How many times have you seen a dress that you adore and would like to wear in a catalog or on display? You go to the store, you try it on and you realize that the final effect does not even come close to that of the model in the catalog. If this has happened to you, don’t get down on yourself, you’re not wrong, you just have a different physicality from that of the guy in the picture and, probably, that cut does not enhance your body shape at its best.

This article is intended to help you understand which items of clothing are best suited to the shape of your body, taking as an example the most frequent physical conformations and matching them with the clothes that suit them best.

Before starting it is necessary that you understand which shape characterizes your body between:

  • Triangle;
  • Inverted triangle;
  • Trapezoid and rectangle;

Very often trends and fashion tell us that we must necessarily wear a type of trousers or coat, without taking into account that the same model cannot suit anyone who wears it.

The first piece of advice we want to give you is just that: dress according to your physical shape and not according to fashion, only in this way will you be able to make the most of your body.

A different outfit for each body

In the next paragraphs we will see, specifically, which are the items of clothing that best suit the various body shapes, trying to recommend complete outfits, able to best enhance your body.

Specifically, we will see which are the sweaters, jackets, T-shirts and also for example the models of Baecker men’s trousers, which should be worn according to one of the profiles listed in the previous paragraph.


We have chosen the triangle as the first form as the prevalence of men is predisposed to have a profile of this type. Very often it is thought that having a triangular body shape, where the base is on the hips and the top and on the face, means being in bad shape, in reality it is not! Unfortunately, this common thought is given by the fact that most men’s clothing is designed for those with a totally reverse body shape, so it is difficult to understand how to dress while maintaining the right proportions.

Men’s clothing for triangular physicality

Below we will give you some tips to make the most of your shapes. Each body has its strengths, it is often not easy to show them off, but with the right clothing it is possible. Let’s see what you should wear if your physique has a triangular shape:

  • Decorated blazer: the blazer itself tends to hide the softness on the hips and waist, choosing an appropriate tailored decoration, will help you to divert attention from the waist in an even more effective way.
  • Vertical Striped Dresses: The vertical stripe pattern is known, it streamlines! A simple and effective trick to cushion the pads on the hips.
  • Jackets with wide shoulders: widening the shoulders makes the waist narrower, so this cut is perfect for those with a triangular physique.

Triangle physics: what to avoid

Of course there are some clothes to absolutely avoid the shape of your body and triangular. For example, all the excessively tight polo shirts and t-shirts, which highlight the hips or, the skinny fit trousers that generally tighten the waist and draw attention to that part of the body.

Inverse triangle

Unlike the body shape described in the previous paragraph, the inverse triangle shape has the base on the shoulders and the tip at the navel. Shoulders and chest are the strong point of those who have this body profile, the result of regular workouts in the gym, are we wrong?

Precisely for this reason we know that your goal is to highlight the fruits of hard work.

The clothes suitable for those with a reverse triangle shape

Let’s get to the point, what are the items of clothing that best enhance a muscular physique and characterized by wide shoulders and chest?

  • Camicie slim-fit;
  • Pantaloni skinny;
  • Polo or T-shirt with horizontal stripes;
  • V-neck T-shirts

All these items of clothing are perfect for enhancing the strengths of your body, on the contrary, there are some items that risk not doing justice to your physical shape.

Outfits to avoid if you have a reverse triangle body shape

As with any physical form, there are items of clothing to avoid in order not to run the risk of mortifying the best sides of the body.

In the specific case we are dealing with, we would certainly avoid structured tailoring garments, such as jackets with padded shoulder pads. Your shoulders are already wide enough, if you try to accentuate this feature to the extreme, you risk becoming a caricature of yourself. A thin and undemanding fabric, on the other hand, is for you and will help you maintain proportions despite the narrower waist.

Rectangular or trapezoidal body shape

The rectangle and trapeze body shapes are really very similar, for this reason the recommended clothing items end up being practically the same. Generally the people characterized by these physical forms are rather thin and it is rather difficult to go to value the various parts of the body. The positive side of these physiques is that they are quite versatile and you will be able to choose which part of the body to enhance the most.

What to wear

If you want to enhance the shoulder area, a slightly structured jacket is enough, which will also help you to tighten the waist a little in terms of proportions. Even a simple scarf can help to accentuate the waistline, the important thing is to concentrate the main part of the outfit in the upper body area that goes from the shoulders to the chest.

What to avoid

The rectangular body shape does not accept long and loose shirts or sweatshirts. The risk is that of not making the most of one’s forms, even if they are not very accentuated. Too long sweaters and coats also do not help at all to stand out the waist. In general, we recommend tight-fitting clothing that can highlight the shoulders.