Amazon Prime Video continues its fight against HBO and Netflix to gain a foothold in the streaming platform market before the massive arrival of platforms such as Apple + or Disney +, which will saturate the market.
In its September 2019 premieres, Amazon Prime Video bets on successful creators such as Raphael Bob-Waksberg (‘Bojack Horseman’), on soccer (‘The Heart of Sergio Ramos’) and on successful films, both critical and of public.
It looks like it’s going to be a month of September in which Amazon Prime Video users will be happy with the premieres of series, movies and documentaries .

Premiere series on Amazon Prime Video (September)
Although there are still no series on Amazon Prime Video that are the hits of Netflix or HBO, the platform of the company directed by Jeff Bezos has been at work for several months, betting on its own attractive productions and reinforcing its catalog of classic series . This September, Amazon Prime Video is once again going big in both directions.

‘A crime has been written’ T1

Amazon Prime Video will premiere this September one of the most mythical series in the history of television . ‘A crime has been written’ was on the air for twelve seasons, although at the moment Amazon has only taken over the first one.
‘A crime has been written’ isa police series created by writers Richard Levinson and William Link in the early 1980s , and its protagonist is Jessica Fletcher (Angela Lansbury), a writer of crime novels who also solved crimes.
The dynamics of the series was a real success. Jessica Fletcher always helped a friend or acquaintance solve a murder or similar . She normally worked in parallel with the police, who were usually less skilled than her when it came to solving crimes.
‘A crime has been written’ is a series without which many of the current series could not be understood. A must for any self-respecting series fan.
Release date: September 1

‘Udone’ S1

Raphael Bob-Waksberg is the creator of ‘Bojack Horseman’, one of the most innovative series of recent years that has captivated critics and audiences alike. Amazon Prime Video has taken the cat to the water and it will be on its platform where we can enjoy its new series.
‘Undone’ is, perhaps, the most attractive of the premieres of Amazon Prime Video this September. The series (also animated, but with a radically different style from ‘Bojack Horseman’) will tell us the story of Alma (Rose Salazar), a young woman who experiences time in a different way from the rest of her after suffering a traffic accident. Alma will use this new “power” to know what really happened with her father’s death.
‘Undone’ is one of the great sensations of the new season and it will surely give a lot to talk about. With a tone reminiscent of Richard Linklater’s ‘A Scanner Darkly’, it could be one of the series of the year.

  • Release date: September 13

The characters of ‘Blue Summer’ | tve

Other series premieres on Amazon Prime Video in September
Amazon Prime Video bets on its series premieres in September 2019 in Spain for a lot of national product, with three national series such as ‘Alli Abajo’, ‘Hospital Valle Norte’ and the classic ‘ Blue summer’. The first is already a veteran in the Amazon Prime Video catalog (this will be its fifth season) and the second and third add to the wide range of possibilities that Amazon Prime users have.
The successful American comedy ‘Will & Grace’ is another of the main attractions.

  • ‘North Valley Hospital’ S1: September 1
  • ‘Will & Grace’ Season 1-8: September 1
  • ‘Blue Summer’: September 1
  • ‘Down There’ S5: September 1
  • ‘The Crossing’ S1: September 2
  • ‘Absentia’ S1: September 21

Premiere movies on Amazon (September)
‘Angry Birds’ the movie, available on Amazon Prime Video in September | Columbia Pictures
In the eternal doubt between quantity and quality, it seems that Amazon Prime Video is following in the footsteps of HBO and not those of Netflix: few well-selected releases. This month includes two top movies from the last seasons like ‘Green Book’ and ‘Lady Bird’. In addition to movies for the whole family like ‘Angry Birds’.

‘Green Book’
The winner of the last Oscar for Best Picture is a new commitment to good cinema that Amazon Prime Video acquires . ‘Green Book’ is an inspiring story in which a tough, middle-aged white man, played by Viggo Mortensen,
Both will tour the United States, live funny and dramatic moments and learn a lot from each other. A necessary film at a time like the present .

  • Release date: September 1

‘Lady Bird’
Amazon Prime Video premieres this September one of the biggest revelations of recent years. ‘Lady Bird’ became the best valued film by users of several specialized film websites after its premiere, was nominated for several Oscars and won a Golden Globe .
With a budget of barely ten million dollars, the film tells the story of Marion and her teenage daughter , who live in economic hardship, to which is added the awakening to life that all adolescents in the world experience. ‘Lady Bird’ is sensitive, funny and you won’t regret watching it.

  • Release date: September 20

More premiere movies on Amazon Prime Video (September)
In addition to the two films with the seal of the Oscars that are coming this September on Amazon Prime Video, there are other very interesting ones.

  • ‘Hotel Artemis’: September 1
  • ‘Fifty Shades Freed’: September 1
  • ‘Jamon Jamon’: September 1
  • ‘Angry Birds’: September 7
  • ‘A question of gender’: September 22

Premiere documentaries on Amazon Prime Video (September)

Sport is the protagonist this September among the premieres of Amazon Prime Video. Specifically soccer. And, even more specifically, Real Madrid.

‘The Heart of Sergio Ramos’

Amazon Prime Video has scored a point with Sergio Ramos’ documentary ‘The Heart of Sergio Ramos’. The captain of Real Madrid opens the doors of his house and his life for four episodes to Amazon to give an image of himself never before known.
After the controversies that surrounded the filming of the documentary (elimination of the Champions League through) the fans are eager to see what Sergio Ramos has to sayin a documentary that should have been successful (three Champions in a row endorsed him) and that may have become something more human and important.

  • Release date: September 13

‘Serial Champion: Raphael Varane’
Following in the footsteps of Sergio Ramos, his partner in the center of defense for Real Madrid, Raphael Varane, has also opened the doors of his home to Amazon Prime Video to show football fans in general and to the clients of the platform in particular, their way of living life and football.

  • Release date: September 23

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