1) Thumb above forefinger

If when you close your fist it comes naturally to put your thumb over your index finger, then you are definitely a dreamer , a creative personality that leaves room for the imagination and draws immense satisfaction from it. You let the imagination take over rationality: this is how you make what you have always dreamed of real. You don’t see with your eyes but you also see with your heart. You take care of others and of yourself, and this is good for you because it improves the quality of your social relationships. It is not so? You are also kind towards your neighbor even if often someone can abuse your availability and this disappoints you deeply. In love, you tend to hide your feelings for someone and be a little outgoingalthough sometimes you would like to let yourself go and feel free to express those often hidden emotions. Is it good or bad? We don’t know but it certainly can’t affect your life and relationships.

2) Thumb under the index, middle and ring fingers

If you close your fist like this, then you are certainly attentive to your children or those you love, you are available to others and do not hesitate to give your help when needed, especially because you have the sensitivity to understand when someone is in trouble. In short, you are one who throws himself into the fire for others! If you close your fist like this you are also creative and talented and have the advantage of knowing how to communicate , listen and participate. You are also able to identify yourself with your interlocutor and in comparison with others you also recognize your personal enrichment. You know how to be practical, concrete and decisive and you prefer calm and serenity in everything you do.

3) Index, middle and ring fingers surrounded by the thumb

Well done! You are an exceptionally talented person and this awareness of yours makes you confident and  outgoing . You are not afraid of fatigue, you are a tireless, tenacious worker, one who does not give up and who stands out for constancy and stubbornness. In the eyes of the people you may appear to be a tough, a rock, a person who “must never ask” but this seemingly impenetrable rind hides a heart of gold , a unique sensitivity and unrivaled magnanimity. In love, you oscillate between letting go and being conditioned by others or your negative past experiences.

4) Fingers under the thumb

You are versatile and flexible. You have a dynamic personality , you know how to cope with changes, whether they are positive or negative, precisely because you know how to adapt to them in every circumstance of life. After all, flexibility is the key to change and knowing how to adapt gives us the enthusiasm necessary to carry out a new project, professional or personal. We are sure that from now on you will pay more attention to how you close your fist, or you will peek at how your partner hides his fingers or just his thumb.

1) Finger length and personality: faithful and tender

Finger length studies have been published in the scientific journal PNAS and divide people into three macro categories. The study states that individuals with ring fingers the same length as the index finger are the most peaceful of the three identified groups. They are not very fond of conflict and tend to escape controversy with education. The personalities of this category are friendly and kind , with the marked ability to get along with everyone. They are meticulous and organized and always ready to help others. They tend to be tender and loyal people who reserve a lot of care and attention for friends and relatives.

2) Safe and secure

The second category includes people who have the ring finger shorter than the index finger. From this recent study it was found that they have a lot of self-confidence . At times, too much confidence can make them seem haughty and arrogant but, they are loyal and consistent individuals. This category is the most lonely . They love their privacy and usually spend their free time alone in peace and quiet. In romantic relationships they tend to never take the first step but appreciate the attention and care that others give them.

3) Ready to take risks

People who belong to this category have the ring finger longer than the index finger . Individuals who possess them are considered to be very attractive . This category is not afraid to take some risks to achieve their goals. They often achieve great professional success.

The ancient Japanese doctrine of the 4 personalities based on blood type

According to a  Japanese doctrine called ketsuekigata , literally the “doctrine of blood groups”, the personalities and attitudes of all individuals can be identified based on the blood group to which they belong.

Japan is deeply influenced by this ancient wisdom: in the morning on television the horoscope about personalities is read based on blood type, marriage agencies follow this doctrine to bring together a soul mate and many companies take this into account for hiring of new employees.

The first real theoretical formulation came in 1927 thanks to the psychology professor Takeji Furukawa and since then it has spread all over the world.

And you are not curious to discover an extra curiosity about your blood type? Are you part of group A, B, AB or O? Let’s find out together the 4 personalities to which blood group they correspond: 

4) Group AB, melancholy but also very practical souls

Individuals with the AB group would represent more depressed and bored personalities than others. Despite this melancholy soul they would be very inclined to mediation roles , because they are always very attentive and considerate of the feelings of those who are close to them. Despite this, they would be able to be very uncompromising and hard on both themselves and loved ones.

3) Group B, cheerful, enterprising, but not very respectful of the rules

Are you part of this group? First of all, the personalities with group B would be the most cheerful , cheerful and  enthusiastic than the other blood groups. Individuals with this blood type would have a bright , enterprising disposition and well-disposed for long chats. They would even have a penchant for being considered leaders. Despite the innumerable merits, individuals of group B would not be too inclined to respect the rules. Very creative and unpredictable they would take life as a continuumgame by keeping your distance from any kind of limitation.

2) Group A: calm, respectful but also… free women and men to marry

Individuals with blood type A would be very strong personalities and sometimes even a little stubborn. The calm and self-control they would be endowed with would actually hide a determined and stable soul . They are generally  respectful of rules and social order. Group A women would not always be prone to marriage. Conversely, men with this blood type would be attracted to women in group 0 and very excited about the idea of ​​marriage and family life.

1) Group 0, understanding in pairs but with a warrior soul

People who have blood type 0 have a peaceful and very generous soul . While not letting their feelings shine through, they are very sociable and open-minded people. In addition, they would have the ability to control their emotions well. In love , subjects with group 0 would be very respectful of the personality of their partner, preferring a comprehensive and modern approach in the couple relationship. Despite a very quiet appearance, the personalities of the individuals in the group would be very determined and aware of their abilities. In fact, they would not gladly accept a subordinate role always trying to achieve success.

Study Proves: The position you sleep in reveals who you really are

Each of us sleeps in a particular position but each of them, scientists discovered, reveals something about our personality

The research was conducted by Professor Chris Idzikovski, director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service in London, who conducted the “Learn to sleep well “, a psychological analysis of the positions assumed at night. The results are nothing short of surprising.

When the body rests then it is possible to discover the true essence of an individual . Are you curious to know what your usual sleeping position says about you? Here are the positions and their meaning: 4) The fetal position

Here is the posture most used to rest: arms and legs curled up make the individual return to the mother’s belly, when everything was protected and perfectly as it should be. During sleep, these people’s desire is to be reassured and pampered . The most sensitive characters choose to sleep like this. Although we can often be deceived, because these people seem rigid and aloof in appearance.

3) The star position

This is the least used position and corresponds to 5% of respondents . It is clear where his name comes from: the body is supine, with the arms spread high and the legs open, just like a stylized star. According to Idzikovski, whoever falls asleep in this way is first of all a generous person : the openness that his body shows is a clear indication of this. They are also sociable individuals , easy to make new friends, willing to listen and help others.

2) The free fall position

This position is the opposite of the previous one, that is, with the body on the stomach . A miserable 7% sleeps like this (also because it doesn’t have to be very comfortable!) And this giving your back to the surrounding world is a clue not to be overlooked: on the one hand, those who rest like this are determined and passionate , on the other have an  impertinent character and cheeky. Could it be that maybe they can’t relax their nerves with their neck in that position ?!

1) The position of the soldier

Supine, with his arms at his sides, those who sleep in this way have a reserved and introverted personality , not prone to disorder and confused situations. This 8% claim to be loyal , even at the cost of being stupid, but at the same time to expect the same treatment from others. Strict , calm and reserved, those who take the position of the soldier hate misplaced words and those who break the rules.

What does it say about our personality as we sit down?

From the movement of the eyes to involuntary gestures, there are many types of non-verbal communication through which we can discover if what is said in words corresponds to the truth.

In particular, there is a curious gesture that gives us many signals about who is in front of us: the  way in which we sit . Usually it is a detail on which we do not pay much attention in terms of an interview rather than a dinner and we are always engaged in something else, but in reality only the posture is able to reveal many characters of the personality of a subject.

Through the way each person sits we are able to understand if they are comfortable and many other “hidden” details.

Let’s find out together the  4 ways to sit that reveal the characteristics of our personality :

4) Position A

The first position is with the knees bent against each other and with the feet bent so that the toes are facing each other. People who sit like this are full of imagination and have a charismatic and creative personality , but at times a little childish. Sometimes they act guided only by instinct , noticing mistakes only once they have been made.

3) Position B

If you sit cross your legs you are undoubtedly an incurable dreamer. People who assume this sitting posture are considered the soul of the group , as they are people with brilliant ideas and always full of new ideas. These people make friends very easily and love to travel, in fact they are restless subjects who do not like to stay too long in the same place. They are fickle and appreciate new changes, when they have the opportunity to move on they don’t think twice.

2) Position C

The third posture analyzed consists of sitting with legs apart . In this case we are talking about people who have various difficulties in concentrating on the important things in life due to the great inner chaos that triumphs in them, often causing them a lot of stress. All this, however, does not bring down these people, who instead draw strength from these events to give their best later. The greatest certainty remains the fact that these people certainly prefer comfort , in fact they always dress in simple and comfortable clothes like a t-shirt and a pair of jeans.

1) Position D

Who sits with legs together and tidy, intelligent and sometimes even very sensitive . This position indicates a person who tries to avoid conflicts and keeps all his feelings inside, he even finds himself uncomfortable in being together with other people. Furthermore, depending on the position of the feet, even different characteristics can be distinguished: if the sole of the foot is resting on the ground it is a person with an open and confident personality, if instead the heels are raised we are faced with a hostile character with whom easy to have discussions.

What the shape of the foot reveals and which star does yours look like

We usually attribute personality traits by observing the physical characteristics of a person. The hands, the nose are often physical elements that we think can reveal part of the character of individuals.

And what if the feet also reveal some distinctive traits of ourselves and of the people close to us? Obviously, the feet are not all the same: due to the size, the shape and the different length of the toes, each foot has its own particularities.

In ancient times the different forms: Egyptian , Greek and Roman , were associated with the different sails hoisted on the ships and used for the navigation of these ancient and glorious peoples.

So, you just have to take off your shoes and look carefully at the shape of your feet, in addition to revealing something of your character, you will be able to observe with which Hollywood star you share the same shape.

6) Greco

As mentioned before, the foot shapes are basically three: Greek, Egyptian and Roman. The first that we will analyze is the one attributed to the ancient population of the Greeks. It is well known that in Greek mythology Venus represents the goddess of beauty, however she is attributed with some small physical defects such as the foot . In fact, the foot of Venus or Greek foot, has the big toe, or first toe, shorter than the second toe, the illice . These people are credited with great physical resources and excellent leadership skills . Super dynamic, this type of shape is also that of the charismatic entrepreneur’s feetChiara Ferragni .

5) Egyptian

The second form is that attributed to the ancient Egyptian population. The Egyptian foot has the characteristic of having the big toe longer than the other toes. Usually the character of these people is very open to relationships with others and they are very creative people . However, having a perpetually full head of many ideas, at times, they have a lot of difficulty in being satisfied . Among the most famous Hollywood stars who possess this form is the beautiful Julia Roberts .

4) Romano

Those with Roman feet have a certain uniformity between the toes . In fact, the big toe, the illyx and the trillice are of the same length. This form usually belongs to individuals with strong problem solving skills , able to make the right decision without being influenced by external events. If you have this shape you share it with the beautiful and charming Scarlett Johansson .

3) Celtic foot

Similar to the Greek foot and the so-called “Celtic” one. It is in fact characterized by the extreme length of the second finger that stands out above all the others. It is usually also tapered and even exceeds the big toe. Let’s face it, it’s not particularly nice to look at but people who were born with this foot shape, like actress Amy Adams, have great gifts: creativity , curiosity and great resourcefulness . They are very active, usually sports addicted , loyal to their partner and impulsive .

2) Germanic foot

Compared to other types of shapes, this is certainly one of the pretty ones to look at. And who but the gorgeous Jennifer Aniston could have it and show it on all the red carpets? As the name itself suggests, those who have a “Germanic” foot and are reluctant to change, are rational and with their feet firmly planted on the ground.

1) Traveler’s foot

Typically called “traveler’s foot”, this shape is characterized by the evident distance between the toes. Grit, energy and restlessness are the qualities of those who rest on this type of foot. Among these also the very strong Katy Perry , a Californian singer famous for her decidedly atypical looks.

The colors of the enamel and the different personalities they represent

Hands are one of the first things men notice, and neat nails and smooth skin are one of the first business cards to show themselves to others.
Red, purple, green, blue and a lot of black are just some of the colors that nail art trends have proposed in recent times for nail polishes: short nails, long nails, and each one the color you like best. But what if the choice of enamel color wasn’t just a question of aesthetic taste?
The answer lies in chromotherapy . In fact, opting for one color rather than another indicates one’s personalityand your state of mind .
In the following pages will be revealed why you prefer that specific shade and the side of the font that represents that particular shade.
Let’s find out together the colors of the enamel and the different personalities they represent

11) Blu

The blue shade is one of the most difficult to match with the color of the complexion. In fact, it is a color more suitable for very light skins without aesthetic defects. This color indicates calm and sincerity and will be chosen by the most satisfied personalities and in harmony with the rest of the world. All shades of blue symbolize serenity and moderation but if it were not among the favorite colors, for chromotherapists it would indicate the difficulty in letting go and bonding emotionally in too long relationships.But don’t worry, there is a trick for when you go to bed to solve this problem, we will see it shortly …

10) Nero

Black is the nail color that has been seen most recently on the catwalks and among the very young. According to chromotherapists, the choice of this nuance indicates a free and nonconformist spirit that can sometimes be tempted by betrayal . In reality, painting their nails black means that the person in question needs to have more visibility for themselves. On the contrary, if this color evokes negative thoughts, it is better to avoid it, because it could transmit a sad and disconsolate
mood to the close people.

9) Mud

In recent years, the fashion trends for nails have brought to the fore the colors linked to the colors of nature and the earth . The example is the non- mud color , appreciated by many and which goes well with all complexions. Women who choose this type of very natural colors want to keep up with the times and fashions but enhancing natural beauty without showing themselves too much. On the contrary, those who do not appreciate these shades, according to chromotherapy and because they have a very lively and energetic personality and consider these shades too dull , preferring more traditional colors.

8) Rosso

Red nail polish is definitely an undisputed classic that adapts to all fashions without losing its charm. Women who love to paint their nails in this color need to express their strong personality and their power over others through their hands as well. On the other hand, those who do not love him, according to chromotherapy, and precisely because of this too sensual charge that does not suit introverted and not very aggressive personalities. Soon we will find out which is the right way to sit for personalities like yours!

7) Carne

The flesh -colored nuances are among the most elegant and refined ones. These shades are well suited to people who take care of their body but who do not like to go overboard with extravagant looks. Discretion and elegance are the characteristics of women who prefer neutral colored glazes or French manicures. If these shades are not counted among the favorites because they are considered too simple, it indicates that the person in question has a lively character and that he loves color in all its variations.

6) Rosa

The range of shades in pink varies from the most delicate to the fluo. For example, the brightest colors are chosen as an alternative to red, always recalling a cheerful and lively character but with a less passionate side . The soft pink lacquered nails indicate a delicate and romantic character. A choice that recalls the need to return to childhood and daydream . These shades are decidedly little used by those who demonstrate a more dominant and passionate personality . Although, as we will see shortly, a common shape of the fingers of the hand could indicate the opposite …

5) Giallo

According to chromotherapy studies, yellow is one of those colors that improves mood and favors the left hemisphere of the brain, that of the intellect, also helps concentration . The women who use this type of nuance are people who are not afraid of change and who show through their hands the need to express themselves freely without external conditioning. On the contrary, if it is not counted among the favorite colors, according to chromotherapy, it indicates the fear of letting go and the need to always rely on others .

4) Orange

Orange is one of the most popular colors in recent years and like red it expresses vitality and energy . This color gives harmony and serenity to the soul and is chosen by women who are in perfect balance between body and soul and are open to others . Orange is a very communicative color and not choosing it could indicate problems in socialization .

3) Viola

Purple is one of the most complicated shades to wear at best. This nuance is chosen above all by those who have a very mysterious charm and are attracted to the magical and the spiritual . According to chromotherapy, women who do not like to wear purple are personalities who translate their thinking into action without worrying too much about the consequences.

2) Bianco

Up until a few years ago, shades of white were often pearly and barely covered the nail. Currently fashion trends have proposed optical looks with very opaque and showy glazes ranging from ice to milky shades. Women who love these shades show the need to be noticed but with delicacy .

1) Verde

According to chromotherapy studies, green acts as a calming agent by stimulating the inner energy . Wearing this nuance on the nails indicates a constant and solid personality that perseveres to reach the final goal without ever getting discouraged. If it is not one of the favorite colors it can represent a sense of emotional instability and a behavioral ambivalence .

Everyone likes those popular beliefs that show who we are, which is why you will enjoy taking this test. You just have to look at the size of your thumb! Is the first phalanx longer than the second? Or is it the other way around? Well, all this reveals a lot of things about your personality and in particular about your behavior in the romantic relationship!

Now let’s see the meaning of your thumb shape and what it means for you!

The thumb is different from the other fingers: it has only two phalanges while the other fingers have three. In this article we are mainly interested in the shape of these 2 phalanges. Look carefully at the images on the next pages: what is the drawing your thumb corresponds to? A, B or C?

The first case

As already mentioned, the thumb has two phalanges, the first part and the distal one, separated from the rest of the hand by the second part. The first half of the thumb is longer than the second half. When they meet love, these people are faithful and romantic. However, they could be obsessed with their partner: knowing at all times what their partner is doing, where she is, what he thinks. They are too devoted to the other goal and often exaggerate, intimidating it. The subjects with this physical characteristic are also more instinctive and put soul and body into each new adventure, without thinking too much about it. When they are fascinated by something they tend to overlook everything else.

The second case

The two phalanges, both the first and the second, have the same length. People with this characteristic are more thoughtful, organized and tidy, they know how to get by in any situation. Everything takes place according to careful planning: projects, activities, objectives. And this also applies to love: they do not let themselves be led by feelings, everything is planned and managed with the head. Their partner doesn’t always like this behavior, which can seem aloof. They are people convinced that everything must be done methodically, following very specific rules (for them it is the only way to reach the objectives).

The third case

The second half of the thumb is longer than the first. People who have this characteristic are distinguished by their good faith: you can count on them, they are faithful! Thanks to their main traits they need a long time to start anything, even in the case of love life. They carefully monitor their love life and do not get excited quickly: in matters of the heart they are not very expansive, and this sometimes makes them miss opportunities. They carefully evaluate each situation before making a decision, and the same goes for the people they choose to have by their side. They are serious people, who put fairness first.