
The navel is the scar that attests to the union of how, during the gestation period in the mother’s womb, human beings are united to her. Thanks to the tube known as the “umbilical cord”, the fetus receives the supply of nutrients and oxygen necessary for its development, since it cannot do so autonomously.
After giving birth, the baby is still attached to the mother, so this link with her to which it has been attached throughout the pregnancy is cut, leaving a mark on the abdomen that will give rise to the aforementioned “button”, although at At the beginning, there are remains of tissue from the tube that will eventually come off.
The umbilical cord is cut when the newborn begins to cry, which shows that his lungs are working, that he can breathe without difficulty and that his body is functioning normally. In this way, the umbilical cord loses its function, which is why it is removed. 5 types of navel and what they reveal about health
Depending on the shape of a navel, the chances of that person suffering from a certain type of pathology will increase. 1. Protruding navel or “button” shape
Although they do not usually abound, protruding navels are nothing out of the ordinary. Now, if it protrudes to the extreme (more than it should at first), it may mean risk of suffering a hernia due to overexertion.of carrying something too heavy. 2. Small lump
It seems incredible, but people with a navel in the form of a small bump are more likely to have the flu. 3. Tucked in
This is the shape that the navels usually take when the wound is cauterized. It is said that people with an inward navel may have problems with their body weight , as well as a tendency to catch the flu, a characteristic shared with people with a slightly protruding navel. 4. Almond-shaped
There is a correlation between this type of navel and suffering from muscle pain with headaches . Likewise, the bone structure of these people is somewhat weaker than normal.5. Bulging and ā€œuā€
shaped Despite its harmonious shape, which gives this part of the body a somewhat more beautiful appearance, the ā€œuā€ shaped navel does not bode well for the health of the person, It would indicate risk of skin and kidney problems .

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10 navel shapes for 10 personalities
But, in addition to being a good predictor of health status, navels have an impact on the personality of human beings. Be careful, because as in everything, there are exceptions to the rule and the statements that are included below may not always be completely true. 1. Rounded
If your navel is rounded and deep, it means that, in general, you are an optimist who always looks on the positive side of everything. Now, it seems that you are not as strong as you could be.
On a social level, these people are usually good at communicating with others, whether they are family or friends, which makes it easy for them to have no problems receiving help if they need it. 2. Big
Good fortune smiles on those who enjoy a large and deep navel: wisdom, generosity and good managers . As children, they may have had a difficult childhood, but they probably have a successful adult life ahead of them. 3. Shallow
navel A navel that is not very deep inward has to do with personalities given to weakness and negativity. It is not uncommon that there is also an inability to complete certain tasks , a fact that can lead to abandonment as an escape route in the face of adversity. 4. Protruding navel
The main trait that characterizes people with bulging navels is stubbornness. In addition to that, they like to be the center of attention of others; however, be careful, because they run the risk of being used by third parties due to their complacency. You don’t have to become anyone’s puppet. 5. Navel pointing upwards
An upward navel has generally been associated with people with a cheerful character, given to interacting with others and desirous of achieving the greatest number of successes in life. A pretty optimistic prediction. 6. Downward
On the opposite side, we find those who lack energy and motivationenough to finish what demands more resources than they have. 7. Oval
Having the navel in this way usually coincides with slightly neurotic and worried personalities . It is not uncommon for these people to have opportunities slip from their hands because they are not focused on what they have to do. 8. Wide
Suspicious , often hypervigilant to any slightest sign of betrayal and with a will that is as iron as it is difficult to modify, this is how those with a wide navel are. 9. Circular
We have bad news: this type of navel is linked to love failures. So, when it comes to choosing a partner or lover, it would not hurt to take a look at this scar to reveal if it suits us or not. 10. And inverse
We end with good news, of course: regardless of gender, in economic, health and family terms, everything is going perfectly.

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