We are always one step ahead, so much so that, while it is raining and cold outside (in some places it even snows), we already want to talk to you about summer holidays 2018. You know the choices must be made very soon, so as to save and organize yourself in the best way. . And that is why we want to give you some tips on the most suggestive European destinations to visit for next summer. Are you ready to immerse yourself in the 2018 summer holidays ?

Let’s go and see our ranking of the most beautiful places!


Greece, as always, attracts millions of tourists from all over the world every year, thanks to its magnificent islands and affordable prices. If you decide to go to Greece for the 2018 summer holidays, the destinations are the ones you expect most: Santorini, Mykonos, Zakynthos, Corfu (in this case especially for the younger ones), Crete and Skiathos represent the top for tourists. who is looking for relaxation, crystal clear sea and bursting fun. Obviously Greece is also culture and therefore a trip to Athens I always recommend it even in summer, to admire the beautiful remains of the ancient Greek civilization. It is possible to visit the country with ships and airplanes, which connect Italy to the various seaside resorts.


Cyprus is one of those places you do not expect: crystal clear sea, entertainment and lots of entertainment for tourists and locals. In recent years more and more people have approached this island, which over time has become one of the top European destinations for their summer holidays and beyond: in fact, given the favorable tax regime (a true tax haven and not just naturalistic ) has led many citizens to move to the island, mainly of Russian nationality. For the next summer holidays 2018 the main tourist attractions and places to visit are Paphos, Agia Napa and Larnaca, while for a cultural leap a thought to the capital Nicosia is always a must. To get to Cyprus, scheduled flights depart from various Italian cities.


Malta has always been renowned for its crystalline sea and its scenic beauty, which makes it a favorite destination especially among the youngest. In fact, every year the island welcomes young people from all over Europe and the world, attracted by the sea but also by its British origin (the language spoken and in fact English) which allows for a fruitful and interesting dialogue with resident citizens. The most interesting places to discover are Gozo and Comino while the capital of Malta is Valletta . It is possible to reach Malta through the availability of scheduled flights that connect Italy to the Maltese country.


Corsica could not be missing among the European destinations for next summer 2018. The French island has always been a must for tourists who want to enjoy relaxation and its blue sea. In fact, its crystalline waters, the immense beaches of fine sand, the small deserted coves or granite cliffs  populated by local fauna, on over 1,000 km of coastline, make the French island unique for the great variety of marine landscapes throughout the Mediterranean. Whether you are looking for crystal clear sea beds or participating in major sporting events, follow your instincts and leave for your 2018 summer holidays to discover this jewel in  the heart of the Mediterranean. Reach Corsica by ship thanks to the well-functioning maritime connections all year round.


Spain is another unmissable destination for the European tourist for their summer vacation. In fact, the Iberian country offers a great variety of solutions (also given its geographical extension) to guarantee relaxation and fun as well as a sea that can be sent. The favorite destinations usually in summer are the islands: Formentera, Canaries, Ibiza, Palma de Mallorca , offer the right compromise between sea and unbridled fun in the nightlife. But if you prefer to combine fun with culture, then you can take a trip to the city of Barcelona , ​​which offers all this at an affordable price.


The same goes for Italy. Whether you want to spend a holiday dedicated to the sea and relaxation or let yourself be carried away by history and art, the Italian country offers many solutions to suit your needs. In fact, for your beach holiday there are many places renowned for their fantastic repertoire: Sardinia with its fine sand, Sicily with its fantastic sea, the Amalfi Coast and the islands of Capri and Ischia in Campania, Calabria with its typical products. There are many opportunities offered by the Bel Paese for your summer vacation. And if you prefer culture, Italy can offer you the richest cultural heritage in the world.