In front of the public and their fans they always appear impeccable and perfect even if in reality even the stars hide some secrets about their beauty . In this case we are talking about scars .

Probably, in most of the VIPs we will see, you will never even notice them or for the most obvious ones you would have wondered the reason , the cause of this epidermal defect. In many cases, famous people manage to hide them but for many stars it is impossible not to notice them.

The rumors about the causes of these scars, which these famous people wear, are the most varied and there is no shortage of gossip and interesting stories about some .

In this article we will see who has this defect among VIPs and is not afraid to speak up and who does everything to hide the real reason for that permanent sign.

Let’s find out together the scars of 10 stars who have them even if you can’t see them:

1) Catherine Zeta-Jones

Her beauty and perfection have always sublime masked her little flaw. But Catherine Zeta-Jones doesn’t mind talking about her scar on her three – centimeter throat . When she was a child, she contracted a virus from a tortoise that irritated her airways and prevented her from breathing. The situation became very serious and she so she underwent an emergency tracheotomy. For this reason, the actress, she believes that the cut saved his life.

2) Sharon Stone

Gorgeous Sharon Stone , who just turned 60, is still beautiful but she has a little scar too. Can you see the cut on the throat ? The Basic Instinct actress said the cut originated from colliding with a hanging wire during a horse race. Obviously there was no lack of doubts about this version of her but from the images of when she was young you can see that the scar was already present and not the result of a retouch.

3) Kate Middleton

Whether you’ve ever noticed it or not, the Duchess Of Cambridge also has a scar. This became famous in the British newspapers in 2011, when Kate , always attentive to the etiquette, gathered her hair for a gala dinner. Also in this case there was no lack of speculations on the origin of the cut , 6 cm long . So the press office of the royal family had to issue a statement, in which I explain that it was the scar left after several surgical operations in childhood.

4) Tommy Flanagan

Actor Tommy Flanaga , who played Cicero in the film Gladiator has a scar that is difficult to hide. This runs all over his face from ear to ear and it is impossible not to notice it. The actor, who grew up in a poor neighborhood in the city of Glasgow, Scotland, was attacked by a group of people who tried to rob him and defaced him by injuring him with the so-called “ Glasgow smile ”, a horizontal cut on his face.

5) Harrison Ford

Actor Harrison Ford , who became a star thanks to the first Star Wars trilogy , had a scar on his face. The cut on his chin was caused by a car accident he had at the age of 22 and not due to his lack of whip skills in Indiana Jones , as rumors claimed at the time.

6) Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco , best known for the role of Penny in the series The Big Bang Theory and among the stars with a very large scar. Although her gaze has to be shifted down, because this time it’s on her instep , and a very noticeable cut. The origin is a serious fall from a horse in 2010, later there is even talk of a foot amputation.

7) Mary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige , one of the most successful R&B singers of all time has a very visible scar, precisely on her left eye . The star never spoke confessing the true cause of her scar. Some rumors claim that she was injured in a fight with a woman, others that it was an accident she had in her childhood.

8) Lady Gaga

The eccentric singer Lady Gaga also has a very visible scar and it is 8 centimeters long on her belly . The cause of the skin blemish is due to an operation. When she was a child she was operated on to remove a spot on her skin which, according to doctors, could have degenerated into a tumor.

9) Seal

The scars on the face of the singer Seal are very visible indeed. The cause of the deep furrows is due to Lupus. This autoimmune disease causes inflammatory reactions that can affect the entire body, including the skin.

10) Sandra Bullock

Actress Sandra Bullock , when she was a child, fell on a rock while playing and injured her left eye. Since that day she has a small scar under her eyebrow that can be seen by looking at her very closely.

11) Prince William

Even royals aren’t perfect. In fact, Prince William has a scar that some foreign sites and newspapers have often compared to that of Harry Potter and, even, it seems that even the Duke of Cambridge is used to calling it that. The reason is simple, because William has a mark on his forehead identical to that of the famous wizard . The future king of Great Britain got it when he was 13 playing golf with a friend.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons, author: Frankie Fouganthin

12) Jason Momoa

Many have thought that Jason Momoa’s scar was a stage make-up to play Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones . Instead, it’s authentic, because the actor got it years earlier. In fact, in November 2008, a man broke a glass on his face in a club, the Birds Cafe, in Hollywood. To repair the damage on his face, he was given 140 points during the reconstructive surgery. Despite the operation, the mark on the eyebrow is visible.

Image source: Instagram @ prideofgypsies

13) Tina Fey

Behind the permanent mark on Tina Fey ‘s face is a truly incredible story. In fact, a few centimeters scar along the left side of her chin and cheek was the cause of a stab wound. As the actress’s husband told Vanity Fair in 2009, and then herself in her book Bossypants, the cut was inflicted on her at the age of five in the courtyard in front of the comedian’s house, an unknown man comes out of nowhere, and she thinks someone smudged her with a pen.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons, author: Mingle Media TV

14) Eugenie di York

Princess Eugenie , cousin of William and Harry, showed her scar to the world on her wedding day to Jack Brooksbank. In fact, her wedding dress with a wide neckline on the back left visible the sign of the operation that took place at the age of 12 to correct scoliosis. “ … Today the children can look at me and know that the operation is working. They are living proof of how the hospital can change people’s lives ”.

Image source: Instagram @ princesseugenie

15) Joaquin Phoenix

Many may have thought that the scar on Joaquin Phoenix ‘s upper lip is the consequence of an operation to correct the presence of the cleft lip. In reality this is not the case. In fact, as the actor told in several interviews, that sign is present on his mouth from his birth. According to what she said, her mother felt severe pain in her belly while she was pregnant and this would be the cause of the scar.

Image source: Instagram @ joaquinlphoenix

16) Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran has often jokingly said that his scar on his cheek was caused by the slash of a sword, as he has recounted on several occasions. But to tell another version, much more credible of the story, was the colleague James Blunt: ” He cut himself at a party, while he was drunk “. Maybe we will never be sure that it really went like this, but this story seems much more plausible.